AuPS/ASB Adelaide 2010 Programme

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Sunday 28th November 2010
18:00 AuPS Invited Lecture
Location: Exhibition Hall
Chair: David Allen
18:00 D.F. van Helden: Calcium signalling, pacing and rhythmic cell activity in the lymphatic system - a physiologist's paradise1P
19:00 Welcome reception - to 21:00
Location: Exhibition Hall


Monday 29th November 2010
08:00 Education breakfast - to 0900
Location: Gall
08:30 Symposium: Mechanisms of multidrug resistance - the role of transporters in human disease
Location: Hick
Chair: Megan O'Mara & Chris McDevitt
08:30 Introduction
08:35 A.M. George: Perspectives on multidrug resistance in membrane transporters2P
08:55 S.P.C. Cole: Molecular determinants of MRP1/ABCC1 expression and transport3P
09:25 R. Callaghan: Drug translocation by P-glycoprotein: how do topographical changes in transmembrane helices assist?4P
09:45 R.E. Martin: The malaria parasite's chloroquine resistance transporter: a multidrug resistance carrier?5P
10:10 M.H. Brown: Antimicrobial resistance in staphylococci: Molecular architecture of a multidrug binding site6P
Free communications: Energy metabolism in exercise
Location: Broug
Chair: Rod Snow
08:30 N.K. Stepto: Reduced mitochondrial biogenesis activation during exercise after short-term training7P
08:45 D.J. Bishop: 30 days of normobaric hypoxia increases mitochondrial respiration8P
09:00 A. Trewin: 3-day oral N-acetyl-cysteine supplementation alters metabolism but not performance of high intensity aerobic exercise in trained cyclists9P
09:15 A.C. Petersen: Actions of the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine on cell signaling response to exercise in human skeletal muscle10P
09:00 Symposium: Physiology education
Location: Gall
Chair: Simon Potocnik & Ann Sefton
09:00 Introduction
09:05 P. Poronnik: Rigour or rigor mortis: a challenge for physiology11P
09:30 Y.M. Hodgson: Using the Finapres to teach cardiovascular physiology to second year science students12P
09:45 R. Guy: The KISS approach: How to develop an effective self directed e-learning application13P
10:00 D.A. Saint: Lecture attendance, learning style and assessment outcome in physiology students14P
10:15 S. Wiederman: The Human Physiology Writing Centre: Task-based building of student capacity15P
09:30 Free communications: Systemic influences in skeletal muscle
Location: Brough
Chair: Rod Snow
09:30 S. Green: Effect of hypoxia on the dynamic response of leg blood flow during exercise16P
09:45 R. Koopman: Citrulline supplementation does not prevent atrophy during limb-casting in mice17P
10:00 K.T. Murphy: Inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system enhances whole body and skeletal muscle function in healthy and tumour-bearing mice18P
10:30 Morning Tea
11:00 Symposium: Skeletal muscle: the coupling of excitation to contraction
Location: Hick
Chair: Nicole Beard
11:00 Introduction
11:05 B.S. Launikonis: Voltage-dependent and -independent Ca2+ entry into skeletal muscle during excitation-contraction coupling19P
11:30 T.L. Dutka: Coupling and uncoupling of the DHPRs and Ca2+ release channels in skeletal muscle fibres20P
11:55 R.T. Dirksen: One is enough: RyR1 allele-specific gene silencing in mouse models of central core disease (CCD) and malignant hyperthermia (MH)21P
Free communications: Imaging and structural analysis of lipids and proteins
Location: Broug
Chair: Joe Shapter
11:00 S. Fraser: Small molecule diffusion in inverse cubic phase lipid systems22P
11:15 R. Creasey: Detection of proteins in the pathological deposits in Pseudoexfoliation syndrome using Atomic Force Microscopy23P
11:30 J.L. Flewellen: Visualisation of bacterial hydrodynamics24P
11:45 A. Mechler: Shedding light on liposomes: Using lipid-mimetic metal complexes for fluorescent labeling25P
