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AuPS (AHMRC) Sydney 2004 Meeting


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Wednesday 24 November 2004

Symposium - Stretch Activated Ion Channels
Wed 8:30am-10:30am
1PF. Sachs, T. Suchyna & P. Gottlieb Channels are not proteins: lessons from mechanosensitive ion channels
2PD.A. Saint, W. Liu & J. Tan Gene expression of stretch activated channels and mechanoelectric feedback in the heart
3PJ. Lansman Mechanosensitive ion channels in dystrophic muscle: Implications for channel gating and disease pathogenesis
4PD.G. Allen Role of mechanosensitive channels in skeletal muscle damage and muscular dystrophy
Poster viewing - presenter in attendance
69P1451A.A. Lim, H.-.S. Lee & M.L. Day DNA damage pathways in mouse pre-implantation embryos
71P1453A.J. Moorhouse, S. Li, R.M. Vickery, M.A. Hill & J.W. Morley A patch-clamp investigation of membrane currents in a novel mammalian retinal ganglion cell line
75P1457C. Van Der Poel & D.G. Stephenson Source of superoxide production in mammalian skeletal muscle at elevated temperature
77P1459C.B. Neylon, C. Fowler, K. Nurgali, B. Hunne, H.L. Robbins, K. Ngui, S.E. Moore, M.X. Chen, I. Selmer & J.B. Furness Intermediate-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel expression and function in the enteric nervous system
79P1461D.W. Jame, P.C. Dooley, J.M. West & G.D. Stephenson Effects of amino acids bearing net charges on Ca2+-activation properties of skeletal muscle fibres
81P1463E.R. Porrello, C.E. Huggins, C.L. Curl, S.B. Harrap, W.G. Thomas & L.M.D. Delbridge Increased angiotensin AT2 receptor expression is associated with neonatal cardiac growth restriction in a genetic model of adult cardiac hypertrophy
83P1465G.M. O'Brien Modelling the role of the brain in orgasm
86P1468H. Kiriazis, X. Feng, X.M. Gao & X.J. Du Effects of aging in mouse heart expressing constitutively active α1B-adrenergic receptors
88P1470M. Gozali, E. Patak & J.N. Pennefather Hemokinin-1 acts at the tachykinin NK1 receptor in the oestrogen-treated mouse uterus
90P1472M.A. Matuszek & S.H. Boutcher Lipid profile, plasma cortisol, and fasting glucose levels of young adult normotensive males with and without a family history of hypertension
91P1473G.Y. Rychkov, T. Litjens, M.L. Roberts & G.J. Barritt Modulation of store-operated Ca2+ Channels in rat liver cells by arachidonic acid
94P1476N.A. Beard, L. Wei, O.J. Fiebig, M. Varsányi & A.F. Dulhunty Mutation within the C-terminus of skeletal calsequestrin disrupts calcium binding
95P1477P. Pouliquin, S. Pace, S.M. Curtis, P.J. Harvey, M.G. Casarotto & A.F. Dulhunty Modulation of ryanodine receptor's activity by homer and a ryanodine receptor C-terminal tail peptide
96P1478R. Henry, V.M. Tatham, M. Yeoh, A. Owen & P.L. McLennan Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids decrease spontaneous beating rate in the rat isolated atria
98P1480R. Patel, R.H. Ritchie & I.R. Wendt 17β-oestradiol attenuates phenylephrine-induced hypertrophy in male neonatal rat cardiac myocytes
100P1482S.B. Park, G.J. Stuart, C.E. Hill & A.T. Gulledge Cholinergic modulation of pyramidal neuron excitability in the prefrontal cortex
104P1486Y.L. Zhang, J.E. Dalziel & J. Dunlop Functional expression of poly-histidine tagged voltage-gated sodium channels in insect cells
106P1488C.M. Woods, P. Sandstrom, M.E. Bond, M. Michael, J. Svanvik, J. Toouli & G.T.P. Saccone Selective iNOS inhibition enhances spontaneous gallbladder motility
Free Communications 1 – Gastrointestinal/Smooth muscle
Wed 1:30pm-3:00pm
5PY. Sonoda, J. Toouli & G.T.P. Saccone Acute intravenous ethanol reduces trans-sphincteric flow in the anaesthetised possum
