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AuPS 2017 Melbourne Meeting

AuPS Invited Lecture
An earful of physiology
G.D. Housley
Symposium: Strategies for large-scale and authentic assessment of undergraduates
Development and assessment of problem-solving skills
P.J. White, E. Yuriev, J.L. Short, J.E. McLaughlin, S. Naidu & I. Larson
Student Peer Assessment: An efficient assessment method to enhance critical evaluation?
R.M. Vickery, C.S-Y. Lin & A.J. Moorhouse
Academic and student perceptions of assessment
Y. Hodgson & L. Garvey
Professional identity in allied health students: How it affects authentic assessment
H. Gray, K. Colthorpe, H. Ernst & L. Ainscough
Free communications: Muscle wasting
The contractile properties of slow and fast skeletal muscle from dysferlin deficient mice
E.M. Lloyd, M.D. Grounds & G.J. Pinniger
One week of hospital admission following elective hip surgery induces substantial muscle atrophy in older patients
I.W.K. Kouw, B.B.L. Groen, J.S.J. Smeets, J. van Kranenburg, M. Poeze, J.A. Geurts, R.H.M. ten Broeke, L.B. Verdijk & L.J.C. van Loon
Modulating bone morphogenic protein signalling in cancer cachexia
A. Hagg, R. Sartori, C.A. Harrison, M. Sandri & P. Gregorevic
Ingestion of 40 g protein prior to sleep stimulates overnight myofibrillar protein synthesis in healthy older men
I.W.K. Kouw, A.M. Holwerda, J. Trommelen, I.F. Kramer, J. Bastiaanse, S.L. Halson, W.K.W.H. Wodzig, L.B. Verdijk & L.J.C. van Loon
Mitochondrial oxidative capacity and oxidative stress in chronically inactive elderly patients
J. Mikovic, E.J. Artenson-Lantz, D. Paddon-Jones & S. Lamon
Muscle specific kinase protects mdx mouse muscles against eccentric contraction-induced loss of strength
J. Ban, S. Trajanovska & W.D. Phillips
Phosphorylation of dystrophin S3059 protects against skeletal muscle wasting
K. Swiderski, C.J. Brock, S.S. Thakur, J. Trieu, A. Chee, T. Naim, K.T. Murphy & G.S. Lynch
Free communicartions: Cardiac
Dissecting the molecular pathways of glucose mishandling and glycogen disturbance in the diabetic heart
K.M. Mellor, U. Varma, C.L. Curl & L.M.D. Delbridge
Metabolic mechanism for cardiomyocyte cell cycle arrest
R.J. Mills, E.R. Porrello & J.E. Hudson
Inhibitory effect of phenytoin on cardiac RYR2
A. Ashna, D.F. van Helden & D.R. Laver
Therapeutic methods for physiological cardiac hypertrophy: The role of MicroRNAs
G. Mazzarino, S. Lamon & G.D. Wadley
Differential effect of electrical stimulation and β-adrenergic stimulation on neonatal rat ventricular myocyte monolayer conduction properties
S.P. Wells, H.M.M. Waddell, L.M.D. Delbridge & J.R. Bell
Arrhythmia: an ‘off-target’ effect of cancer cardiotoxicity
A.D. Chakraborty, L.A. Gonano, J .C. McLay, A.F. Dulhunty & P.P. Jones
Free communications: Physiology education
Open-note examinations as opportunities for meaningful learning and assessment
E. Yuriev, M. Lazarus & D.T. Malone
Implementation and evaluation of a video feedback model
G.D. Wadley & S. Macfarlane
Transformation of a traditionally delivered exercise physiology theory curriculum into a contemporary model of blended learning that better supports student learning
L.A. Lexis & B.L. Julien
Enhancing students' acquisition and application of the conventions of scientific writing
J. Kibedi, K. Colthorpe, J.D. Mi, J. Hardy & S. Rowland
Numeracy performance in sports and exercise science students at an Australian university
S. Green, S. McGlynn, D.M. Stuart, P. Fahey, J. Pettigrew & P. Clothier
How do students deal with difficult physiological concepts?
