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The conference site (The University of Queensland) is located to the west of central Brisbane. Therefore, central Brisbane and Southbank hold the best options for accommodation and restaurants in Brisbane compared to close to The University.

  • By Air

    Brisbane domestic airport is a 20-25 min taxi ride from central Brisbane or Southbank. The fare for this ride would be approximately $50-$60.
    There is the Airtrain from the domestic terminal to Central station in Brisbane as well. This is a high for public transport, at $18 one-way.

    1. Getting from central Brisbane or Southbank to the University of Queensland conference site
      Bus or Ferry: University of Queensland Map
      Buses provide an easy option for getting to the conference site (about 18 min), as does the ferry along Brisbane River (Citycat) (about 25 min).
      The UQ Chancellors Place bus stop is the closest to the conference site, at less than a 5 min walk.
      The UQ Lakes bus stop or ferry stop is more than a 10 min walk to the conference site (see University of Queensland Map above).
      Full details of travel to the campus can be found on the University of Queensland website
    2. Prices
      One-way prices for buses and ferry ride to and from UQ will be in the order $3-4.
      Tickets are available on the bus or ferry; and from pre-pay machine at bus and train terminals.
      It is also possible to buy a Go Card from train stations ($10 for card), which can be loaded to any dollar value, to be swiped on and off to pay for use of public transport.
      Taxi is approximately $45 one way
    3. Please note that the Meeting will end on Wednesday December 3 at 4:00pm.

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