12:00 C.C. Curtain: Shedding light on neurodegeneration: small angle X-ray scattering and misfolded proteins26P
Symposium: Regulation of metabolic balance through co-ordination of central and peripheral signalling
Location: Gall
Chair: Chen Chen
11:00 Introduction
11:05 F.J. Steyn: Integrating peripheral and central mechanisms that regulate growth hormone (GH) secretion during periods of altered food consumption27P
11:30 M.A. Cowley: Control of energy balance by nutrient sensing neurons28P
12:00 J. Epelbaum: Regulation of hypothalamic GHRH neuronal activity by ghrelin and obestatin29P
12:30 Lunch & posters
Location: Hick
13:00 Poster session
Location: Hick
14:30 Symposium: New insights into the molecular architecture of the heart and their implications for heart disease
Location: Hick
Chair: Yue-kun Ju & David Allen
14:30 M.R. Boyett: The molecular architecture of the heart's conduction system in health and disease109P
15:05 Y.K. Ju: Distribution and functional role of IP3R receptors in mouse sino-atrial node110P
15:30 A.F. Dulhunty: Proteins in the lumen of the sarcoplasmic reticulum determine cardiac RyR channel activity, cardiac function and the structure of Ca2+ release units111P
15:55 M.B. Cannell: A new twist in cardiac muscle: dislocated and helicoid arrangements of myofibrillar z-disks in mammalian ventricular myocytes112P
16:20 D. Fatkin: Mechanisms of contractile dysfunction in lamin A/C-deficient hearts113P
Free communications: Membrane transport
Location: Broug
Chair: Brett Cromer
14:30 R.J. Clarke: Hot and cold running ion pumps114P
14:45 S. Bröer: Mapping the ion translocation pathway in the glutamine transporter SNAT3115P
15:00 R.M. Ryan: Glutamate transporter loss-of-function mutations cause human dicarboxylic aminoaciduria116P
15:15 M.L. O'Mara: Determining the physiological state of a membrane protein: investigating the P-gycoprotein crystal structure117P
15:30 R. Jaiswal: Acquisition and dissemination of multidrug resistance in cancer via microparticles118P
15:45 J. Gong: Microparticles confer multidrug resistance in breast cancer119P
Symposium: Imaging and dynamic microscopy (imaging of biological and biophysical processes)
Location: Gall
Chair: Pierre Moens
14:30 A.S. Yap: Cadherin dynamics and the cytoskeleton120P
15:00 E. Gratton: Detecting stem cell differentiation using fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM) by the phasor approach121P
15:30 L. Tilley: Light, x-rays or electrons for imaging malaria parasites?122P
16:00 M.A. Digman: Molecular transport in cells by the pair correlation fluctuation method123P
16:30 E. Hinde: In vivo pair correlation analysis of enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) intra nuclear diffusion124P
16:00 Free communications: Calcium signalling in muscle
Location: Brough
Chair: Nicole Beard
16:00 J.E. Robinson: SPontaneous Oscillatory Contraction (SPOC): Quantifying contractile performance in isolated human cardiomyocytes under partial activation125P
16:15 J.N. Edwards: The effects of membrane potential and cytoplasmic calcium concentration on calcium extrusion across the tubular system in mammalian skeletal muscle126P
16:30 D.W. Williams: The effect of suramin (a calmodulin antagonist) on caffeine-induced Ca2+-release in mechanically skinned fast-twitch skeletal muscle fibres of the rat127P
Afternoon Tea
Symposium: Calcium signalling
Location: Hick
Chair: Grigori Rychkov & Greg Barritt
17:15 Introduction
17:20 O.V. Gerasimenko: Calcium regulation of apoptosis in pancreatic acinar cells128P
17:45 A.L. Miller: The application of complementary luminescent and fluorescent imaging techniques to visualize nuclear and cytoplasmic Ca2+ signaling during in vivo differentiation of slow muscle cells in zebrafish embryos129P
18:15 R.S. Lewis: STIM:Orai stoichiometry and the trapping and activation of store-operated calcium channels130P
Free communications: Neuronal development and pathology
