Adelaide 2016 meeting

AuPS/ASB 2016 Adelaide - International Speakers

  • Federica del Monte, Harvard Medical School, USA
    РColfin ­ a cardiac amyloid precursor implicated in dilated cardiomyopathy РSymposium
  • Robert French, University of Calgary, Canada
    – Allosteric modulation of gating by agonists and antagonists studied in prokaryotic, voltage-gated sodium channels – Symposium
  • Christof Grewer, Binghampton University, USA
    – Dynamics and mechanism of amino acid transport – Symposium
  • Thomas Pedersen, Aarhus University, Denmark
    – Cl- channelopathy in skeletal muscle – Symposium
  • Frank Reimann, University of Cambridge, UK
    – L cell physiology and GLP-1 secretion – Symposium
  • Matthew Rodeheffer, Yale University, USA
    – Understanding how we get fat: Dietary regulation of adipogenesis – Symposium
  • Suzanne Scarlata, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
    – – Lecture
  • Michelle Smith, University of Maine, USA
    – Transforming the classroom and helping others adopt teaching innovations – Symposium
  • Francesco Tadini-Buoninsegni, University of Florence, Italy
    – Functional characterisation of P-type ATPases using solid-supported membrane based electrophysiology – Symposium
  • Malte Tiburcy, University G√∂ttingen, Germany
    – Engineered heart muscle for modelling human cardiac disease – Symposium
  • Martin Ulmschneider, Johns Hopkins University, USA
    – Synthetic biology, molecular dynamics and the de novo design of membrane active peptides and proteins. – Symposium
  • Ed White, University of Leeds, UK
    – Creatine kinase, myofilament stiffness and cardiomyocyte mechanics – Symposium

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