6PD.T. Nguyen, B. Exintaris & R.J. Lang Role of mitochondrial and IP3 dependent Ca2+ release in the generation of slow wave activity in the guinea-pig prostate
7PM.S. Imtiaz, J. Zhao, K. Hosaka & D.F. Van Helden Role of intracellular Ca2+ stores and L-type Ca2+ channels in vasospasm
8PS. Potocnik, N. Jenkins & M.A. Hill Involvement of cholesterol-rich membrane domains in the arteriolar myogenic response
9PJ.H. Tan & J.A. Brock Inhibition of glybenclamide-sensitive K+ channels underlies noradrenergic depolarization of the rat tail artery in vitro
Free Communications 2 – Muscle/Exercise/Physiology
Wed 1:30pm-3:00pm
10PJ.N. Edwards, C. Van Der Poel & G.D. Stephenson Effects of Tempol and Tiron on tetanic force in skeletal muscle preparations from rat and mouse incubated at 37°C and 38°C
11PE. Verburg, R.M. Murphy, G.D. Stephenson & G.D. Lamb Disruption of EC-coupling by physiological [Ca2+] is mediated by Ca2+-activated proteases
12PR.M. Murphy, D.G. Stephenson & G.D. Lamb Effect of creatine on contractile force and Ca2+-sensitivity in mechanically-skinned single fibres from rat skeletal muscle
13PS.I. Head & B. Greenaway Acute incubation with creatine protects against muscle fatigue in an isolated skeletal muscle preparation
14PM.J. McKenna, S. Sostaric, C.A. Goodman, X. Gong, J. Aw, J. Leppik, C.H. Steward, S.F. Fraser, H. Krum, R.J. Snow & M.J. Brown Contracting muscle mass and inactive muscle effects on K+ dynamics during exercise
Symposium – Ghrelin – is it merely a growth hormone secretagogue
Wed 3:30pm-5:30pm
15PM.A. Cowley Ghrelin from the gut and the brain regulates neural circuits in the brain
16PL.K. Chopin, P.L. Jeffery, A. Yeh, J.F. McNamara, R. Wight & A.C. Herington Ghrelin and hormone dependent cancer
17PI.J. Clarke, Y. Kurose & J. Iqbal Ghrelin physiology in a species (sheep) that has continuous gastric function
18PC. Chen, J. Cao, X. Xu, J. Pang, R. Xu & M. Chen Ghrelin and its synthetic analogues, growth hormone secretagogues (GHS), act on GHS receptor to regulate the cardiac function and suppress cardiomyocyte apoptosis in chronic heart failure rats
Symposium – Integrative aspects of human muscle performance
Wed 3:30pm-5:30pm
19PJ. Dempsey Respiratory muscles, O2 transport and fatigue
20PG.D. Lamb & D.G. Stephenson EC coupling in skeletal muscle: implications for fatigue
21PS.L. McGee & M. Hargreaves Exercise and skeletal muscle gene expression: molecular mechanisms
22PJ.L. Taylor Supraspinal mechanisms of fatigue
23PG. Davis, J. Raymond & J.W. Middleton Central and peripheral limits to exercise: lessons from FES-evoked leg exercise in spinal cord-injured individuals
AuPS lecture
Wed 5:30pm-6:30pm
 D.I. Cook From Berlin to Sydney: 40 years of exocrine physiology

Thursday 25 November 2004

Symposium – Dendritic physiology and processing in the central nervous system
Thurs 8:30am-10:30am
24PJ.S. Isaacson Dendritic signaling in olfactory circuits
25PG.J. Stuart Initiation and backpropagation of action potentials in central neurons
26PC.A. Reid, S. Xu & D.A. Williams Inactivation of T-type calcium channels in the apical proximal dendrites of CA3 neurons; A role for the mossy fibre-CA3 synapse
27PP. Sah & J.M. Power Synaptically activated calcium rises in amygdalar pyramidal neurons
Free Communications 3 - Cardiovascular/Fetal physiology
Thurs 8:30am-10:30am
28PS. White, S. McIlveen, R. Bishop, D. McLeod, R. Blake, R. Gunther, J. Davis, L. Talken, D. Cottee, A. Quail & G. Parsons Mechanisms controlling airways circulation during exercise
29PH. Vedam, D.J. Barnes, J. Hedner, C. Phillips & R.R. Grunstein The effect of sustained hypoxia on arterial stiffness
30PJ. Horiuchi, S. Wakabayashi & R.A.L. Dampney Role of 5-HT1A receptors in the cardiovascular response elicited from the dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus in the rat
