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Volume 39



AuPS/Combio Brisbane 2006 Meeting

Symposium: Myopathies and muscle regeneration
The diaphragm muscle strip preparation for evaluation of gene therapies in mdx mice
J.A. Faulkner, R. Ng, C.S. Davis, S. Li and J.S. Chamberlain 1
Implications of cross-talk between TNF and IGF-1 signalling in skeletal muscle
M.D. Grounds, H.G. Radley, B.L. Gebski, M.A. Bogoyevitch and T. Shavlakadze 7
Anabolic agents for improving muscle regeneration and function after injury
G.S. Lynch, J.D. Schertzer and J.G. Ryall 15

AuPS/ASB Newcastle 2007 Meeting

Symposium: TRP and the other channels
Illuminating the structure and function of Cys-loop receptors
S.A. Pless and J.W. Lynch 23
Symposium: Influencing factors in the fate of cardiac myocytes in heart disease
Spatial and temporal aspects of cAMP signaling in cardiac myocytes
R.V. Iancu, G. Ramamurthy and R.D. Harvey 31
The impact of multiple gene mutations in determining severity of cardiomyopathy and heart failure
T. Tsoutsman, R.D. Bagnall and C. Semsarian 39
Early origins of cardiac hypertrophy: Does cardiomyocyte attrition program for pathological ‘catch-up’ growth of the heart?
E.R. Porrello, R.E. Widdop and L.M.D. Delbridge 51
Symposium: Exercise, free radicals and skeletal muscle
Influence of temperature-induced reactive oxygen species production on excitation-contraction coupling in mammalian skeletal muscle
C. van der Poel, J.N. Edwards, W.A. Macdonald and D.G. Stephenson 61
Potential role of nitric oxide in contraction-stimulated glucose uptake and mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle
G.K. McConell and G.D. Wadley 69
Symposium: Calcium channels, microdomains and muscle function
Store-operated Ca2+ channels and microdomains of Ca2+ in liver cells
G.J. Barritt, T.L. Litjens, J. Castro, E. Aromataris and G.Y. Rychkov 75
What’s where and why at a vascular myoendothelial microdomain signaling complex?

S.L. Sandow, R.E. Haddock, C.E. Hill, P.S. Chadha, P.M. Kerr, D.G. Welsh & F. Plane 85
Non L-type voltage dependent calcium channels control vascular tone of the rat basilar artery
M.F. Navarro-Gonzalez, T.H. Grayson, K.R. Meaney, L.L. Cribbs & C.E. Hill 99
Symposium: Excitation-contraction coupling and fatigue
Mechanisms of fatigue induced by isometric contractions in exercising humans and in isolated mouse single muscle fibres
N. Place, J.D. Bruton & H. Westerblad 115
Control of muscle ryanodine receptor calcium release channels by proteins in the sarcoplasmic reticulum lumen
N.A. Beard, L. Wei, & A.F. Dulhunty 123
Molecular recognition of the disordered dihydropyridine receptor II-III loop by a conserved SPRY domain of the type 1 ryanodine receptor
H-S. Tae, N.C. Norris, Y. Cui, Y. Karunasekara, P.G. Board, A.F. Dulhunty & M.G. Casarotto 131
AuPS Invited Lecture
Centrifugal control in mammalian hearing
D. Robertson 137
Symposium: Insulin signaling in health and disease
Storing up trouble: does intramyocellular triglyceride accumulation protect skeletal muscle from insulin resistance?
M.J. Watt 149

AuPS 2008 Melbourne Meeting Abstracts

Plenary Lecture &mdash Lars Larsson
Regulation of human muscle contraction in health and disease
L. Larsson 1P
Symposium: Signaling in Cell Secretion
Complex interactions between ghrelin and obestatin in the regulation of GH secretion and food intake
J. Epelbaum 2P
The behaviour and control of post exocytic vesicles
P. Thorn and P. Bhat 3P
Integrating studies of proteins and lipids: dissecting the mechanism of Ca2+-triggered membrane fusion
J.R. Coorssen 4P
Receptor- and metabolite-mediated increase in [Ca2+]i in rat pancreatic islet cells by free fatty acids
C. Chen and Y. Zhao 5P
Symposium: Myopathies and Muscle Regeneration
Using gene transfer technology to study muscle diseases
P. Gregorevic 6P
Muscle hypertrophy and IGF-1 isoforms: is bigger better?
