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Eligibility is determined by Council according to the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be members or student members.

  2. Applicants must be enrolled students at a tertiary institution. If the student is a part-time candidate, regard will be had to the student's professional employment income (if any) in determining whether an award will be made.

  3. An applicant must be the author (or co-author) of a communication offered for presentation at the meeting in respect of which the travel grant is sought.

  4. Applications must be submitted to the National Secretary accompanied by a copy of the abstract of the communication that has been offered to the Society. The applications must reach the National Secretary by the closing date for receipt of abstracts.

  5. Applicants must register for the Scientific Meeting and pay all prescribed fees by the advertised deadlines.

  6. Award of travel assistance is subject to a means test. At present, the maximum permitted professional income is $25,000 p.a. including fees earned from part-time teaching. The student's statement of income must be certified as correct by the Head of the student's department.

  7. Applicants must provide particulars of any other travel assistance applied for or received; this includes provision of free transport to or from the meeting. The co-operation of supervisors and heads of departments is sought in obtaining this information - AuPS grants are a charge against income from members' subscriptions and are intended only for those for whom no other source of assistance is available.

  8. A student is normally considered eligible to receive travel grants from AuPS on a maximum of three occasions.

  9. The grant approximates the return bus fare to the meeting venue, or an appropriate sum as determined by Council.

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