31PJ.A. London, C.M. Woods, C.J. Carati, J. Toouli & G.T.P. Saccone Intragastric ethanol depresses pancreatic vascular perfusion (PVP) partly via an endothelin-mediated mechanism
32PM. Bhandari, M.E. Brooke-Smith, C.J. Carati, J. Toouli & G.T.P. Saccone Galanin reduces pancreatic vascular perfusion (PVP) in the Australian possum
33PE.R. Lumbers, D.H. Hershco, A.C. Boyce, K.J. Gibson, J.H. Burrell, J. Wu & K.M. Moritz Specific effects of cortisol on components of circulating and tissue renin angiotensin systems of fetal sheep
34PA.C. Boyce, S. Chinchen & K.J. Gibson Is the renal haemodynamic response to amino acids present in sheep?
35PA.E. O'Connell, A.C. Boyce, R.N. Douglas-Denton, J.F. Bertram & K.J. Gibson The long-term effects of a midgestational asphyxial episode in fetal sheep
Poster viewing - presenter in attendance
Thurs 12:00-2:00pm
70P1452A.B. Everitt, M. L. Tierney & P.W. Gage Increasing the surface density of recombinant GABAA receptors increases channel conductance
72P1454B. Exintaris, D.T. Nguyen & R.J. Lang Role of potassium and chloride channels in the generation of spontaneous activity in the prostate gland
73P1455C.D. Haley, C.J. Gordon, N.A.S. Taylor & A.B. Jenkins Non-thermal mechanisms may modulate novel high-amplitude oscillations in skin blood flow
74P1456C. Kolbe, B. De Jong & H. Jelinek Is there a case for left ventricular hypertrophy screening?
76P1458C.J. Gordon, S. Van Den Broek, V. Van Wegberg & N.A.S. Taylor Thigh venous occlusion does not increase sudomotor drive during sinusoidal exercise
78P1460D. Feng & C. Chen Linoleic acid stimulates Ca2+ release from InsP3-sensitive Ca2+ storage sites, leading to a reduction in voltage-gated Ca2+ currents in primary cultured rat pancreatic β-cells
80P1462K. Seluakumaran & D. Robertson Effects of olivocohlear efferent activation on responses of single inferior colliculus neurons to tones  in noise
82P1464E. Patak, M. Gozali, S. Ventura & J.N. Pennefather Tachykinins and tachykinin receptors in the mouse bladder
84P1466D. Bersten, T. Kaczor & G.S. Posterino Inorganic phosphate reduces sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release in the presence and absence of cytoplasmic creatine phosphate in mammalian skeletal muscle
85P1467H. Kiriazis, X.M. Gao, K. Wang, A.M. Dart & X.J. Du Heart rate is related to the risk of heart failure in pressure-overload mice
87P1469J.H. Zhang & C.E. Hill Extensive connexin expression in preglomerular but not postglomerular vasculature
89P1471L. Wei, D.R. Laver, N.A. Beard & A.F. Dulhunty The response of the ryanodine receptor to reduced luminal Ca2+ concentrations is depressed by calsequestrin
92P1474M.E. Bond, M. Michael, C.M. Woods, J. Toouli, B.O. Al-Jiffry & G.T.P. Saccone Upregulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase in acute cholecystitis
93P1475N. Ozsarac, S. Gaul, L. Liu, R.H.A. Fink & P.W. Gage The conductance of extrasynaptic GABAA channels in newborn rat hippocampal neurons is increased by alphaxalone and pregnanolone
97P1479R.J. Lang, J. Haynes, J. Kelly, J. Johnson, E. Mulholland, L. Baker & C. Pouton Electrophysiological characterization of mature neurons derived from mouse embryonic stem cells by Sox-1 Lineage selection and directed differentiation
99P1481S.L. Kueh, S.I. Head & J.W. Morley A new colony of mdx dystrophic mice with genetically identical littermate controls
101P1483T.M. Campbell & P.J. Johnson Characterisation of intestinal muscarinic acetylcholine receptors using selective antibodies and muscarinic toxins
102P1484V.A.L. Seymour, T. Luu, P.W. Gage & L. Tierney Is the cysteine-loop involved in the gating mecahism of the GABAA  receptor?
