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AuPS 2008 Melbourne Meeting

Symposium: Cardiac Growth and Ageing
The impact of age on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling
E. Fares & S.E. Howlett 1
Symposium: Skeletal Muscle: an Endocrine Organ
PGC-1α in muscle links metabolism to inflammation
C. Handschin 11
Symposium: Role of ROS in Cardiovascular Function and Disease
Crosstalk between L-type Ca2+ channels and mitochondria
H.M. Viola & L.C. Hool 17
Reactive oxygen species and insulin resistant cardiomyopathy
K.M. Mellor, R.H. Ritchie & L.M.D. Delbridge 27
Symposium: Signaling in Cell Secretion
Secretory control: evidence for agonist-regulation of post-fusion vesicle behaviour
C. Soekmadji & P. Thorn 37
Dissecting the mechanism of Ca2+-triggered membrane fusion: probing protein function using thiol-reactivity
K.L. Furber, K.T. Dean & J.R. Coorssen 43
Symposium: Epithelial Cell Biology
Local dynamic changes in confined extracellular environments within organs
N. Behrendorff, A. Shukla, C. Schwiening & P. Thorn 55
Purinergic regulation of the epithelial Na+ channel
L.M. O’Mullane, D.I. Cook & A. Dinudom 63
Symposium: Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets for Multiple Diseases
Roles for novel pharmacological blockers of aquaporins in the treatment of brain oedema and cancer
A.J. Yool, E.A. Brown & G. Flynn 71
Symposium: Signals Mediating Exercise-Induced Skeletal Muscle Remodelling
Histone modifications and skeletal muscle metabolic gene expression
S.L. McGee and M. Hargreaves 79
The molecular regulation of skeletal muscle mass
A.P. Russell 85
Calpains, skeletal muscle function and exercise
R.M. Murphy 95
A novel role for β-adrenoceptor signalling in skeletal muscle growth, development and regeneration
J.G. Ryall, J.E. Church and G.S. Lynch 103
Symposium: Signaling in Smooth Muscles
The generation and propagation of gastric slow waves
D.F. van Helden, D.R. Laver, J. Holdsworth & M.S. Imtiaz 109
Spontaneous electrical and Ca2+ signals in the mouse renal pelvis that drive pyeloureteric peristalsis
R.J. Lang, H. Hashitani, M.A. Tonta, J.L. Bourke, H.C. Parkington & H. Suzuki 121

AuPS Member Abstracts from 2010 Sydney Joint ANS/AuPS Meeting

A heterogeneous stoichiometry of α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors is detected by the selective conotoxin Vc1.1
N.L. Absalom, G. Liang, E. Pera, C. Chu, H.-L. Kim, J.M. McIntosh and M. Chebib 1P
A model of atrial propagation based on in vitro action potential records
A. Al Abed, T. Guo, S. Dokos and N.H. Lovell 2P
Ca2+ influx in Duchenne muscular dystrophy - membrane tears, SACs, SOCs, TRPC1, or TRPV2?