K. Colthorpe, H. Abe & L. Ainscough
Using an online simulation to prepare students for an enquiry-based laboratory class
M. Quiroga & J. Choate
Encouraging students’ self-regulated learning skills through the use of discussion boards
R. Leung, L. Ainscough, K. Colthorpe & T. Langfield
Symposium: AuPS/Physiological Society of Japan Joint Symposium: Skeletal muscle physiology and function
The genetics of vertebrate skeletal muscle assembly
J. Berger & P.D. Currie
The role of phospholipid flippase in myotube formation
H.Y. Hara, T.M. Tsuchiya, I.K. Itoh, O.M. Okuda, N.R. Nishioka & U.M. Umeda
Molecular mechanism of type 1 ryanodine receptor-linked muscle diseases: toward diagnosis and therapy
T. Murayama
Calcium handling by human skeletal muscle fibres with ryanodine receptor variants
R.H. Choi & B.S. Launikonis
Free communications: Pharmacology and treatment
Diverse changes to GABAA receptor function by mutations that cause severe childhood epilepsies
N.L. Absalom, V. Liao, P.K. Ahring, M. Bowen, I. McGregor & M. Chebib
Volatile vs injectable anaesthetics: considerations for electrophysiological studies in the rat
B.M. Wild, R. Arnold & R. Morris
Targeting the intestinal lymphatic system using an oral triglyceride mimetic prodrug enhances immunosuppressant activity in vivo
R. Kochappan, S. Han, L. Hu, T. Quach, D. Senyschyn, E. Cao, G. Lee, F. Lim, J.S. Simpson, J. Mintern, N.L. Trevaskis & C.J.H. Porter
High density lipoprotein promotes targeted delivery into lymph and lymph nodes: A viable carrier for immunotherapies and vaccines
G. Gracia, A. Johnston, C.J.H. Porter & N.L. Trevaskis
Is high-density lipoprotein-based therapy an option for the treatment of muscle damage in Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy?
A.P. Denny & A.K. Heather
Maternal selenium deficiency in mice alters placental function, reduces fetal glucose concentrations and impairs fetal growth
P. Hofstee, L. Bartho, D.R. McKeating, O.J. Holland, J.J. Vanderlelie, A.V. Perkins & J.S.M. Cuffe
Maternal obesity results in impaired brain function in the offspring by mechanisms involving electrical hyperactivity
A.A. Abdulwahid, H.A. Coleman & H.C. Parkington
The role of linoleic acid in placental inflammatory response and fatty acid metabolism
N. Shrestha, J.S.M. Cuffe, O.J. Holland, A.V. Perkins, A.J. McAinch & D.H. Hryciw
Mitochondrial profiling of immortalised myoblasts from a Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patient
C.A. Timpani, J. White, K. Mamchaoui, G. Butler-Browne, A. Hayes & E. Rybalka
Adenylosuccinic acid therapy for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: a pre-clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy
E. Rybalka, C.A. Timpani & A. Hayes
Glucocorticoids dysregulate cellular viability, mitochondrial membrane potential and cellular respiration differently in normal compared to high glucose environments
J.S.M. Cuffe, I. Bray-Narai, J.J. Fisher, O.J. Holland & A.V. Perkins
Glucocorticoid suppression of uncarboxylated osteocalcin impairs basal and post-exercise insulin sensitivity and osteocalcin signalling in humans
L. Parker, A.P. Garnham, G.K. McConell, N.K. Stepto, D. Hare, E. Byrnes, P. Ebeling, E. Seeman, T. Brennan-Speranza & I. Levinger
High fat diet induced lymphatic changes may play a role in promoting fatty liver disease
A.D. Lam, E. Cao, M. Montgomery, P. Yadav, H. Chu, G. Gracia, M.J. Watt & N.L. Trevaskis
Oral administration of L-arginine improves gastrointestinal function in dystrophic mdx mice
K. Swiderski, R. Bindon, J. Trieu, T. Naim, E.L. Hill-Yardin, R. Koopman, J.C. Bornstein & G.S. Lynch
Effects of substituting carbohydrates and fat for whey-protein or adding them to whey protein on energy intake and underlying gastrointestinal-mechanisms in healthy older men
C. Giezenaar, T. Hausken, K.L. Jones, M. Horowitz, I. Chapman & S. Soenen
Investigating the impact of liposome properties on lymphatic distribution following intraperitoneal delivery
I.E. Inocencio, G. Lee, A. Phillips, J. Windsor, C.J.H. Porter & N.L. Trevaskis
A novel cervical lymph cannulation method in rats to evaluate clearance from the brain into the lymphatics
T.A. Hoang, J.A. Nicolazzo & N.L. Trevaskis
Distribution of therapeutic proteins into thoracic lymph after intravenous administration is protein size-dependent and primarily occurs within the liver and mesentery
P. Yadav, V.M. McLeod, A.P.R. Johnston, L.M. Kaminskas & N.L. Trevaskis
Control of glycine receptor activation by a glycine transporter co-expressed in Xenopus oocytes
D. Sheipouri, R.J. Vandenberg & R.M. Ryan
Sodium nitrate treatment escalates doxorubicin-induced cachexia in mice
D.G. Campelj, B.M. Butcher, D.A. Debruin, C.A. Timpani, A. Hayes & E. Rybalka
An essential role for mitochondrial phosphatidylethanolamine synthesis in regulating skeletal muscle and mitochondrial structure