T. Shavlakadze, R. Chai, G.J. Pinniger, K. Maley, G. Grounds, N. Winn, N. Rosenthal and M.D. Grounds 7P
Novel regeneration in nemaline myopathy
A.J. Kee, J. Joya, V. Nair-Shalliker, M.A. Nguyen and E.H. Hardeman 8P
Acute Quadriplegic Myopathy and myosin loss in ICU patients: Underlying mechanisms, improved diagnostics and a specific intervention strategy
L. Larsson, J. Ochala, V. Banduseela, A-M. Gustafsson, P. Radell, L.I. Eriksson and B. Dworkin 9P
Symposium: Regulation of Trafficking of Membrane Transporters by Intracellular Signaling Systems
New insights into the formation and function of caveolae
R.G. Parton 10P
Regulation of receptors, transporters and ion channels by the Nedd4 family of ubiquitin ligases
S. Kumar, N. Boase, B. Yang, R. Daly, S. Townley, A. Dinudom, D.I. Cook, P. Poronnik and G.Y. Rychkov 11P
The role of phospholipids in controlling GLUT4 exocytosis
W.E. Hughes 12P
The physiological roles of sulfate transporters
D. Markovich 13P
Free communications: Muscle
The effects of arsenic on the two major fibre types in the chelae of the freshwater crayfish Cherax destructor (Clarke)
G. Williams and J.M. West 14P
Development of the diaphragm and the effects of maternal creatine supplementation on birth hypoxia in a novel precocial species, the spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus)
D. Cannata, Z. Ireland, H. Dickinson, D.W. Walker and J.M. West 15P
Unique actions of junctin and triadin on skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor calcium release channels
L. Wei, A.F. Dulhunty and N.A. Beard 16P
The force-generating attachment of myosin heads (cross-bridges) to the actin filaments is controlled differently in fast- and slow-muscle fibre types
D.G. Stephenson, O. Andruchov, G.M.M. Stephenson and S. Galler 17P
Conformational coupling of store-operated Ca2+ entry in skeletal muscle
B.S. Launikonis, J.N. Edwards, F. von Wegner and O. Friedrich 18P
Store-operated Ca2+ entry in dystrophic skeletal muscle is not a source for Ca2+ overload due to robust deactivation
O. Friedrich, J.N. Edwards, R.M. Murphy and B.S. Launikonis 19P
Calcium transients in fast-twitch FDB skeletal muscle from old dystrophic mice
S.I. Head 20P
Blocking TNF (using cV1q) reduces the severity of stretch-induced muscle damage in dystrophic, mdx mice
A.T. Piers, A.J. Bakker, H.G. Radley, M.D. Grounds and G.J. Pinniger 21P
Free communications: Ion Channels
Effect of volatile anaesthetics on the calcium release channel in the heart
D.R. Laver, T. Quail, H. Sitsapesan and D.F. van Helden 22P
The role of depolarising and repolarising currents in the induction of early afterdepolarisations during acute hypoxia in ventricular myocytes
W.A. Macdonald, N. Gaur, Y. Rudy and L.C. Hool 23P
Ageing related change in store-operated Ca2+ influx and TRPCs expression of sinoatrial node
Y.K. Ju, D. Lai and D.G. Allen 24P
Delineating the gating pathway in the α1 glycine receptor ligand-binding domain
S.A. Pless and J.W. Lynch 25P
External divalent ions increase anion-cation permeability in glycine receptor channels – consideration of ion activities, surface charge and conductance measurements
P.H. Barry, S. Sugiharto, J.E. Carland, T.M. Lewis, P.R. Schofield and A.M. Moorhouse 26P
FRET study of C-terminal movements of the cytoplasmic tail of human skeletal muscle chloride channel, hClC-1, during gating
L. Ma, G.Y. Rychkov, E.A. Bykova, J. Zheng and A.H. Bretag 27P
