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A.K. McIntyre Prize

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The Australian Physiological Society Inc. has established an award named The A K McIntyre Prize in honour of the Society's first President.

The Prize shall be awarded periodically to members of the Society who are judged to have made significant contributions to Australian physiological science over their pre-doctoral and early post-doctoral years.

Nominees must be financial Ordinary Members of the Society, and must normally have graduated from their PhD or equivalent doctoral degree by 1 November not more than 7 years before the year of application.

Nominees must be proposed by two financial members of the Society, who should provide a statement of not more than 500 words summarising the nominee's achievements. The nominee should also provide a curriculum vitae and a list of published works, including conference proceedings.

In considering nominations, the judges will take into account the nominee's contributions to scientific meetings of the Society. No individual may be awarded the prize more than once.

The judging committee shall consist of the Executive Committee of Council (except that any member with a conflict of interest shall be replaced with another Councillor), together with up to two additional members of Council who shall be appointed for each specific round of nominations.

The Prize shall consist of a medal and the sum of $1000.

When awarded, the winner will be announced during the conference dinner at the following AuPS meeting, and in the December Newsletter.

Email applications to:

National Secretary
Dr Deanne Hryciw
Griffith University
School of Natural Sciences
Queensland 4111
+61 7 3735 3601

The closing date for applications is 27th October 2018.

Past winners can be viewed in the Archive