Location: Broug
Chair: Louise Tierney
17:15 L.J. Turnbull: Peroxiredoxin 4 is confined to the endoplasmic reticulum in human brain and associated with Lewy body formation in Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies131P
17:30 Y. Sun: ProBDNF inhibits neurites outgrowth in neurons of mice by activating RhoA132P
17:45 S.I. Head: Postsynaptic GABAA receptor number and enhanced gaboxadol induced change in holding currents in Purkinje cells of the dystrophin-deficient mdx mouse133P
18:00 X.F. Zhou: Huntingtin associated protein 1 associates with amyloid precursor protein and regulates its trafficking and Aβ levels134P
18:15 D.J. Keating: Huntingtin-associated protein 1 (HAP1) regulates exocytosis via multiple mechanisms135P
Symposium: Lipid Metabolism and disease: new insights from the lab to the clinic
Location: Gall
Chair: Matthew Watt
17:15 M.J. Watt: Circulating ceramide, inflammation and insulin resistance136P
17:30 G.I. Lancaster: Dual, but opposing, roles for the double stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase in metabolic homeostasis137P
17:55 B.A. Kingwell: The emerging role of HDL in glucose metabolism138P
18:20 L.K. Heilbronn: Calorie restriction versus exercise: which produces the best health outcomes?139P
19:30 Student dinner
Location: The Stag - corner of Rundle St and East Tce
For student registrants


Tuesday 30th November 2010
08:30 Symposium: Ion channel modulation by peptide toxins
Location: Hick
Chair: Ray Norton & David Adams
08:30 Introduction - David Adams
08:35 G.F. King: Probing the interaction between psalmotoxin 1 and acid sensing ion channel 1a, an analgesic drug target140P
08:55 R.S. Norton: Conotoxins targeting voltage-gated sodium channels: Designing new analgesics141P
09:15 R.J. French: Subverting the biological actions of Conus peptides to modulate physiological responses142P
09:45 M. Chebib: Calcium, Vc1.1 and α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors143P
10:05 D.J. Adams: Analgesic conotoxins: modulation of voltage-gated calcium channels in pain pathways144P
10:25 Closing remarks - Ray Norton
Free comunications: Smooth muscle
Location: Brough
Chair: Nick Spencer
08:30 M. Costa: Temporal relationships between intraluminal manometry and actual gut movement in the isolated rabbit small intestine145P
08:45 S.E. Carbone: Gap junction coupling between smooth muscle cells modulates responses to inhibitory motorneurons and exogenous ATP146P
09:00 R.J. Lang: KV4 and ANO1 / TMEN16A chloride channel expression profiles distinguish between atypical and typical smooth muscle cells in the mouse renal pelvis147P
09:15 H.C. Parkington: Controlling uterine contractions: the role of interstitial cells148P
Symposium: Emerging leaders in developmental physiology
Location: Gall
Chair: Caroline McMillen & Helena Parkington
08:30 K.M. Moritz: Developmental programming following prenatal alcohol exposure: models and mechanisms of disease149P
08:55 T.J.M. Moss: Intrauterine inflammation: effects on fetal lung development150P
09:20 J.L. Morrison: Early origins of cardiovascular disease: The heart of the matter151P
09:45 J.A. Armitage: Maternal diets rich in fat programme obesity, hypertension and altered sympathetic nervous system activity in adult offspring152P
10:00 M. Tare: Early life environments and programming of the vascular phenotype153P
09:30 Free communications: Sensory
Location: Brough
Chair: Nick Spencer
09:30 V.P. Zagorodnyuk: Selective loss of visceral pain in the aganglionic rectum of lethal spotted mutant mice154P
09:45 G.D. Housley: Purinergic signalling via ATP-gated ion channels mitigates noise-induced hearing loss155P
10:00 T.J. Hibberd: Extracellular recording of viscerofugal neurons in guinea-pig colon156P
10:30 Morning Tea
11:00 Symposium: Stress, disease and Ca2+ management: the cardiovascular challenge.