Neonatal hypoxia increases hippocampal excitability in adulthood: Gender differences and prevention by neurosteroid treatment
H.A. Coleman, C. Moller, T. Yawno, D.W. Walker, D.C. Reutens and H.C. Parkington 28P
A quantifiable approach to filtering and analysis of cellular fluorescence imaging
J.L. Bourke, H. Hashitani, H. Suzuki and R.J. Lang 29P
Symposium: Skeletal Muscle: an Endocrine Organ
PGC-1α in muscle links metabolism to inflammation
C. Handschin 30P
Role of protease-activated receptors (PARs) in muscle inflammation and cytokine release
A.J. Bakker, K.A. Burlinson, G.J. Pinniger, N. Asokananthan and G.A. Stewart 31P
Myokines and metabolic regulation
M.A. Febbraio and B.K. Pedersen 32P
Free Communications: Cardiovascular/Kidney
Cardiac hypertrophy and oxidative stress are associated with insulin resistance in fructose fed mice
K.M. Mellor, R.H. Ritchie and L.M.D. Delbridge 33P
Comparison of anoxic tolerance of isolated cardiac myocytes from male and female rats
I.R. Wendt, M. Vila Petroff, C.L. Curl, J.R. Bell, A. Mattiazzi and L.M.D. Delbridge 34P
The Hypertrophic Heart Rat (HHR) exhibits enhanced myocardial PI3-K mediated signalling in the neonate, but not in the adult
J.R. Bell, E.R. Porrello, S.B. Harrap and L.M.D. Delbridge 35P
Mechanisms maintaining kidney tissue oxygenation during renal ischaemia in anaesthetised rabbits
R.G. Evans, S. Michaels, G.A. Eppel, S.L. Burke, G.A. Head, J.F. Carroll and P.M. O'Connor 36P
Computational modelling of oxygen transport in the whole kidney
B.S. Gardiner, R.G. Evans, P.M. O'Connor and D.W. Smith 37P
Free communications: Exercise
Can the increase in mitochondrial biogenesis in skeletal muscle following acute exercise be prevented by antioxidant supplementation?
G.D. Wadley, J. Bloom, A. Jamieson, J. Owen, D. Tait and G.K. McConell 38P
Aberrent skeletal muscle mitochondrial responses to exercise in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
N.K. Stepto, D. Rachon, C. Harrison, S. Hutchison, B. Strauss, M. Cooper, R. Southgate, C. Bruce, M.A. Febbraio and H.J. Teede 39P
Effects of antioxidant supplementation and exercise training on skeletal muscle antioxidant enzymes and mitochondrial biogenesis
N.A. Strobel, J.M. Peake, A. Matsumoto, S.A. Marsh, J.S. Coombes and G.D. Wadley 40P
Nitric oxide and ROS regulate skeletal muscle glucose uptake during contraction independent of AMPK α2
T.L. Merry, G.R. Steinberg, G.S. Lynch and G.K. McConell 41P
Iron overload in skeletal muscle; redox stress and exercise capacity
T.F. Reardon and D.G. Allen 42P
The effect of continuous vs intermittent exercise on substrate utilization during exercise and recovery in healthy adults
M.L. Borg, C.G. Stathis and A. Hayes 43P
Student symposium: Beyond your PhD
Beyond your PhD: Key considerations in planning your post-doctoral career path
P. Gregorevic 44P
Symposium: Signaling in Smooth Muscles
Ca2+ phase waves - a fundamental mechanism underlying propagation of gastric slow waves
D.F. van Helden, D.R. Laver and M.S. Imtiaz 45P
Molecular and biophysical properties of smooth muscle-type voltage-gated Na+ channels
N. Teramoto 46P
Spontaneous electrical and Ca2+ signals in the mouse renal pelvis that drive pyeloureteric peristalsis
R.J. Lang, H. Hashitani, M.A. Tonta, J.L. Bourke, H.C. Parkington and H. Suzuki 47P
Do K+ channels play a role in noradrenergic signalling in vascular smooth muscle?
