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Prizes for Post-Doctoral (PD) & PhD student (Ps) Publications*

Meeting PD or Ps Name &
Authors &
Title of Publication
2004, Sydney PD Robyn Murphy
Zoology, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC
Murphy RM, Stephenson DG, Lamb GD.
Effect of creatinine on contractile force and sensitivity in mechanically skinned single fibers from rat skeletal muscle.
Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. (2004) 287: C1589-95.
Ps Christopher van der Poel
Zoology, La Trobe University, VIC
van der Poel C, Stephenson DG.
Reversible changes in Ca2+-activation properties of rat skeletal muscle exposed to elevated physiological temperatures.
J. Physiol. (2002) 544:765-76.
Ps Nathan Absalom
Garvan Institute of Med Res. Sydney, NSW
Absalom NL, Lewis TM, Kaplan W, Pierce KD, Schofield PR.
Role of charged residues in coupling ligand binding and channel activation in the extracellular domain of the glycine receptor.
J. Biol. Chem. (2003) 278: 50151-50157.
2005, Canberra PD Paul Gregorevic
Muscle Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Gregorevic P, Plant DR, Stupka N, Lynch GS.
Changes in contractile activation characteristics of rat fast and slow skeletal muscle fibres during regeneration.
J. Physiol. (2004) 558: 549-560.
Ps James Ryall
Basic and Clinical Myology Laboratory, Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Ryall JG, Plant DR, Gregorevic P, Sillence MN, Lynch GS.
β2-Agonist administration reverses muscle wasting and improves muscle function in aged rats.
J. Physiol. (2004) 555: 175-188.
2006, Brisbane PD No award
Ps Julian Saboisky
Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Randwick, NSW
Saboisky JP, Butler JE, Fogel RB, Taylor JL, Trinder JA, White DP, Gandevia SC.
Tonic and phasic respiratory drives to human genioglossus motoneurons during breathing.
J. Neurophysiol. (2006) 95: 2213-21.
2007, Newcastle PD Renae Ryan
Nat. Inst. Neuro. Disease and Stroke, NIH, USA.
Ryan RM, Mindell JA.
The uncoupled chloride conductance of a bacterial glutamate transporter homolog.
Nat. Str. Mol. Biol. (2007) 14: 365-71.
Ps Zhe Yang (eq)
School of Biomedical Science, University of Queensland.
Yang Z, Cromer BA, Harvey RJ, Parker MW, Lynch JW.
A proposed structural basis for picrotoxinin and picrotin binding in the glycine receptor pore.
J. Neurochem. (2007) 103: 580-9.
Ps Joshua Edwards (eq)
Department of Zoology, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC
Edwards JN, Macdonald WA, van der Poel C, Stephenson DG.
O2.− production at 37°C plays a critical role in depressing tetanic force of isolated rat and mouse skeletal muscle
Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. (2007) 293: C650-60.
2008, Melbourne PD Jonathan Schertzer
Department ofPhysiology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Schertzer JD, Gehrig SM, Ryall JG, Lynch GS.
Modulation of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I and IGF-binding protein interactions enhances skeletal muscle regeneration and ameliorates the dystrophic pathology in mdx mice.
Am. J. Pathol. (2007) 171: 1180-1188.
Ps Sonja Kowalczuk
School of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Australian National University, ACT.
Kowalczuk S, Bröer A, Tietze N, Vanslambrouck JM, Rasko JE, Bröer S.
A protein complex in the brush-border membrane explains a Hartnup disorder allele.
FASEB J.(2008) 22: 2880-2887.
2010 (Jan), Sydney PD Robyn Murphy
Department of Zoology, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC
Murphy RM, Lamb GD.
Endogenous calpain-3 activation is primarily governed by small increases in resting cytoplasmic [Ca2+] and is not dependent on stretch.
J. Biol. Chem. (2009) 284: 7811-9.
Ps Mastura Monif
Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Monif M, Reid CA, Powell KL, Smart ML, Williams DA.
The P2X7 receptor drives microglial activation and proliferation: a trophic role for P2X7R pore.
J. Neurosci. (2009) 29: 3781-91.
2010 (Dec), Adelaide PD Song Zhang
Health Research, Pharmacy & Med Sci., University of South Australia.
Zhang S, Rattanatray L, MacLaughlin SM, Cropley JE, Suter CM, Molloy L, Kleemann D, Walker SK, Muhlhausler BS, Morrison JL, McMillen IC.
Periconceptional undernutrition in normal and overweight ewes leads to increased adrenal growth and epigenetic changes in adrenal IGF2/H19 gene in offspring.
FASEB J. (2010) 24: 2772-82.
Ps Natasha Behrendorf
School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland.
Behrendorff N, Floetenmeyer M, Schwiening C, Thorn P.
