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Meetings of AuPS

Next Meeting

2017 Melbourne Meeting, 19th - 22nd November. Hosted by Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Parkville

Past Meetings

2016 Adelaide AuPS/ASB Joint Meeting

2015 Hobart AuPS Meeting

2014 Brisbane AuPS Meeting

2013 Geelong AuPS Meeting

2012 Sydney AuPS/ASB/PSNZ Joint Meeting

2011 Perth AuPS/ASCEPT/HBPRCA Joint Meeting

2010 Adelaide AuPS/ASB joint Meeting

2010 Sydney AuPS/ANS Meeting

2008 Melbourne Meeting

2007 Newcastle AuPS/ASB Meeting

2006 Brisbane AuPS/Combio Meeting

2005 Canberra AuPS/ASB Meeting

2004 Sydney AuPS Meeting (part of AHMRC)

2003 Sydney APPS/PSNZ Meeting

2002 Melbourne Meeting