J.A. Brock and N.M. Rummery 48P
Symposium: Signals Mediating Exercise-Induced Skeletal Muscle Remodelling
Histone modifications and skeletal muscle metabolic gene expression
S.L. McGee 49P
Molecular regulation of skeletal muscle mass
A.P. Russell 50P
Calpains and skeletal muscle function
R.M. Murphy and G.D. Lamb 51P
A novel role for β-adrenoceptor signalling in the regulation of skeletal muscle mass
J.G. Ryall and G.S. Lynch 52P
Symposium: Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets for Multiple Diseases
Novel approaches for screening sodium channel function in drug discovery
S. Petrou, E.A. Thomas and B.B. Scaf 53P
Translational promise and physiological insights in Aquaporin drug discovery
A.J. Yool 54P
The capsaicin receptor, TRPV1, as a target for chronic pain therapy
A. Bhaskaracharya, H-J. Cho, E. Jennings, J. Ziogas and P. McIntyre 55P
The P2X7 receptor and its genetic variants; relation to mood disorders
J.S. Wiley, L. Stokes, S.J. Fuller, R. Sluyter, K.K. Skarratt and B.J. Gu 56P
Free communications: Metabolism and Signalling
The role of an endogenous regulator of calcineurin in the regulation of glucose homeostasis
H.S. Peiris and D.J. Keating 57P
Acute stimulation of fatty acid oxidation does not alter energy expenditure
N. Turner, E. Preston, D. Wilks, M.M. Swarbrick, B.D. Hegarty, E.W. Kraegen and G.J. Cooney 58P
Glucose and insulin modulate the expression and activity of the thioredoxin antioxidant system in cultured human skeletal muscle fibres
N. Stupka, S.D. Martin, J.M. McKenzie, F.M. Collier and N. Konstantopoulos 59P
Role of nitric oxide in mitochondrial biogenesis in L6 myocytes
G.P.Y. Ng, M. Phillips, L. Macaulay, G.D. Wadley and G.K. McConell 60P
Effects of simvastatin on skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis and mitochondrial enzyme activities
D.J. Pol, P.K. Kennedy, G.K. McConell and C.A. Goodman 61P
Ingestion of a protein hydrolysate is accompanied by an accelerated in vivo digestion and absorption rate when compared with its intact protein
R. Koopman, S. Walrand, A.K. Kies, W.H.M. Saris, Y. Boirie and L.J.C. van Loon 62P
Local insulin-like growth factor binding proteins are essential for successful skeletal muscle regeneration
S.M. Gehrig, J.D. Schertzer, J.E. Church and G.S. Lynch 63P
Human sarcopenia reveals an increase in SOCS-3 and myostatin and a reduced efficiency of Akt phosphorylation
B. Léger, W. Derave, K. De Bock, P. Hespel and A.P. Russell 64P
Free Communications presented as Posters
PGC-1α reduces proteasome and lysosome activity and attenuates myotube protein degradation
P. Sepulveda, M.J. Quick, M.A. Wallace, R.J. Snow and A.P. Russell 65P
Effect of mechanical stretching on Akt signalling and protein synthesis in myotubes
E.L. Brown, M.J. Quick, R.J. Snow and A.P. Russell 66P
Are genuine changes in protein expression being overlooked? Avoiding pitfalls in Western blotting quantification using AMPK and calsequestrin 1 as the proteins of interest
J.P. Mollica, J.S. Oakhill, G.D. Lamb and R.M. Murphy 67P
Properties of Heat Shock Protein 25 and 72 in rat skeletal muscle
N.T. Larkins, R.M. Murphy and G.D. Lamb 68P
Attenuation of glucose uptake is associated with reduced levels of striated activator of Rho signalling (STARS) in L6 myotubes
M.A. Wallace and A.P. Russell 69P
The effect of estrogen on Akt signalling and protein synthesis in C2C12 mouse skeletal myotubes
R.J. Stefanetti, A.I. Turner, M.J. Quick, R.J. Snow and A.P. Russell 70P
The relative amounts of PTEN protein in rat cardiac and skeletal muscles and the effect of high dose statins
C.A. Goodman, H. Yue, D.J. Pol and G.K. McConell 71P
Myostatin inhibition increases muscle mass in adult mdx dystrophic mice but does not enhance regenerative capacity of dystrophic skeletal muscle after injury