Protons released during pancreatic acinar cell secretion acidify the lumen and contribute to pancreatitis in mice.
Gastroenterology (2010) 139: 1711­1720.
2011, Perth PD Joshua Edwards
School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland
Edwards JN, Blackmore DG, Gilbert DF, Murphy RM, Launikonis BS.
Store-operated calcium entry remains fully functional in aged mouse skeletal muscle despite a decline in STIM1 protein expression.
Aging Cell (2011) 10: 675-85.
Ps Kimberley Mellor
Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Mellor KM, Bell JR, Young MJ, Ritchie RH, Delbridge LM.
Myocardial autophagy activation and suppressed survival signaling is associated with insulin resistance in fructose-fed mice.
J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol. (2011) 50: 1035-1043.
2012, Sydney PD Stefan Gehrig
Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Gehrig SM, van der Poel C, Sayer TA, Schertzer JD, Henstridge DC, Church JE, Lamon S, Russell AP, Davies KE, Febbraio MA, Lynch GS. Hsp72 preserves muscle function and slows progression of severe muscular dystrophy. Nature (2012) 484: 394-8.
Ps Heshan Peiris
Department of Human Physiology, Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia
Peiris H, Raghupathi R, Jessup CF, Zanin MP, Mohanasundaram D, Mackenzie KD, Chataway T, Clarke JN, Brealey J, Coates PT, Pritchard MA, Keating DJ. Increased expression of the glucose-responsive gene, RCAN1, causes hypoinsulinemia, β-cell dysfunction, and diabetes. Endocrinology (2012) 153: 5212-21.
2013, Geelong PD Bianca Bernardo (eq)
Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, VIC
Bernardo BC, Gao XM, Winbanks CE, Boey EJ, Tham YK, Kiriazis H, Gregorevic P, Obad S, Kauppinen S, Du XJ, Lin RC, McMullen JR. Therapeutic inhibition of the miR-34 family attenuates pathological cardiac remodeling and improves heart function. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. (2012) 109: 17615-20.
Wendy Imlach (eq)
Discipline of Pharmacology, University of Sydney, NSW
Imlach WL, Beck ES, Choi BJ, Lotti F, Pellizzoni L, McCabe BD. SMN is required for sensory-motor circuit function in Drosophila. Cell (2012) 151: 427-39.
Ps Maria Jelinic
Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne, VIC
Jelinic M, Leo CH, Post Uiterweer ED, Sandow SL, Gooi JH, Wlodek ME, Conrad KP, Parkington HC, Tare M, Parry LJ. Localization of relaxin receptors in arteries and veins, and region-specific increases in compliance and bradykinin-mediated relaxation after in vivo serelaxin treatment. FASEB J. (2014) 28: 275-287.
2014, Brisbane PD Tanya Cully
School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD
Cully TR, Edwards JN, Launikonis BS. Activation and propagation of Ca2+ release from inside the sarcoplasmic reticulum network of mammalian skeletal muscle J Physiol (2014) 592.17:3727-3746.
Ps Michaela Yuen
Institute for Neuroscience and Muscle Research, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, University of Sydney, NSW
Yuen M, Sandaradura SA, Dowling JJ, Kostyukova AS, Moroz N, Quinlan KG, Lehtokari VL, Ravenscroft G, Todd EJ, Ceyhan-Birsoy O, Gokhin DS, Maluenda J, Lek M, Nolent F, Pappas CT, Novak SM, D'Amico A, Malfatti E, Thomas BP, Gabriel SB, Gupta N, Daly MJ, Ilkovski B, Houweling PJ, Davidson AE, Swanson LC, Brownstein CA, Gupta VA, Medne L, Shannon P, Martin N, Bick DP, Flisberg A, Holmberg E, Van den Bergh P, Lapunzina P, Waddell LB, Sloboda DD, Bertini E, Chitayat D, Telfer WR, Laquerriere A, Gregorio CC, Ottenheijm CA, Bonnemann CG, Pelin K, Beggs AH, Hayashi YK, Romero NB, Laing NG, Nishino I, Wallgren-Pettersson C, Melki J, Fowler VM, MacArthur DG, North KN, Clarke NF. Leiomodin-3 dysfunction results in thin filament disorganization and nemaline myopathy. J Clin Invest. (2014) 124(11): 4693-4708.
2015, Hobart PD Nolan Hoffman
Charles Perkins Centre, School of Molecular Bioscience, The University of Sydney, NSW
Hoffman NJ, Parker BL, Chaudhuri R, Fisher-Wellman KH, Kleinert M, Humphrey SJ, Yang P, Holliday M, Trefely S, Fazakerley DJ, Stockli J, Burchfield JG, Jensen TE, Jothi R, Kiens B, Wojtaszewski JF, Richter EA, James DE. Global phosphoproteomic analysis of human skeletal muscle reveals a network of exercise-regulated kinases and AMPK substrates. Cell Metab. (2015) 22(5): 922-35.