Chair: Lea M D Delbridge & David Saint
11:00 D.R. Laver: Cardiac SR Ca2+ release channels and adrenergic stimulation157P
11:22 J.R. Bell: Cardiac ischemic stress: Ca2+ and sex scenarios158P
11:44 M. Ward: Cardiomyopathies: When is Ca2+ the culprit?159P
12:06 D.P. Wilson: Defining the roles of Ca2+ entry in endothelin-1 and thromboxane A2 receptor mediated vascular contractile responses160P
Free communications: Regulation of skeletal muscle growth and repair
Location: Broug
Chair: Kate Murphy
11:00 C.R. Wright: The role of G-CSF in the growth and development of skeletal muscle cells in vitro161P
11:15 J.E. Church: β2-adrenoceptors are the dominant subtype involved in early muscle regeneration after injury162P
11:30 S.M. Gehrig: Muscle-specific heat shock protein 72 (HSP72) overexpression improves muscle structure and function in dystrophic mdx mice163P
11:45 J.P. Mollica: Properties and proteolytic activity of m-calpain in rat skeletal muscle164P
12:00 R.M. Murphy: Properties of AMP kinase (AMPK) β isoforms and glycogen related proteins in segments of single fibres from rat skeletal muscle165P
Symposium: Molecular physiology and membrane dynamics
Location: Gall
Chair: Jens Coorssen & Peter Thorn
11:00 P. Dietl: Pre-, hemi- and postfusion stages of lamellar body (LB) exocytosis in the rat lung: mechanisms of regulation and implications for surfactant release166P
11:30 B. Garner: Targeting membrane lipids to modulate amyloid precursor protein processing167P
11:45 F. Separovic: The effect of membrane-active peptides on membrane dynamics and molecular order168P
12:00 B. Martinac: Mechanisms of mechanosensation: Evolutionary origins of mechanosensitive ion channels169P
12:15 I.L. Gibbins: Molecules in motion: imaging peptides, their receptors and diffusion models170P
12:30 Lunch & posters ASB MacCauley-Hope Award Lecture
Location: Gall
12:30 R. J. Clarke: Pumping ions216P
14:30 Symposium: Fatigue mechanisms limiting exercise performance
Chair: Michael McKenna & Mark Hargreaves
14:30 Introduction
14:40 M. Amann: Neuromuscular fatigue: interactions between central and peripheral factors171P
15:30 D.J. Bishop: Fatigue during intermittent exercise: novel insights and real-world applications172P
Symposium: Fundamentals of Biophysics - development of mathematical and computational methods
Location: Brough
Chair: John Gehman
14:30 P.W. Kuchel: Erythrocyte shape, metabolism and membrane transport – computations173P
14:55 M. Mobli: Fast acquisition of multidimensional NMR experiments by maximum entropy reconstruction of non-uniformly sampled data174P
15:15 D. Szekely: Toward the virtual heart: graphics processor accelerated interactive simulations of cardiac function175P
15:35 A.C.F. Coster: Vesicle docking and delivery: Life in the TIRF zone176P
Free communications: Ion channel gating
Location: Gall
Chair: Angelo Keramidas
14:30 A.R. Battle: Lipid effects on the gating behaviour and reconstitution of MscL and MscS177P
14:45 A.P. Hill: Mapping the sequence of conformational changes underlying selectivity filter gating in a potassium channel178P
15:00 D. Gordon: Rigid body Brownian dynamics simulations of ion channels and channel blockers179P
15:15 S.C. Goodchild: Metamorphic chloride intracellular channel proteins: evidence for transmembrane extension and membrane induced oligomerisation of CLIC1180P
15:30 N.R. Scrimgeour: pH dependence of the Ca2+ release activated Ca2+ (CRAC) channel181P
16:00 Afternoon Tea
16:30 Plenary
Location: Hick
Chair: David Adams
16:30 R.S. Kass: The congenital Long QT Syndrome: broad lessons from a rare disease182P
17:30 ASB meeting
Location: Hick
19:00 Conference Dinner and Dance


Wednesday 1st December 2010
08:30 Plenary
Location: Hick
Chair: Angela Dulhunty
08:30 R.T. Dirksen: Molecular mechanism of store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) in skeletal muscle and potential role in fatigue resistance183P
09:30 Symposium: Skeletal muscle ROS: the good, the bad and the, well it kinda depends
Location: Hick
Chair: Glenn McConell
09:30 G.K. McConell: Skeletal muscle ROS and glucose uptake during contraction184P