S.M. Snell, K.T. Murphy, R. Koopman and G.S. Lynch 72P
Macrophage polarization induced by different toll-like receptor agonists mediate insulin responses in muscle cells
J.D. Schertzer, V. Samokhvalov, P.J. Bilan, C.N. Antonescu and A. Klip 73P
Identifying the site of the source of reactive oxygen species within the mitochondria after transient exposure of cardiac myocytes to hydrogen peroxide
H.M. Viola, E. Ingley, P.G. Arthur and L.C. Hool 74P
Comparison of the cardiac-specific effects of dietary omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in male and female rats
A.P. McAlindon, J.R. Bell, C.L. Curl, C.E. Huggins and L.M.D. Delbridge 75P
Role of β-adrenoceptors during early skeletal muscle regeneration in mice
R. Sheorey, J.G. Ryall, J.E. Church and G.S. Lynch 76P
Nitric oxide and skeletal muscle regeneration in mice after injury – the role of muscular nNOS
J.E. Church, S.M. Gehrig, G.K. McConell and G.S. Lynch 77P
Developmental changes in contractile function of the diaphragm in the pre-term lamb
T. Lavin, J. Pillow, A.J. Bakker, C. McLean and G.J. Pinniger 78P
Regulation of atrogin-1 and protein degradation following incubation with dexamethasone and TNFα in mouse C2C12 and primary human myotubes
A.E. Larsen, T.C. Crowe and A.P. Russell 79P
Store-dependent Ca2+ influx in intact healthy and dystrophic skeletal muscle
T.R. Cully, O. Friedrich, J.N. Edwards, R.M. Murphy and B.S. Launikonis 80P
Evidence of impaired store-operated Ca2+ entry in aged mammalian skeletal muscle
J.N. Edwards, O. Friedrich, T.R. Cully, R.M. Murphy and B.S. Launikonis 81P
Examination of the expression of the cardiac muscle regulatory molecules, troponin T, I and C in the sheep heart across late gestation
G.S. Posterino, S. Dunn, K.J. Botting, W. Wang, H. Forbes and J.L. Morrison 82P
Characterisation of Suppressor of Cytokine Signalling protein expression in regenerating mouse skeletal muscle after injury
J. Stratton, K.T. Murphy, C. van der Poel and G.S. Lynch 83P
The effects of arsenic of the Na+/K+ ATPase transporter in the gills of the freshwater crayfish, Cherax destructor
Y. Lankadeva, G. Williams and J.M. West 84P
Characterization of the muscle fibres types in a pristine and regenerate chela from the Christmas Island Red Crab Geocarcoidea natalis
J. Van Gramberg, S. Linton and J.M. West 85P
Comparison of contractile characteristics of permeabilized muscle fibres from the golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD) dog and the mdx dystrophic mouse
H.Q. Lim, C. van der Poel, J.E. Church, J.C.S. Bizario, M.C.R. Costa, M.L. Pinto and G.S. Lynch 86P
The location of nascent proteins in mechanically skinned skeletal muscle fibres of the rat
D.W. Jame, M. Jois, M. McDonagh and D.G. Stephenson 87P
The effect of taurine supplementation on taurine transporter content and ROS-induced lipid peroxidation during fatiguing contractions in rat skeletal muscle
C.A. Goodman, D. Horvath, C.G. Stathis, K. Croft and A. Hayes 88P
Stretch-induced force enhancement in fast and slow skeletal muscle: implications for damage and disease
K.A. Ramsey, G.J. Pinniger and A.J. Bakker 89P
Age-related alterations in transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) signalling in rat skeletal muscle: implications for sarcopenia
K.T. Murphy, J.G. Ryall, R. Koopman and G.S. Lynch 90P
Twitch kinetics of adult and aged EDL muscle from an α-actinin-3 knockout mouse
S. Chan, S.I. Head and K.N. North 91P
The effects of acute exercise and creatine supplementation on Akt signalling in human skeletal muscle
R.J. Snow, C.R. Wright, M.J. Quick, A.P. Garnham, K.K. Watt and A.P. Russell 92P
Effects of exercise training and antioxidant supplementation on endothelial cell gene expression
