Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for the preparation of oral and poster presentations.

General Information

Presenters will receive email confirmation of their presentation in mid-October. Please refer to the presentation guidelines below before preparing your talk or poster.

Presentation: Symposia and Free Communications

Audio/Visual Equipment and Presentation format

Oral Presentations will take place in one of three venues - Lecture Theatre 1 (MS1.105), Lecture Theatre 2 (MS2.115) or MS2.158/159 (as indicated in the programme). All lecture theatres are equipped with ceiling mounted data projectors and windows-based PC. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentations in standard (4:3) aspect ratio or the 16:9 high definition ratio.

To ensure the smooth transition between presentations in the session, speakers are kindly requested to upload their presentations via USB to the desktop computer during the break preceding their session, in the room where they are scheduled to present. We will create separate folders for each session on the PC desktop each morning. Please drag and drop your PowerPoint file into the folder for your applicable session. Please do this at least 30 min before the start of your session. If you have embedded videos or animated files, we strongly recommend that you check them early in the day to ensure the file format is supported. If you wish to use your own laptop please be sure to bring the necessary adaptors to connect your laptop to the AV equipment and test the connection before the first session of the day.

For those using Apple computers, please use fonts that are compatible with Microsoft Office. Also be aware that some image formats are not compatible. You may wish to use the compatibility report feature for your presentation, which can be accessed in the 'ToolBox' and 'Save As' dialogue. Please speak to the chair of your session if transferring your file presents a problem.

We recommend that presenters carry at least one backup of their final presentation on a separate USB or hard drive.

If you require assistance with IT at the conference, please approach staff at the registration desk or ph. +61 3 6226 2600 (Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm).


As a guide, Symposia presentations will consist of 20-25 min presentation with 5-10 min question time. Please consult with the chair of your symposium to confirm the timing or your presentation and coordinate the content with other speakers within the symposium.

Free Communication Sessions

Each presentation within the free communications sessions will consist of a 10min presentation with 5min question time.

Please prepare your presentation in accordance with your allocated time. During free communication sessions, the chair of each session will give a warning after 10 min, and you will have 2 min to conclude. Presentations will be stopped at 12 min, and the question time shortened in order to adhere to the strict time schedule.

Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed throughout the foyer areas for the duration of the conference. Please endevour to have your poster displayed in its allocated space from Sunday evening, they can be take them down after lunch on Wednesday.

As a presenter we request that you are in attendance during your scheduled session to answer questions and conduct a short presentation (2 min). Presenters will be notified of their time via email once the schedule has been finalised.

If you are traveling to Hobart for the conference by plane, we recommend taking your poster as carry-on luggage.

Poster dimensions

  • The posterboard area is 175cm high x 85cm wide - your poster must fit within these dimensions.
  • We recommend that posters are prepared in portrait orientation and A0 size (1189mm high x 841mm wide).
  • Mounting materials will be available for all Poster Presenters at the registration desk

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