103P1485W. Qu, A.J. Moorhouse, T.M. Lewis, K.D. Pierce, P.R. Schofield & P.H. Barry Both cytoplasmic and extracellular dequalinium block olfactory CNGA2 channels
105P1487Y. Sonoda, M. Teng, J. Toouli & G.T.P. Saccone Sphincter of Oddi motility is stimulated by acute intravenous ethanol
107P1489C.R. Campbell, D.I. Cook & A. Dinudom Regulation of the epithelial sodium channel by phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate
29P514H. Vedam, D.J. Barnes, J. Hedner, C. Phillips & R.R. Grunstein The effect of sustained hypoxia on arterial stiffness
British Physiology Society Lecture
Thur 2pm-3pm
 David Beech TRP channels: properties and importance in blood vessels
Symposium – Environmental and genetic influences on respiratory health
Thurs 3:30-5:30pm
36PK.E. Pinkerton Air pollution and respiratory health
37PS.B. Hooper Role of the physico-chemical environment in lung development
38PT.J.M. Moss The respiratory consequences of preterm birth
39PG.B. Marks Environmental factors and gene-environment interactions in the aetiology of asthma
Free Communications 4 – Muscle I
Thurs 3:30pm-5:30pm
40PD.G. Stephenson, T.H. Pedersen, O.B. Nielsen & G.D. Lamb Intracellular acidosis increases t-system excitability in depolarised muscle fibres of the rat in the presence but not in the absence of chloride
41PC.A. Goodman, R. Blazev & G.M.M. Stephenson Glycogen content and contractile responsiveness to T-system depolarization in skinned muscle fibres of the rat
42PJ.D. Schertzer & G.S. Lynch Optimizing methods for ectopic expression of protein in murine skeletal muscle
43PR. Blazev, J.G. Kemp, D.G. Stephenson & G.M.M. Stephenson MHC composition and isometric tension in EDL muscle fibres from Zucker Obese and Zucker Lean rats
44PJ.G. Ryall, D.R. Plant & G.S. Lynch β2-adrenoceptor agonist formoterol promotes slow-to-fast fibre transitions in rat skeletal muscle
45PF. Beitzel, M.N. Sillence & G.S. Lynch The role of β2-adrenoceptors in skeletal muscle regeneration after myotoxic injury
46PN. Stupka, B.J. Michell, D.R. Plant, R.Bassel-Duby, E.N. Olson, B.E. Kemp & G.S. Lynch Increased calcineurin phosphatase activity improves fatigue resistance whilst maintaining specific force in diaphragm muscles from dystrophic mdx mice
47PL.J. Harcourt, J.G. Ryall, D.R. Plant, M.N. Sillence & G.S. Lynch Low dose formoterol administration improves limb muscle function in dystrophic mdx mice
Poster viewing and drinks
Thurs 5:30-6:30pm
AuPS Dinner
∼7:00pm Mylos Greek Cuisine, 101 Glebe Point Road, Glebe (Bus leaves Congress site at 7:00pm)

Friday 26 November 2004

Symposium – Intracellular communication
Friday 8:30am-10:30am
48PJ.P. Santos Da Silva, C.G. Dotti & J. Abad-Rodriguez Polarized transport of the ganglioside sialidase protein in morphologically non-polarized neurons is a sufficient signal for axonal fate determination
49PR.G. Parton & J.F. Hancock Ultrastructural analysis of caveolae and lipid raft domains
50PA.S. Yap, R. Ali, M. Goodwin, F. Helwani, A. Paterson, S. Stehbens, J. Scott & A. Shewan To make and keep: diverse modes of cadherin-cooperativity determine contact formation and adhesive recognition
51PI.A. Hendry, L. Harvey, M.W. Weible II, S.K. Kaasinen & A.J. Reynolds Has the multivesicular body containing the neurotrophin retrograde transport organelle other components?