A. Matsumoto, L.C. Ward, P.A. Wilce, S.A. Marsh, R.G. Fassett and J.S. Coombes 93P
The effect of acute exercise on skeletal muscle SIRT1
S.E. Heywood, G.D. Wadley and G.K. McConell 94P
Exercise-training increases skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis despite inhibition of xanthine oxidase
M.A. Nicolas, G.K. McConell and G.D. Wadley 95P
No effect of statins or ezetimibe on fat metabolism during aerobic exercise in dyslipidaemic individuals
M.A. Matuszek and R. Grant 96P
Hyperaemic responses to forearm exercise
T. Van der Touw and M. Cook 97P
The response of isolated tunica dartos muscle to acute and prolonged cold stimulation and noradrenaline
I. Nanayakkara, S.K. Maloney and A.J. Bakker 98P
Uterine spontaneous contractions in the estrous cycle and the effect of mitochondrial inhibitors
F.S. Gravina, K.P. Kerr, S. Sandow, R.B. de Oliveira, H.C. Parkington, M.S. Imtiaz and D.F. van Helden 99P
The pacemaker and pattern generator underlying colonic migrating motor complexes does not require release of serotonin from the mucosa
D.J. Keating and N.J. Spencer 100P
Spatial relationships influence stimulus-secretion coupling in secretory epithelial cells
J. Low and P. Thorn 101P
EGF and neurotensin mediated proliferation in HT-29 colon cancer cells; defining a role for the scaffold protein NHERF-1
W.A. Kruger, Y. Jang, G.R. Monteith and P. Poronnik 102P
Megalin binds to NHERF1 and NHERF2 scaffold proteins
K.A. Jenkin, C. Slattery, P. Poronnik and D.H. Hryciw 103P
Identification of glutamate transporter glast splice variants in hypoxic neonatal pig brain
A. Lee, S. O'Driscoll, D. Pow and P. Poronnik 104P
Protons released as a by-product of exocytosis affect the intracellular calcium response
N. Behrendorff and P. Thorn 105P
Epithelial Sodium channels are regulated by the tyrosine kinase, c-Abl
S.H. Song, I.H. Lee, A. Dinudom and D.I. Cook 106P
Regulation of the rat glutamine transporter SNAT3
S. Balkrishna, A. Bröer, A. Kingsland and S. Bröer 107P
Distribution of the amino acid transporters B0AT1, B0AT2 and ASCT2 in kidney and intestine
N. Tietze, J.M. Vanslambrouck, J.E.J. Rasko and S. Bröer 108P
Human sarcopenia reveals an increase in SOCS-3 and myostatin and a reduced efficiency of Akt phosphorylation
B. Léger, W. Derave, K. De Bock, P. Hespel and A.P. Russell 109P
Contribution of Nitric Oxide to vagal nerve function in the dystrophin deficient heart
M. Watson, E. Lee and A. Hoey 110P
Phase resolved retardation measurements of isolated cardiomyocytes
N.M. Dragomir, C.L. Curl, A. Roberts and L.M.D. Delbridge 111P
An optimized RNA extraction protocol for stored human myocardial tissue biopsies
W.T.K. Ip, C.E. Huggins, S. Pepe and L.M.D. Delbridge 112P
Concentration dependent modulation of the cardiac ryanodine receptor by Homer1
P. Pouliquin, S.M. Pace and A.F. Dulhunty 113P
F157A and Y160A substitutions in the helix 6 Region of GSTM2-2 C terminus reduces the inhibitory action of helix 6 on RyR2 channels
R. Hewawasam, D. Liu, M.G. Casarotto, P.G. Board and A.F. Dulhunty 114P
Biophysical investigations of the cyclised skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptor II-III loop
H-S. Tae, P.G. Board, M.G. Casarotto and A. F. Dulhunty 115P
Store independent activation and properties of Orai3/STIM1 mediated current
N.R. Scrimgeour and G.Y. Rychkov 116P
Selective and voltage dependent inhibition of N-type calcium channels by novel ω-Conotoxins CVIE and CVIF
G. Berecki, L. Motin, A. Haythornthwaite, N.L. Daly, P. Bansal, S. Vink, R. Drinkwater, R.J. Lewis, P.F. Alewood and D.J. Adams 117P
Influence of mitochondria in the interspike interval pacemaking currents of mice Locus Coeruleus neurons
R.B. de Oliveira, M. Howlett, F.S. Gravina, M.S. Imtiaz, R.J. Callister, A.M. Brichta and D.F. van Helden 118P