Ps Anne Harasta
Department of Physiology, University of New South Wales, NSW
Harasta AE, Power JM, von Jonquieres G, Karl T, Drucker DJ, Housley GD, Schneider M, Klugmann M. Septal glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor expression determines suppression of cocaine-induced behavior. Neuropsychopharmacology (2015) 40(8): 1969-1978.
2016 Adelaide Ps Rosemary Cater
Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
Rosemary J. Cater, Robert J. Vandenberg, Renae M. Ryan Tuning the ion selectivity of glutamate transporter-associated uncoupled conductances The Journal of General Physiology (2016) 148(1): 13-24
2017, Melbourne PD Dr Amy Hanna,
Baylor College of Medicine
Lee CS, Hanna AD, Wang H, Dagnino-Acosta A, Joshi AD, Knoblauch M, Xia Y, Georgiou DK, Xu J, Long C, Amano H, Reynolds C, Dong K, Martin JC, Lagor WR, Rodney GG, Sahin E, Sewry C, Hamilton SL A chemical chaperone improves muscle function in mice with a RyR1 mutation Nat Commun. 2017 8:14659.
PS Mr Greg Quaife-Ryan,
University of Queensland
Quaife-Ryan GA, Sim CB, Ziemann M, Kaspi A, Rafehi H, Ramialison M, El-Osta A, Hudson JE, Porrello ER. Multicellular Transcriptional Analysis of Mammalian Heart Regeneration. Circulation. 2017 136(12):1123-1139
2018, Sydney Ps Lorna J Daniels
University of Otago, NZ
Daniels LJ, Wallace RS, Nicholson OM, Wilson GA, McDonald FJ, Jones PP, Baldi JC, Lamberts RR, Erickson JR. Inhibition of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II restores contraction and relaxation in isolated cardiac muscle type 2 diabetic rats Cardiovascular Diabetology (2018) 17:89
2019, Canberra PD Dr Adam Trewin
Deakin University
Trewin AJ, Bahr LL, Almast A, Berry BJ, Wei AY, Foster TH, Wojtovich Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Generated at the Complex-II Matrix or Intermembrane Space Microdomain Have Distinct Effects on Redox Signaling and Stress Sensitivity in Caenorhabditis elegans Antiox Redox Signal, 2019, 31(9):594-607
Ps Nirajan Shrestha
Griffith University
Shrestha N, Cuffe JSM, Holland OJ, Bulmer AC, Hill M, Perkins AV, Muhlhauser BS, McAinch AJ, Hryciw DH. Elevated maternal linoleic acid reduces circulating leptin concentrations, cholesterol levels and male fetal survival in a rat model. J Physiol 2019, 597(13):3349-3361
2020, Virtual Conference PD Dr Jack Darby
University of South Australia
Darby JRT, Schrauben EM, BS Saini, SL Holman, SR Perumal, M Seed, CK Macgowan, JL Morrison. Umbilical vein infusion of prostaglandin I2 increases ductus venosus shunting of oxygen-rich blood but does not increase cerebral oxygen delivery in the fetal sheep. J Physiol, 2020, 598:4957-4967.
Ps Z Huang, L Juang, C Wang, S Zhu, X Qi, Y Chen, Y Zhang, MA Cowley, JD Veldhuis, C Chen.
University of Queensland
Huang Z, Dapagliflozin restores insulin and growth hormone secretion in obese mice. J Endocrinol 2020, 245(1), 1-12
PD Joint winner: Dr. Choon Boon Sim
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Sim CB, Phipson B, Ziemann M, Rafehl H, Mills R, Watt KI, et. al. Sex-Specific Control of Human Heart Maturation by the Progesterone Receptor Circulation 2021 143(16), 1614-1628
PD Joint winner: Dr. Enyuan Cao,
Monash University
Cao E, Watt MJ, Nowell CJ, Qach T, Simpson JS, Ferreira VDM, Agarwal S, Chu H, Srivastava A, Anderson al. Mesenteric lymphatic dysfunction promotes insulin resistance and represents a potential treatment target in obesity Nature Metabolism 2021: 3,1175-1188
Ps Joint winner: Adam Hagg
University of Melbourne
Ps Joint winner: Gregory Gauthier Coles
Australian National University
Pd Dr. Noni Frankenberg
La Trobe University
Ps Dr. Aldo Meizoso Huesca
University of Queensland
Pd Dr James McNamara
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Ps Carlie Bauer
Victoria University

*Post-Doctoral publication prize: An annual award for the best original paper published by an AuPS member during their first 4 postdoctoral years.
Ps PhD student publication prize: An annual award for the best original paper published by an AuPS member during the course of their PhD studies.