Year Title Issue*
1973 Movement of ions across biological membranes 5 (1)
1976 The physiology of skeletal muscle 7 (2)
Sensory physiology 8 (1)
1977 Renal physiology 8 (2)
Control of fetal and neonatal respiration 9 (1)
1978 Neurotransmitters 9 (2)
Claude Bernard Centenary Symposium 10 (1)
1979 Control of the circulation 10 (2)
The pharmacology and sociology of drug dependence 11 (2)
1980 Fetal physiology 12 (1)
The autonomic nervous system 12 (2)
1981 Embryo-maternal reactions 13 (1)
Personal reflections on physiology 14 (1)
1982 Structure and function of 5-hydroxytryptamine control systems 13 (2)
The world out there 14 (2)
1984 Local and hormonal influences on the circulation 15 (2)
Centrifugal control mechanisms 16 (1)
1985 Inflammation 16 (2)
Epithelial transport 17 (1)
1986 Recent progress in physiology 17 (2)
Channels, receptors and drugs 18 (1)
1987 Comparative aspects of contractile activation of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle fibres 18 (2)
1988 The role of membranes in regulating muscle contraction 19
Seeing through the visual system 19
Comparative physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
1989 Pain and analgesia 20 (2)
Control of the thoracic circulations 21 (1)
1990 Physiology of the koala: koala nutrition 21 (2)
Neural control of the heart 22 (1)
1991 first meeting???
1991 Muscle: from sarcomere to movement 23 (1)
Gastrointestinal physiology and pharmacology 23 (1)
Identity and function of transmitter substances released by autonomic and enteric nerve terminals 24 (1)
1993 Metabolic aspects of exercise 24 (2)
Computer-based teaching: ion channels to neural activity - theory and practice 24 (2)
Hypothalamic functions 25 (1)
Growth and development 25 (1)
1994 Physiological and pharmacological control of the cardiovascular system 25 (2)
Developmental neurobiology/regeneration 26 (1)
Respiratory system/SIDS 26 (1)
1995 The cerebral cortex: organization for perception, action and memory 27 (1)
1996 Development of bronchial responsiveness 27(2)
Physiology of lipid transport 27(2)
Physiology in the next millenium
Central autonomic regulation (Jointly with ASCEPT) 28(1)
Second messengers 28(1)
Diabetes 28(1)
1997 Critical care 29(1)
Biological rhythm generators 29(1)
1998 Muscle: from metabolism to molecules 30 (1)
1999 Ischaemia and the heart 31 (1)
Tachykinins - the challenge continues 31 (1)
Integrative cardiovascular function - a tribute to Professor Saxon White 31 (1)
Ion channels 31 (1)
The hypothalamus 31 (1)
2000 Interstitial cells of Cajal and intestinal motility
New frontiers in muscle research 32 (1)
Symposium honouring the contribution of Professor John Ludbrook to physiology and medical research 32 (1)
Integrative physiology of exercise 32 (1)
Cellular and mechanical coupling in the arteriolar wall 32 (1)
2002 Skeletal muscle function
Cardiac ischaemia and hypertrophy - Cellular and molecular mechanisms
Skeletal muscle, exercise and health exercise
Ion channels in normal and abnormal function
Fetal origins of adult disease
2003 Stretch-induced muscle damage in sport and disease 34
Potassium channels and endothelium-derived hyperpolarising factor: Physiological and clinical roles 34
Role of neural angiotensin II in regulation of cardiovascular function
Regulation of ion transport
Hormonal, metabolic and neural control of the kidney 34
Functional imaging 34
Active learning
Integrating cardiac function: From molecules to man 34
Exocytosis and neurosecretion
2004 Stretch activated ion channels
Ghrelin - is it merely a growth hormone secretagogue?