Adiponectin causes insulin secretion with increased cytoplasmic calcium and inhibition of AMP Kinase in MIN6 cells
J.R. Rao, H.C. Parkington, D.J. Keating and C. Chen 119P
Free communications: Muscle
Ageing alters the inflammatory response in rat skeletal muscles after injury
C. van der Poel, J.G. Ryall, J.D. Schertzer, L.E. Gosselin and G.S. Lynch 120P
Influence of caveolin-3 upon membrane raft lipids and its implications for trafficking in muscle
O.L. Gervásio, W.D. Phillips and D.G. Allen 121P
Myoplasmic and sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium in intact mouse muscle during fatigue
D.G. Allen, Y. Petersen, I. Röder and R. Rudolf 122P
Effect of S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) on excitation-contraction coupling in mechanically-skinned muscle fibres of the rat
T.L. Dutka, G.S. Posterino and G.D. Lamb 123P
AuPS Invited Lecture &mdash Graham Lamb
Exciting muscles: ion channels and excitation-contraction coupling in exercise and disease
G.D. Lamb 124P
Symposium: Epithelial Cell Biology
Diabetes and ACE2; light on the dark side of the renin angiotensin system
M.C. Thomas 125P
A GFP-based complementation screen for protein:protein interactions for the angiotensin type 1 receptor
W.G. Thomas 126P
Extracellular pH shifts and their consequences for secretory epithelial cells
P. Thorn and N. Behrendorff 127P
Purinergic regulation of epithelial Na+ channels
A. Dinudom, L.M. O'Mullane, C.R. Campbell and D.I. Cook 128P
An insight into epithelial cells through rare disorders
S. Bröer 129P
Insights into renal albumin handling
P. Poronnik 130P
Symposium: Role of ROS in Cardiovascular Function and Disease
NADPH oxidase: role in muscular dystrophy
N.P. Whitehead and D.G. Allen 131P
NADPH oxidases in vascular biology and disease
C.P. Judkins, H. Diep, B.R.S. Broughton, A.E. Mast, G.J. Dusting, C.G. Sobey and G.R. Drummond 132P
Crosstalk between the L-type Ca2+ channel and the mitochondria
L.C. Hool, H.M. Viola and P.G. Arthur 133P
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and insulin resistant hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
L.M.D. Delbridge 134P
Free communications: Membrane transport
A novel digestive complex and its role in Hartnup disorder: trafficking of the neutral amino acid transporter B0AT1 by angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2)
S. Kowalczuk, A. Bröer, N. Tietze, J.M. Vanslambrouck, J.E.J. Rasko and S. Bröer 135P
Regulation of epithelial sodium channels by Gαq
I.H. Lee, A. Dinudom, S. Kumar and D.I. Cook 136P
The epithelial sodium channel and blood pressure
C.J. Büsst, K.J. Scurrah, J.A. Ellis and S.B. Harrap 137P
Huntingtin-Associated Protein 1 (HAP-1) is a novel regulator of exocytosis
D.J. Keating, L. Phillips, X.F. Zhou and K. Mackenzie 138P
RCAN1 (Regulator of Calcineurin 1) is a novel regulator of secretory vesicle exocytosis and fusion pore kinetics
M.P. Zanin, M. Pritchard and D.J. Keating 139P
Symposium: Cardiac Growth and Ageing
Age-associated changes in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling in ventricular myocytes isolated from male and female Fischer 344 rats
S.E. Howlett 140P
Cardioprotective signalling in aging myocardium: failure of receptor-triggered protection
J.P. Headrick, J.N. Peart and K.J. Ashton 141P
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K, p110α) and adaptive growth in the heart
J.R. McMullen 142P
Metabolic challenges for cardiac mitochondria: from womb to tomb
S. Pepe 143P
Fetal growth and placental physiology: From cell to community
The Physiological Society (UK) Exchange Lecture - Colin Sibley
Fetal growth and placental physiology: From cell to community
C.P. Sibley 144P

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