A. Selathurai, G.M. Kowalski & C.R. Bruce
The epigenetic basis of variable responses to exercise training - a novel study design
M. Jacques, S. Voisin, X. Yan & N. Eynon
Hepatic autophagy dysfunction in mice following high fat feeding
G.M. Morales-Scholz, K.F. Howlett, R.M. Murphy, G.M. Kowalski, C.R. Bruce & C.S. Shaw
The investigation of dantrolene sodium analogues on SR calcium loading and release, and calsequestrin Ca2+ binding properties in cardiac muscle
C.M. Loescher, J. Al-Rawi & L.M. Gibson
Cardiac in vivo haemodynamic function is modified by myocardial membrane DHA incorporation attributable to fish oil doses achievable in the human diet
M.J. Macartney, G.E. Peoples & P.L. McLennan
The link between in vivo diastolic function and mechanical stiffness in intact rat cardiomyocytes
A.J.A. Raaijmakers, J.V. Janssens, J.R. Bell, C.L. Curl & L.M.D. Delbridge
Testing a methodology for comparative stiffness measurement in isolated loaded intact cardiomyocytes
J.V. Janssens, A.J.A. Raaijmakers, J.R. Bell, K.M. Mellor, C.L. Curl & L.M.D. Delbridge
Establishing reference conditions for electrophysiological recordings of spontaneously beating neonatal rat cardiomyocytes on a multi-electrode array
H.M.M. Waddell, S.P. Wells, L.M.D. Delbridge & J.R. Bell
The effects of vitamin D supplementation and exercise enrichment on in vivo analysis of physical activity behaviour, exercise capacity and metabolism
D.A. Debruin, E. Rybalka, C. Goodman & A. Hayes
The effect of IPC on central and peripheral fatiguing mechanisms following sustained maximal isometric exercise
S.L. Halley, J. Siegler & P. Marshall
A common morphological variation in the knee insertion of the extensor digitorum longus muscle reduces maximal force production but does not affect other contractile properties
L. Kiriaev, P. Houweling, S. Kueh, J.W. Morley, K. North & S.I. Head
Concurrent training further enhances markers of skeletal muscle ribosome biogenesis, but not associated signalling responses, versus single-mode resistance training
J.J. Fyfe, D.J. Bishop, J.D. Bartlett, E.D. Hanson, M.J. Anderson, A.P. Garnham & N.K. Stepto
Phenotypic variability in response to high-intensity interval training in the Gene SMART study
S. Voisin, X. Yan, M. Jacques, F. Munson, I.D. Papadimitriou, N. Dvir, J. Kuang, O. Tirosh, L. O'Keefe, A.P. Garnham, D.J. Bishop & N. Eynon
Effect of high-intensity intermittent exercise on the contractile properties of human type I and type II skeletal muscle fibres
C.R. Lamboley, D.M. Rouffet, T.L. Dutka, R.M. Murphy, M.J. McKenna & G.D. Lamb
Increasing nuclear NAD+ biosynthesis induces muscle remodelling without alterations in myofibrillar Ca2+ sensitivity
O. Friedrich, N. Turner, B. Osborne, A. Samsudeen, M. Haug, B. Reischl, L. Kiriaev & S.I. Head
Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) overexpression drives myoblast fusion during C2C12 cell differentiation
S.S. Thakur, V.L. Chhen, K. Swiderski, J.G. Ryall & G.S. Lynch
Differential oxidation of ryanodine receptors in male and female calsequestrin knock-out mice
L. Pearce & B.S. Launikonis
The role of Fn14 in mouse skeletal muscle recovery post Notexin injury: Effects on myogenic regulatory factors, catabolic markers, and structural proteins
A. Pascoe, A.J. Johnston, L. Jenkinson, C. van der Poel & R.M. Murphy
The effect of novel ryanodine receptor modulators on Ca2+ leak in skeletal muscle fibres
D.P. Singh, R.T. Rebbeck, R.L. Cornea & B.S. Launikonis
Michael Roberts Lecture
Enhancing the commencing student learning experience with innovative learning and teaching approaches and peer support systems
K. Tangalakis
Free communicatons: Skeletal muscle
Muscle stem cell self-renewal is regulated via innate cell metabolism and the extracellular environment
J.G. Ryall, C.H. Ly & G.S. Lynch
Implantation of muscle precursor cells grown as 3D structures improves muscle regeneration after myotoxic injury
C.J. Taylor, C.J. Brooks, C. van der Poel & J.E. Church
E3 ligase substrate receptor ASB2 is a negative regulator of skeletal muscle size
J.R. Davey, B. Parker, L. Sylow, H. Qian, D.E. James & P. Gregorevic
Identifying novel miRNAs targeting NDRG2 regulation in skeletal muscle
B.A. Mir, M. Kalanon, A.P. Russell & V. Foletta
Characterisation of SERCA, phospholamban and sarcolipin proteins in human skeletal muscle
B.P. Frankish, R.M. Murphy & G.D. Lamb
Osmotic compression improves force production in skinned muscle fibres of the rat and human
D. Watanabe, T.L. Dutka, C.R. Lamboley & G.D. Lamb
Symposium: New directions in ischemia cardioprotection
Role of nano-particles in ischemia-reperfusion therapies
L.C. Hool
Impact of reactive oxygen species production on calcium release during ischemia-reperfusion injury
P.P. Jones
Remote ischaemic conditioning for cardioprotection: Bench to bedside in action!
