AuPS Meeting AuPS

25th - 28th November 2018
Sydney, NSW

International Speakers

Dale Abel, University of Iowa, USA
– Unlocking the molecular mechanisms of cardiac metabolism and mitochondrial vulnerability – Symposium
David Beech, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
– Piezo1 mechano-sensor in vascular physiology and disease – Symposium
Sarah Blackwood, Ariel University, Israel
– The physiological importance of flowmotion – Symposium
Walter Boron, Case Western Reserve University,, USA
– Common principles illustrating homeostasis across physiological systems – Lecture
Cathryn Kolka, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA
– The skeletal muscle endothelium: the barrier within – Symposium
Jonathan Schertzer, McMaster University, Canada
– Microbiota components that improve endocrine control of metabolism in obesity and ageing – Symposium
Deborah Sloboda, McMaster University, Canada
– Maternal microbial and metabolic influences on fetal metabolic development. – Symposium
Jian Yang, Columbia University, USA
– Structural basis of function and regulation of endolysosomal TRPML channels – Symposium