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As a society it is important for AuPS to be actively involved in the current debates concerning the professional development of the tertiary teaching of physiology.

AuPS Virtual Education Forum

25th November 2020

The AuPS 'virtual' Education forum provides an opportunity for educators to present their perspectives and findings in relation to the following questions:

  • PAST: What is a research paper/discovery that has informed your physiology teaching and been used to inspire your students?
  • PRESENT: What have you discovered from current evaluations of your teaching?
  • FUTURE: How can we educate students to ensure they have the skills to adapt and respond to changing employment situations and environments?
Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to announce that Prof Dee Silverthorn from the University of Texas will present as the Keynote speaker at the forum. The talk is entitled 'Physiology Education post-COVID: a continuing role for virtual learning platforms'

Prof Silverthorn is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Physiology at the new Dell Medical School at the University of Texas-Austin, where she is co-director of a course titled 'Structure and Function.' The course integrates anatomy, physiology, histology, and radiology using modified case-based learning, interactive large group sessions in place of lectures, and weekly laboratory practicals. Prof. Silverthorn teaches physiology in all of these settings, as well as mentoring graduate students on developing teaching skills. Prior to moving to the medical school she taught undergraduate physiology to health professions students for more than 30 years. She has received numerous teaching awards and honors, including a University of Texas Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award and the American Physiological Society's Arthur C. Guyton Physiology Educator of the Year.Her textbook, Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach, is currently in its eighth edition. Dee is an active member of the American Physiological Society and a past-president of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society.


Physiology educators are invited to submit an abstract of their work for presentation at the forum (please see guidelines below). Presenations will be 5-minute 'snapshot' presentations (no more than three PPT slides, including the title slide)

Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions close at 4pm, 4th November.

Guidelines for Abstract submission
Abstracts must be submitted by the presenting author via the abstract submission portal. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words (excluding the title, authors and affiliations) and should not contain tables, figures or pictures. Standard abbreviations may be used. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full wording at the first instance it appears in the body of the text. References should be numbered consecutively in the text and listed at the end according to the following style:
1. Locard E. Rev Int Crim, 1929; 1:176-249

  • Title
  • Authors and affiliations
  • Forum theme (past, present or future)
  • Text (250 words max)
  • References

Terms and Conditions
The submission of an abstract indicates an understanding of the following terms and conditions for participation in the AuPS Education Forum:

  • For an abstract to be formally accepted and included in the forum, the presenting author must be registered to attend the forum by Friday 20th November, 2020.
  • Lodgement of an abstract acknowledges your consent to publication of the abstract on the AuPS website accessible to all delegates (if accepted). Once accepted, the presenting author will submit the PPT slides to by Friday 20th November, 2020.
  • All author(s) approve submitting this work for presentation
  • All authors of the abstract grant permission for AuPS to record Zoom presentations and make recordings available online.

Teaching Excellence

The society supports excellence in Physiology Education with its Michael Roberts Excellence in Teaching Award. The award started in 2010 in memory of Dr Michael Roberts.

The 2019 prize was awarded to A/Prof Andrew Moorhouse, UNSW.

As part of this award, A/Prof Moorehouse has been invited to present the Michael Roberts Prize lecture at the 2021 AuPS Meeting in Queensland

Past winners of the Michael Roberts Excellence in Teaching Award

Year Name Department (at time of award) Title of Keynote Lecture Issue, Page
2010 Phil Poronnik Health Innovations Research Institute, School of Medical Sciences,RMIT University,Vic Australia. Rigour or rigor mortis: a challenge for physiology 41, 11P
2011 Yvonne Hodgson Biomedical Sciences, Monash University, Victoria. Developing assessment as a collaborative endeavour. 43, 8P
2012 David Saint Department of Physiology, The Medical School, University of Adelaide, South Australia. Learning and teaching - the rear view mirror and the road ahead 44, 2P
2013 Kay Colthorpe School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD. From active learning to self-regulated learning 45, 63P
2014 Deanne Hryciw Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC. Communicating science: how do we teach undergraduates to become scientists? 46, 44P
2015 Julia Choate Department of Physiology, Monash University, Clayton, VIC. Enhancing students’ university experiences by engaging them with their course and equipping them for life-long learning 47, 184P
2016 Kathy Tangalakis Victoria University,
Melbourne, VIC.
Enhancing the commencing student learning experience with Innovative learning and teaching approaches and peer support systems 48, 72P
2017 Glenn Wadley Deakin University,
Melbourne, VIC.
Adventures in flipping the classroom 49, 111P
2018 Prize not awarded
2019 Andrew Moorhouse UNSW,
Sydney, NSW.

AuPS Education Officer

The Educational Representative on Council is a Dr Julia Choate

Dr Choate is a senior lecturer at the Department of Physiology, Monash University where she has been teaching physiology for over 16 years. Dr Choate was recently awarded the 2016 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence at Monash University and was also the 2015 AuPS Michael Robert Prize winner.

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