D.G. Allen, E.W. Yeung, O.L. Gervasio and N.P. Whitehead 3P
Further analysis of counterion permeation through anion channels: liquid junction potentials and offset corrections
P.H. Barry, S. Sugiharto, T.M. Lewis and A.J. Moorhouse 4P
Galanin potentiates amylase secretion by mouse pancreatic lobules but not by isolated acinar cells
M. Bazargan, S.G. Barreto, A.C. Schloithe, C.J. Carati, J. Toouli and G.T.P. Saccone 5P
Galanin and its receptors are expressed in the whole mouse pancreas, isolated acinar and islet cells
M. Bazargan, D.J. Hussey, M. Leong, H. Peiris, D.J. Keating, C.J. Carati, J. Toouli and G.T.P. Saccone 6P
The epilepsy associated GABAA receptor γ2R43Q mutation increases sensitivity to Zn2+ inhibition
B. Bennetts, P.J. Walsh, K.S. Tan, B.A. Cromer, A.L. Clarke, S. Petrou and M.W. Parker 7P
Integration of sensory information by multi-functional enteric neurons
P.P. Bertrand 8P
Exploring short term plasticity in guinea-pig myenteric neurons
R.L. Bertrand, K. Michel, M. Schemann and P.P. Bertrand 9P
Transport metabolons in the apical membrane
S. Bröer 10P
Excitability of motor cortical output to human scalenes muscles is altered by lung volume
J.E. Butler, A.L. Hudson, J.L. Taylor, A. Anand and S.C. Gandevia 11P
Biological activity of alanine-substituted analogues of α-conotoxin Vc1.1 on N-type calcium channels in rat sensory neurons
B.P. Callaghan, J. Jensen, R.J. Clark, D.J. Craik and D.J. Adams 12P
Loop 9 residues adjacent to loop 2 are involved in glycine receptor activation
J.M.E. Cederholm, S. Sugiharto, P.R. Schofield and T.M. Lewis 13P
Properties of isolated skinned fast-twitch fibres from α-actinin-3 knockout mice
S. Chan, J.T. Seto, P.J. Houweling, N. Yang, K.N. North and S.I. Head 14P
The role of store-operated calcium channels in endothelin-1-mediated vasoconstriction of rat mesenteric arteries
Y.Y. Chan, J.F. Beltrame and D.P. Wilson 15P
Differential cortical representation of inputs arising from the upper arm
D.K. Chelvanayagam, S.S. Nagi and D.A. Mahns 16P
An improved open channel structure of MscL
B. Corry, A.C. Hurst, P. Pal, P. Rigby and B. Martinac 17P
Nicotinic pathways and their control over cyclical motor patterns underlying colonic propulsion
M. Costa, N. Spencer and S.J.H. Brookes 18P
Slowly propagating motor activity in the isolated rabbit small intestine
M. Costa, N. Spencer, G. Hennig and S.J.H. Brookes 19P
Store-operated Ca2+ entry in intact skeletal muscle fibres from healthy and dystrophic mice
T.R. Cully, J.N. Edwards, D.G. Stephenson, O. Friedrich and B.S. Launikonis 20P
Co-ordinating contraction in the pregnant uterus
M. Davies, M.A. Tonta, Q. Li, J. Iqbal, P.M. Sheehan, H.A. Coleman, R.J. Lang and H.C. Parkington 21P
NaS1 sulfate transporter, hyposulfataemia and autism
P.A. Dawson, F.G. Bowling, H.S. Heussler and D. Markovich 22P
Exploring the spread of excitation throughout the tubular network in mammalian skeletal muscle using superfast confocal microscopy
J.N. Edwards, T.R. Cully, P. Thorn, D.G. Gilbert and B.S. Launikonis 23P
Robust store-operated calcium entry in aged mammalian skeletal muscle
J.N. Edwards, D.F. Gilbert, D.G. Blackmore, R.M. Murphy and B.S. Launikonis 24P
Nifedipine-insensitive vasoconstriction of pressurised rat basilar arteries
A. Ellis and C.E. Hill 25P
Expression and function of ghrelin and receptors in human endometrial cancer cell lines
J.N.T. Fung and C. Chen 26P
Temporal patterns of bone formation during fetal growth in Pteropus poliocephalus
R.B. Gear and G.M. O'Brien 27P
Overexpression of HSP72 attenuates skeletal muscle pathophysiology in mdx dystrophic mice
S.M. Gehrig, C. Van Der Poel, D.C. Henstridge, J.D. Schertzer, R. Koopman, T. Naim, M.A. Febbraio and G.S. Lynch 28P
Interstitial cells of Cajal in the mouse reproductive tract
F.S. Gravina, P. Jobling, R.B. de Oliveira, K.P. Kerr and D.F. van Helden 29P
Diet-induced obesity alters sympathetic neurotransmission in rat small mesenteric arteries