09:50 G.D. Lamb: Effects of S-glutathionylation, S-nitrosylation and oxidation on Ca-sensitivity and force: a balancing act185P
10:10 T. Tiganis: Skeletal Muscle H2O2 and Insulin Sensitivity186P
10:30 D.E. James: The role of ROS in insulin resistance187P
10:50 Discussion
Free communications: Endocrine signalling
Location: Brough
Chair: Phil Poronnik
09:30 S. Lie: Periconceptional and early preimplantational undernutrition alters gene expression of metabolic and gluconeogenic regulating factors in the liver188P
09:45 M. Tjongue: The effects of chronic moderate prenatal ethanol exposure on cardiovascular and renal artery function in adult rats189P
10:00 J.S. Jacobi: Gonadotropin-inhibiting hormone (GnIH) regulates spontaneous action potentials in anorexigenic proopiomelanocortin neurons and orexigenic neuropeptide Y cells190P
10:15 L.M. Nicholas: Maternal overnutrition during the periconceptional period and gender influences insulin signalling and glucose handling in lambs after birth191P
10:30 H. Peiris: The role of regulator of calcineurin 1 (RCAN1) in the regulation of glucose homeostasis192P
Free communications: Ion channels
Location: Gall
Chair: Peter Barry
09:30 B.A. Cromer: Agonist interactions and selectivity in GABAA/C receptors193P
09:45 M.L. Tierney: Defining GABAA receptor pharmacology and physiologies through the disruption of receptor protein interactions194P
10:00 A. Keramidas: Developing activation mechanisms for GABAA receptors195P
10:15 N.L. Absalom: Understanding the molecular and pharmacological basis of selectivity of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists using reactive methyllycaconitine analogues196P
10:30 L. Ma: Reciprocal regulation of expression of STIM1 and Orai1 proteins197P
11:00 Morning Tea
11:30 Free communications: Regulation of protein expression in skeletal muscle
Location: Broug
Chair: Matthew Watt
11:30 R.J. Stefanetti: Atrogin-1 regulation in human and mouse skeletal myotubes198P
11:45 V.C. Foletta: NDRG2, a novel player in the control of skeletal muscle mass?199P
12:00 P.A. Della Gatta: Multiple cell types express myokines following intense resistance exercise200P
12:15 E.L. Brown: PGC-1α and PGC-1β regulate protein synthesis in C2C12 myotubes201P
12:30 N.T. Larkins: Properties and amounts of heat shock proteins in skeletal muscle202P
12:45 M.A. Wallace: Knockdown of STARS alters protein synthesis and degradation203P
Free communications: Calcium signalling
Location: Brough
Chair: Yue-kun Ju
11:30 C.H. Wilson: Expression of STIM and Orai in liver disease204P
11:45 E. Kheradpezhouh: Molecular mechanisms of paracetamol induced liver damage205P
12:00 R.B. de Oliveira: Mitochondria-induced hyperpolarization in mouse locus coeruleus neurons is dependent on Ca2+ entry but not intracellular Ca2+ release206P
12:15 J. Chaisakul: Calcium influx-activating action of P-EPTX-Ar1a: an isolated neurotoxin from the venom of Irian Jayan death adder207P
12:30 J. Gerasimenko: Alcohol-induced pancreatic trypsinogen activation depends on calmodulin-sensitive inositol trisphosphate receptors types 2 and 3208P
Symposium: Computational studies on biological and synthetic nanotubes
Location: Gall
Chair: Shin-Ho Chung
11:30 T.W. Allen: Selective ion binding and its role in potassium channel selectivity209P
11:52 A.E. Mark: The induction and stabilization of transmembrane pores by peptides210P
12:09 B. Corry: Monitoring the conformational changes involved in MscL channel gating using FRET microscopy and simulation211P
12:26 S. Kuyucak: Free energy simulations of Asp/Glu transporter GltPh212P
12:43 T.A. Hilder: Mimicking biological ion channels using nanotubes213P
13:00 Lunch
Location: Hickinbotham
13:30 AuPS AGM
Location: Hickinbotham
Chair: David Allen
14:30 Plenary
Location: Hick
Chair: B. Martinac
14:30 R. Callaghan: Multi-drug efflux by P-glycoprotein; why has this protein not been stopped yet?214P
15:30 Plenary
Location: Hick
Chair: M. Watt
15:30 E.A. Richter: Metabolic regulation in exercise: mechanisms and experimental models215P
16:30 Awards and Wine and Cheese
Location: Hick
17:00 End of meeting

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