AuPS Governance

Governance, Rules and Constitution

The governing body of the AuPS is a Council consisting of the Officers, the Editor of the publications of the Society, the Webmaster who manages the Society's web site, six councillors elected by the Ordinary Members and a seventh Councillor elected by the Student Members, together with such members as may be co-opted to Council.

The Officers of the Society are the President, the National Secretary, the Treasurer and the Editor, who constitute the Executive Committee.

In practice, the day-to-day running of the Society is in the hands of the National Secretary, in consultation with the Executive as required. Financial matters are dealt with by the Treasurer, and matters relating to publications by the Editor.


        Gordon Lynch

Prof Robyn Murphy
Appointed 2020
Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology
LaTrobe University

National Secretary

          Glenn Wadley

A/Prof Glenn Wadley
Appointed 2019
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University


                Severine Lamon

Dr Severine Lamon
Appointed 2018
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University

Incorporated in the State of Victoria
Reg. No. A0021266A    ABN 65 820 412 570

History, Constitution and Rules