R.E. Haddock and C.E. Hill 30P
Mammalian differences in cholinoceptor control of coronary circulation
M. Hamut, A. Quail, P. Seah, D. McLeod, D. Cottee and S. White 31P
Ryanodine receptor dysfunction in anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity
A.D. Hanna, M. Janczura, A.F. Dulhunty and N.A. Beard 32P
New insights into the regulation of energy expenditure in skeletal muscle
B.A. Henry 33P
Identification of a distal GLUT4 trafficking event controlled by actin polymerisation
D.E. James 34P
A functional role for cannabinoid receptors in the kidney proximal tubules
K.A. Jenkin, E. Grinfeld, A.J. McAinch and D.H. Hryciw 35P
Effects of lobeline, a nicotinic receptor ligand, on the cloned cardiac K+ channels, Kv1.5, Kv3.1 and Kv4.3
I.J. Jeong, S.J. Hahn and B.H. Choi 36P
Calcium release from inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors influences cardiac pacemaker function in mouse sino-atrial node
Y.K. Ju, B.H. Lee, D. Lai, E.A. Woodcock, M.B. Cannell and D.G. Allen 37P
Identifying novel roles in cell communication for disease-related proteins
D.J. Keating 38P
Curcumin reduces hepatic and renal toxicity of acetaminophen in rats
E. Kheradpezhouh, M.R. Panjehshahin, A.R. Dehpour and G. Rychkov 39P
Non-L-type calcium channels contribute to cerebrovascular function
I.Y. Kuo, V.S. Seymour, S.L. Sandow, A. Ellis and C.E. Hill 40P
Imaging tubular system, sarcoplasmic reticulum and myoplasmic calcium with novel fluorescence methods
B.S. Launikonis 41P
Selective changes in expression of a potassium channel in an inner ear pumping epithelium
M. Layton, G.D. Housley, J. Rodger and D. Robertson 42P
Identification of new variant forms of the photoreceptor glutamate transporter EAAT5
A. Lee and D.V. Pow 43P
Function of adrenergic-stimulated cardiac RyRs
J. Li, D. van Helden and D. Laver 44P
Altered synaptic plasticity in intersectin-1 null mice
X.M. Lim, H.A. Coleman, N. Alexopoulos, D.C. Reutens, M.A. Pritchard and H.C. Parkington 45P
Novel actin filaments regulate glucose clearance, insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion
C.A. Lucas, A.J. Kee, R.C. Szokolai, N. Martel, R. Laybutt, G.M. Leong, G.E.O. Muscat, D.E. James, G.J. Cooney and E.C. Hardeman 46P
Development of an improved ivermectin-activated receptor for neuronal silencing
T.L. Lynagh, T.I. Webb and J.W. Lynch 47P
Illuminating PhD research as a career path for undergraduates
B.M. McAllan, M. Mackertich, A. Pearlman, E. Simmons, A. Treble and W.D. Phillips 48P
A method for measurement of dynamic middle cerebral artery pressure in a rat stroke model
D. McLeod, M. Calford and N. Spratt 49P
Ghrelin and appetite regulation in the spinifex hopping mouse
J.L. McLeod, S. Trajanovska, S. Chung and J.A. Donald 50P
Fructose-fed mice exhibit myocardial growth and calcium handling abnormalities associated with oxidative stress
K.M. Mellor, I.R. Wendt, R.H. Ritchie and L.M.D. Delbridge 51P
Modulation of KCC2 function by tyrosine phosphorylation
A.J. Moorhouse, M. Watanabe, H. Wake and J. Nabekura 52P
Myostatin inhibition attenuates atrophy and loss of muscle function in mice with cancer cachexia
K.T. Murphy, A. Chee and G.S. Lynch 53P
Taurine supplementation increases rat cardiac calsequestrin 2 protein content, while decreasing the taurine transporter protein
R.M. Murphy, D. Horvath, C.G. Stathis, A. Hayes and C.A. Goodman 54P
Measurement of absolute amount of calsequestrin 2 present in cardiac ventricular muscle
R.M. Murphy, J.P. Mollica, N.A. Beard and G.D. Lamb 55P
The role of an endogenous inhibitor of calcineurin in the regulation of glucose homeostasis and islet function
H. Peiris and D. Keating 56P
Identification of components of a glutamate homeostasis complex in astrocytes
P. Poronnik, A. Lee and D.V. Pow 57P
Time to fatigue is increased in mouse muscle at 37°C; the role of iron and ROS