Free Communications 5 – Ion channels
Friday 8:30am-10:30am
52PH. Hu, P. Poronnik & D.I. Cook UTP inhibits store-activated Ca2+ influx in HT29 cells
53PW. Wu, Y. He & P.W. Gage Blocking sodium current reduces the rise in intracellular calcium concentration during hypoxia in rat hippocampal neurons
54PT.M. Lewis, N.L. Absalom, W. Kaplan & P.R. Schofield Conformational changes in extracellular loop 2 during activation of the α1 glycine receptor
55PJ.E. Dalziel, S.C. Finch, W. Imlach, N. Houssain & J. Dunlop Effects of lolitrems isolated from endophyte on human BK channels
56PG.Y. Rychkov, E. Aromataris, M.L. Roberts & G.J. Barritt Glucagon activates calcium and chloride conductance in rat hepatocytes
57PA.F. Dulhunty, Y. Karunasekara, S.M. Curtis, P.J. Harvey, P.G. Board & M.G. Casarotto Structural determination of interactions between the the ryanodine receptor and the recombinant DHPR II-III loop and synthetic “C” peptides
Friday 1:30pm-3:00pm
Symposium – Cardiac hypertrophy and failure - cellular and signalling defects
Friday 3:30pm-5:30pm
58PL.M.D. Delbridge Cardiac hypertrophy and cardiomyocyte metabolic disturbances – cause and consequence
59PA.J. Davidoff, M.W. Carmody, N. Dube & I. Pinz Convergence of glucose- and fatty acid-induced cardiomyocyte insulin resistance and abnormal E-C coupling
60PL.C. Hool Role of reactive oxygen species in cardiac signaling – from mitochondria to plasma membrane ion channels
61PC. Semsarian Molecular basis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Free Communications 6 – Muscle II
Friday 3:30-5:30pm
62PD.R. Plant, F. Beitzel & G.S. Lynch Length-tension relations are altered in regenerating fast- but not slow-twitch muscles of the rat
63PT.L. Dutka, G.S. Posterino & G.D. Lamb Action potential mediated Ca2+ release in mechanically skinned fast-twitch muscle fibres of the rat is reduced by low [ATP] and by elevated [Mg2+]
64PD.R. Laver & G.D. Lamb Regulation of coupled calcium release channels in bilayers by luminal Ca2+
65PR. Blazev, C.A. Goodman & G.M.M. Stephenson Excitation-contraction coupling characteristics in mechanically skinned muscle fibres of the rat vary with age and strain
66PS.K. Bortolotto, D.R. Plant, L.J. Harcourt, X. Han, W.A. Morrison, G.S. Lynch & A. Messina Functional and morphological recovery of skeletal muscles from mast cell depleted mice after ischaemia reperfusion injury
67PB.N. Honen, G.D. Lamb & D.R. Laver Aberrant function of calcium releases channels underlying sudden cardiac death probed with RyR domain peptides
68PG.S. Lynch, F. Colarossi & D.R. Plant Comparison of injury and repair in mouse skeletal muscle after treatment with the myotoxic agents, bupivacaine or notexin