Integrative aspects of human muscle performance
Dendritic physiology and processing in the central nervous system
Environmental and genetic influences on respiratory health
Intracellular communication
Cardiac hypertrophy and failure - cellular and signalling defects
2005 Ion channel gating 36
Functional roles of potassium channels in the vasculature 36
Physiology teaching in the 21st century: Trends, challenges and innovations 36
Membrane protein structure and interactions 36
Regulation of membrane transport 36
Membrane associated proteins that regulate muscle contraction 36
Function and regulation of ion transport membrane proteins 36
Epithelial transport of ions and metabolites 36
2007 Post-docs: Life after a PhD 38
Amino acid transport and signalling 38
Potassium channels 38
Influencing factors in the fate of cardiac myocytes in heart disease 38
Magnetic techniques in protein studies 38
Artificial photosynthesis 38
EC Coupling and fatigue 38
Exercise, free radicals and skeletal muscle 38
Insulin signalling in health and disease 38
Calcium channels, microdomains and muscle function 38
Endocrinology, reproduction and foetal development 38
TRP and the other channels 38
Protein structure, interactions and dynamics 38
Physiology education 38
2008 Signaling in Cell Secretion 39
Myopathies and Muscle Regeneration 39
Regulation of Trafficking of Membrane Transporters by Intracellular Signaling Systems 39
Skeletal Muscle: an Endocrine Organ 39
Beyond your PhD 39
Signaling in Smooth Muscles 39
Signals Mediating Exercise-Induced Skeletal Muscle Remodelling 39
Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets for Multiple Diseases 39
Epithelial Cell Biology 39
Role of ROS in Cardiovascular Function and Disease 38
Cardiac Growth and Ageing 39
Role of ROS in Cardiovascular Function and Disease 39
2010 (Feb) Joint meeting with ANS - no abstracts from that meeting were published. The oral presentations can be downloaded as a PDF file - go to meeting site.
From molecular motors to neurodegeneration
Ion channel dynamics
Molecular mechanismas of neruonal growth and plasticity
Auditory neuroscience - Neuronal signaling in development, repair and innovation in bionics
Energy expenditure and body weight - New views of an old vista
Neurohardware: Restoring brain function and bionics
Trip and store operated Ca2+ channels in health and disease
Get moving - cell migration during development
Innovative microscope: New approaches to fluorescence microscopy
Gastrointestinal motility: Neural or myogenic
Structure and regulation of epithelial transporters
Presidential symposium
IBRO/ANS symposium: Current neuroscience research across the Asia-Pacific
Breaking the code: The theory of spikes & axons
Pain, motoneurones and movement: Unravelling the effects and mechanisms
Mechanisms underlying exocytosis and endocytosis: Relevance to health and disease
2010 (Dec) Mechanisms of multidrug resistance - the role of transporters in human disease 41
Physiology education 41
Skeletal muscle: the coupling of excitation to contraction 41
Regulation of metabolic balance through co-ordination of central and peripheral signalling 41
New insights into the molecular architecture of the heart and their implications for heart disease 41
Imaging and dynamic microscopy (imaging of biological and biophysical processes) 41
Calcium signalling 41
Lipid Metabolism and disease: new insights from the lab to the clinic 41
Ion channel modulation by peptide toxins 41
Emerging leaders in developmental physiology 41
Stress, disease and Ca2+ management: the cardiovascular challenge 41
Molecular physiology and membrane dynamics 41
Fatigue mechanisms limiting exercise performance 41
Fundamentals of Biophysics - development of mathematical and computational methods 41
Skeletal muscle ROS: the good, the bad and the, well it kinda depends 41
Computational studies on biological and synthetic nanotubes 41
2011Abnormalities in ion transport and signaling in muscle ageing and disease2011
Being a small baby or being born preterm: which is worse for your health?2011
Cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms2011
Challenges in pharmacology and physiology education2011
Elucidating abnormalities in cardiac metabolism2011
Epithelial transport - expanding the boundaries2011
Exercise and cardiovascular function in health and disease2011
Functional consequences of genetic muscle conditions2011
Fundamental mechanisms of function of the normal and diseased heart2011
Mechanisms underlying vascular dysfunction in disease and injury2011
Regulation of intracellular calcium signalling in vascular tissue2011
Structure-function studies of drug targets and drug metabolising enzymes2011
The role of inflammation in the development of respiratory related disorders2011