T.F. Reardon and D.G. Allen 58P
In vitro interactions between the β1a subunit of the skeletal muscle DHPR and RyR1
R. Rebbeck, Y. Karunasekara, E.M. Gallant, L. Weaver, N.A. Beard, M.G. Casarotto and A.F. Dulhunty 59P
Defining the role of the olivo-cochlear system in the development of the auditory system in rats and mice
A. Rodriguez-Contreras 60P
Behaviour of human genioglossus single motor units (SMU) discharge properties in quiet breathing, CO2 and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
J.P. Saboisky, D.J. Eckert, A.S. Jordan, J.A. Trinder, D.P. White and A. Malhotra 61P
Altered CRAC channel gating in the Orai1 E106D mutant
N.R. Scrimgeour and G.Y. Rychkov 62P
Spatial association of TRPC3, IKCa and myoendothelial gap junctions in rat mesenteric artery
S. Senadheera, Y. Kim and S.L. Sandow 63P
Concentration of cortisol in human hair under rest and pain conditions
C.F. Sharpley, K. Kauter and J. McFarlane 64P
Exploring the role of TM8 as a key domain in influencing the functional properties of human glutamate transporters
T. Sirivanta, A. Conigrave, R.J. Vandenberg and R.M. Ryan 65P
Endocytosis in secretory epithelial cells
C. Soekmadji and P. Thorn 66P
Temporal properties of dendritic processing in octopus cells of the posteroventral cochlear nucleus
M.J. Spencer, I.C. Bruce, D.B. Grayden, H. Meffin and A.N. Burkitt 67P
Identification of a loss-of-function polymorphism in the human P2X4 receptor
L. Stokes, K.K. Skarratt, B.J. Gu and J.S. Wiley 68P
An inducible and defined demyelinating CNS co-culture system visualised by time-lapse confocal microscopy
J.A.S. Stratton, T.J. Kilpatrick and T.D. Merson 69P
Endothelial cell hyperpolarization and dysfunction in diabetes
M. Tare, H.A. Coleman and H.C. Parkington 70P
GABAA receptors increase their conductance through novel protein interactions
M.L. Tierney, A.B. Everitt, V.A.L. Seymour, J. Curmi and D.R. Laver 71P
Online feedback assessments in physiology: effects on learning
L.G. Ulman, N.Y. Marden and G.M. Velan 72P
Evidence for QO site of mitochondrial complex III as the source of increased production of superoxide in cardiac myocytes after transient exposure to hydrogen peroxide
H.M. Viola, E. Ingley and L.C. Hool 73P
Nonlinear relationship between hyperpolarisation and relaxation enables long distance propagation of vasodilation in vivo
S.E. Wölfle, S.L. Sandow, F.R. Edwards and C.E. Hill 74P
Relaxin induces differential arteriolar dilations and gap junctionally mediated upstream arteriolar dilations
J.M. Willcox, C.L. Murrant and A.J.S. Summerlee 75P
Sugar and amino acid symporters: common structure and mechanism
E.M. Wright 76P
Glycated proteins inhibit K+ channels in isolated vascular smooth muscle cells
Y. Yang, S. de Dios, A.J. Jenkins, M.J. Davis and M.A. Hill 77P
Investigating GABA-A receptor pore conformations using disulfide trapping
Z. Yang, T.I. Webb, T.L. Lynagh and J.W. Lynch 78P
The effects of hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation on intra-abdominal pressure
O. Yoshino, A. Quail and Z. Balogh 79P
A preparation for studying axon regeneration and descending synaptic connections after spinal cord injury in mice
J.R. Flynn, M.J. Galea, A.M. Brichta, R.J. Callister and B.A. Graham 80P
Sodium current properties differ in neonate and adult mouse superficial dorsal horn neurons
K.E. Farrell, M.A. Walsh, B.A. Graham, A.M. Brichta and R.J. Callister 81P
Comparative electrophysiological properties of locus coeruleus neurons in young and adult mice
R.B. de Oliveira, M.C. Howlett, F.S. Gravina, R.J. Callister, A.M. Brichta and D.F. van Helden 82P
EAAT5 mediates glutamate transport in mouse vestibular epithelium
R. Lim, A.E. Kindig, A. Lee, D.V. Pow, R.J. Callister and A.M. Brichta 83P
Inhibition in the lateral vestibular nucleus
I.M. Stitt, H. Drury, D. Ford, R.J. Callister, A.M. Brichta and R. Lim 84P

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