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Volume 34


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Professor J.A. Young
Dedicated to the Memory of
John Atherton Young AO, FAA FRACP (1936-2004)
Obituary pp151-155



APPS/PSNZ Sydney 2003 Meeting

APPS Invited Lecture
Skeletal muscle function: the role of ionic changes in fatigue, damage and disease
D.G. Allen 1
Symposium: Stretch-induced muscle damage in sport and disease PDF
Identification of a zebrafish model of muscular dystrophy
D. Bassett & P.D. Currie 13
Popping sarcomere hypothesis explains stretch induced muscle damage
D.L. Morgan & U. Proske 19
Identifying athletes at risk of hamstring strains and how to protect them
U. Proske, D.L. Morgan, C.L. Brockett & P. Percival 25
Stretch-activated channels in stretch-induced muscle damage
E.W. Yeung & D.G. Allen 31
The role of contraction-induced injury in the mechanisms of muscle damage in muscular dystrophy
G.S. Lynch 39
Symposium: Potassium channels and endothelium-derived hyperpolarising factor: Physiological and clinical roles PDF
Factors, fiction and endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor - EDH(F)
S.L. Sandow 45
Endothelial potassium channels, endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization, and the regulation of vascular tone in health and in disease
H.A. Coleman, M. Tare & H.C. Parkington 55
Changes in EDHF in hypertension and ageing: response to chronic treatment with renin-angiotensin system inhibitors
K. Goto, K. Fujii, Y. Kansui & M. Iida 65
Symposium: Hormonal, metabolic and neural control of the kidney PDF
Activation of renal calcium and water excretion by novel physiological and pharmacological activators of the calcium-sensing receptor
A.D. Conigrave & H.C. Lok 71
Molecular changes in proximal tubule function in diabetes mellitus
D.H. Hryciw, E.M. Lee, C.A. Pollock & P. Poronnik 75
Differential neural control of glomerular ultrafiltration
K.M. Denton, S.E. Luff, A. Shweta & W.P. Anderson 85
Differential neural control of glomerular ultrafiltration
G.A. Eppel, S.C. Malpas, K.M. Denton & R.G. Evans 93
Symposium: Functional imaging PDF
Functional Imaging Introduction: Gaining new insight from biophotonic imaging
M.B. Cannell 105
Development of low affinity, membrane targeted Ca2+ sensors suitable for measuring presynaptic Ca2+
M. Monif, M.L. Smart, C.A. Reid & D.A. Williams 107
Functional imaging: new views on lens structure and function
P.J. Donaldson, A.C. Grey, B.R. Merriman-Smith, A.M.G. Sisley, C. Soeller, M.B. Cannell & M.D. Jacobs 113
Quantitative phase microscopy – a new tool for investigating the structure and function of unstained live cells
C.L. Curl, C.J. Bellair, P.J. Harris, B.E. Allman, A. Roberts, K.A. Nugent & L.M.D. Delbridge 121
Microscopic imaging of extended tissue volumes
I. LeGrice, G. Sands, D. Hooks, D. Gerneke & B. Smaill 129
Symposium: Integrating cardiac function: From molecules to man PDF
Inherited cardiac arrhythmia syndromes: What have they taught us about arrhythmias and anti-arrhythmic therapy?
R.N. Subbiah, T.J. Campbell & J.I. Vandenberg 133
Cardiac structure and electrical activation: Models and measurement
B.H. Smaill, I.J. LeGrice, D.A. Hooks, A.J. Pullan, B.J. Caldwell & P.J. Hunter 141
Dedication PDF
John Atherton Young AO, FAA FRACP (1936-2004)
D.I. Cook 151
Index PDF
Author index 157

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