D.J. Hausenloy
Using cardiac stem cells to rescue the ischemic heart
S.Y. Lim
Symposium: Emerging leaders in placental physiology
Intrauterine environment and cardiovascular disease risk in later life
P.H. Andraweera
Maternal glucose metabolism and the gut and placental microbiota
M. Dekker Nitert
The impact of lifestyle and pharmacological interventions on the placenta in complicated pregnancies
J.F. Briffa
Mitochondrial adaptations and dynamics in the human placenta
O.J. Holland, A. Alvsaker, G. McEnroe, K.K. Cheung & A.V. Perkins
Symposium: Assessing and counteracting frailty during ageing
Assessing frailty in older individuals
A.B. Maier
Protein absorption and satiety in older individuals
S. Soenen
Anabolic resistance with aging
L.J.C. van Loon
Novel nutritional interventions to counteract frailty and wasting
R. Koopman
Symposium: Problems in labour: Mother Nature versus Father Time
Is hypoxia good for labour?
S. Wray
Preventing premature birth by exploiting anti-inflammatory actions of progesterone
S.A. Mesiano
Prevention of preterm birth: Novel targets of inflammation in the myometrium
M. Lappas
Mechanisms contributing to Failure-to-Progress in human labour
H.C. Parkington, P.M. Sheehan, H.A. Coleman & S.P. Brennecke
Meet the Editor - Prof Susan Wray
AuPS Plenary Lecture
Downs and ups of calcium in the heart
D.A. Eisner
Free communications: Metabolism and signalling
Measurement of postprandial glucose fluxes in response to 5 and 28 days of overfeeding in healthy humans
D.J. Morrison, G.M. Kowalski, C.R. Bruce & G.D. Wadley
High fat diet remodels the intestinal lymphatic vasculature to promote obesity and glucose intolerance
E. Cao, M.J. Watt, C. Nowell, G. Gracia, H. Chu, L. Hu, C.J.H. Porter & N.L. Trevaskis
Medium chain fatty acids are metabolised by the hypothalamus and regulate energy balance in healthy mice
V.R. Haynes, M. Top, F.W. Zaho, D. De Souza, D. Spanswick & M.J. Watt
Ascorbic acid supplementation improves skeletal muscle oxidative stress and insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes: findings of a randomized controlled study
S.A. Mason, P.A. Della Gatta, R.J. Snow, A.P. Russell & G.D. Wadley
Liver-muscle crosstalk in sarcopenic obesity?
