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Melbourne 2017 meeting

AuPS 2017 Melbourne - International Speakers

  • Derek Hausenloy, Duke-NUS Medical School , Singapore
    – Remote ischemia pre-conditioning – understanding and translating the pathophysiology – Symposium
  • Andrew Judge, University of Florida, USA
    – (provisional) Investigating cellular processes that drive muscle wasting – Symposium
  • Sam Mesiano, Case Western Reserve University, USA
    – Progesterone receptors in uterine muscle before and during labour – Symposium
  • Davor Pavlovic, University of Birmingham, UK
    – Cellular mechanisms underlying atrial fibrillation – a role for Pitx2c? – Symposium
  • Luca Scorrano, University of Padova, Italy
    – How mitochondrial dynamics affect mitochondrial function – Symposium
  • Luc van Loon, Maastricht University, Netherlands
    – anabolic resistance during ageing – Symposium
  • Yael Yaniv, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
    – Clarifying controversies in pacemaker cell mechanisms – Symposium

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