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AuPS/ASCEPT/HBPRCA Perth 2011 - Programme and author index creation and maintenance

Displays the programme as it will appear in the meeting site.
Programme maintenance
Use this link if you want to enter sessions or session details, or make changes to an existing programme.
Create and fill or update author/page table
The author/page table contains an entry for each abstract author together with the P-page number and whether the author is the presenter or not. This table is used by the author index page to create its output. It would be possible to have the author index extract this information, but it is a bit slow, hence holding the information in a separate table. This page will create the authpage2011 table if it does not already exist, and will truncate the table prior to refilling it. The truncation is needed because an abstract can have been withdrawn and/or the authors altered.
Create and fill or update author/page table with accession numbers
This is analogous to the normal fill of the author/page table except it can be done before the programme has been established to do a test run of the author index. Instead of using the p-pages it simply uses the abstract numbers.
Create and display a trial author index
This will display an author index based on the draft author/page table. While of no long term value, this can be used to check on consistency of author names and initials across abstracts.

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