Key Lectures:

Mike Sanguinetti

University of Utah

(Plenary Lecturer)

Don Robertson

University of Western Australia

(AuPS Lecturer)


Mark Dunne

University of Manchester

(UK Visiting Lecturer)



Robertson Lecture

The Bob Robertson Award of the Australian Society for Biophysics recognises outstanding contributions to the field of biophysics in Australia and New Zealand and to commemorate the contributions to the Society and to Australian science in general of Sir Rutherford (Bob) Robertson. The recipient of this year's award will be announced at the lecture.

Student symposium:

Post-docs: Life after a PhD (details)

Organiser: Enzo Porrello


Artificial photosynthesis

Organiser: Tony Collings

Magnetic techniques in protein studies

Organiser: Louise Brown

Protein structure, interactions and dynamics

Organiser: Pierre Moens

Amino acid transport and signalling   (details)

Organiser: Stefan Brer

Potassium channels (details)

Organiser: Jamie Vandenberg

Influencing factors in the fate of cardiac myocytes in heart disease  (details)

Organisers: Livia Hool, Lea Delbridge  and David Allen

EC Coupling and fatigue (details)

Organisers: Graham Lamb and Angela Dulhunty

Exercise, free radicals and skeletal muscle (details)

Organisers: Michael McKenna and Mark Hargreaves

New insights into insulin signalling in health and disease   (details)

Organiser: Mark Febbraio

Calcium channels, microdomains and muscle function   (details)

Organisers: Caryl Hill, Dirk Van Helden and James Brock

Endocrinology, reproduction and foetal development (details)

Organiser: Chen Chen

TRP and the other channels (details)

Organisers: Anuwat Dinudom and David Cook

Physiology education

Organisers: Phil Poronnik, Kirsten Farrand  (details)