J.G. Okun, J. Schumacher, A. Zota, M. Blüher, M. Heikenwalder & A.J. Rose
Skeletal muscle interstitial glucose concentration becomes limiting to glucose uptake during insulin exposure after exercise in humans
G.K. McConell, K.A. Sjøberg, F. Ceutz, L. Gliemann, M. Nyberg, Y. Hellsten, C. Frøsig, B. Kiens, J.F.P. Wojtaszewski & E.A. Richter
Dynamic proteome profiling of individual proteins in human skeletal muscle after a high-fat diet and resistance exercise
D.M. Camera, J.G. Burniston, W.J. Smiles & J.A. Hawley
Load-dependent effects of whey-protein supplements on energy intake, gastric emptying and gut hormone concentrations in men and women
C. Giezenaar, N.D. Luscombe-Marsh, A.T. Hutchison, M. Horowitz, I. Chapman & S. Soenen
Symposium: Cellular mechanisms of failure and arrhythmia in the diseased heart
Sodium pump and intracellular sodium in healthy and failing hearts
D. Pavlovic
Cellular mechanisms of failure and arrhythmia in the diseased heart
N.A. Beard, A. Denniss, K. Walweel, D.R. Laver, P. Molenaar & A.F. Dulhunty
Novel therapeutic targets in heart failure and atrial fibrillation
J.R. McMullen, YK. Tham, B.C. Bernardo, J.Y.Y. Ooi & P.J. Meikle
Changes in atrial structure and function in diabetes and obesity
D.A. Saint & W.W. Lim
Free communications: Fetal physiology
Characterising hydrogen sulfide production and degradation pathways in murine kidney: effects of pregnancy and high fat diet
B.A. McNeill, C.J. Bushell & L.G. Forgan
Effects of IUGR on contractile protein expression and Ca2+-activated force in β-escin permeabilised mesenteric arteries of adult (6-month old) and aged (1-year old) WKY rats
M. Christie, T. Romano, R.M. Murphy & G.S. Posterino
Cardiorenal pregnancy adaptations in females born small on a high fat diet and benefits of endurance exercise training
D. Mahizir, K. Anevska, G.D. Wadley, K.M. Moritz & M.E. Wlodek
Mitochondrial function in cell lineages of the placenta: does function alter between gestational disorders?
J.J. Fisher, O.J. Holland, D.R. McKeating, J.S.M. Cuffe, J.J. Vanderlelie & A.V. Perkins
Sex-specific placental IGF-system adaptations to maternal exercise in growth restricted mothers
Y.T.M. Mangwiro, J.S.M. Cuffe, J.F. Briffa, D. Mahizir, K. Anevska, T. Romano, K.M. Moritz & M.E. Wlodek
Expression of immune markers in the fetus and six month old sheep heart in response to myocardial infarction
M.C. Lock, M. Ragless, J.Y. Soo, J.R.T. Darby, D.A. Brooks, L. Nield, A. Atkinson & J.L. Morrison
Human amnion epithelial cells alter lung development and inflammation in 7-day-old preterm lambs exposed to inflammation before birth
P.C. Papagianis, J.J. Pillow, S. Ahmadi-Noorbakhsh, P.B. Noble & T.J. Moss
The sheep as a model of studying pregnant uterine smooth muscle activity
E.R. Siriwardhana, H.A. Coleman & H.C. Parkington
Free communications: Exercise physiology
Regulation of exercise performance and contractile function by the endoplasmic reticulum resident antioxidant Selenoprotein S (SEPS1)
A.B. Addinsall, T.L. Kotsiakos, S. Andrikopolous, C. van der Poel & N. Stupka
Thoraco-pulmonary mechanical perturbations accompanying thoracic loading
L. Hingley, J.N. Caldwell, N.A.S. Taylor & G.E. Peoples
The ACE I/D gene variant predicts ACE enzyme activity in the blood but not the expression of ACE protein in skeletal muscle in the Gene SMART study
X. Yan, N. Dvir, L. Cavalcante, M. Jacques, I.D. Papadimitriou, F. Munson, A.P. Garnham, L. O'Keefe, O. Tirosh, D.J. Bishop, S. Voisin & N. Eynon
Muscle adaptations and protein expression following blood flow restriction and heavy-load resistance training methods
A.K. May, A.P. Russell, P.A. Della Gatta & S.A. Warmington
The allometric scaling of aerobic power in adult humans, across the physiological range
H.M. Bowes, C.A. Burdon & N.A.S. Taylor
Cellular localisation of NaK-ATPase isoforms in human skeletal muscle is muscle fibre-type specific
C.H. Steward & M.J. McKenna
Symposium: How do calcium oscillations regulate biological rhythm?
Synchronising pacemakers
D.F. van Helden, M.S. Imtiaz & D.R. Laver
Understanding calcium-activated chloride channels in health and disease
F.C. Britton & W.J. Hatton
Oxygen dependent regulation of TRP channel function
G. Rychkov
Symposium: The preterm baby
There is no such thing as a normal preterm baby
T.J. Moss
Supporting preterm cardiovascular function
B.E. Lingwood
Improving brain development in preterm infants with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy
R. Galinsky, L. Bennet & A.J. Gunn
Big data for small babies; the impact of gestational age on health and educational outcomes in New Zealand
M.J. Berry, T. Foster, K. Rowe, B. Robson & N. Pierse
Symposium: Mitochondrial dynamics and function
The machinery involved in mitochondrial dynamics
M.T. Ryan
Effects of exercise training on mitochondrial content and dynamics
R.M. Murphy
The role and regulation of PINK1/Parkin mitophagy in maintaining mitochondrial health
M. Lazarou
Exercise prescription and mitochondrial content and function
D.J. Bishop


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