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AuPS/ASB 2010 Adelaide Meeting

Symposium: Stress, disease and Ca2+ management: the cardiovascular challenge
Cardiac ischemic stress: cardiomyocyte Ca2+, sex and sex steroids
J.R. Bell, K.M. Mellor, A.C. Wollermann & L.M.D. Delbridge 1
Mechanisms of reduced contractility in an animal model of hypertensive heart failure
M-L. Ward, D. Crossman & M.B. Cannell 11
The Inaugural ASB McAulay-Hope Lecture
Pumping ions
R.J. Clarke & X. Fan 19
Symposium: Calcium signalling
The application of complementary luminescent and fluorescent imaging techniques to visualize nuclear and cytoplasmic Ca2+-signalling during the in vivo differentiation of slow muscle cells in zebrafish embryos under normal and dystrophic conditions
S.E. Webb, C.C.Y. Cheung, C.M. Chan, D.R. Love & A.L. Miller 29
Symposium: Physiology Education
Increasing student engagement in physiology – the use of simple spinal reflex animations
R. Guy 41
Symposium: New insights into the molecular architecture of the heart and their implications for heart disease
Proteins within the intracellular calcium store determine cardiac RyR channel activity and cardiac output
A.F. Dulhunty, E. Wium, L. Li, A.D. Hanna. S. Mirza, S. Talukder, N.A.A. Ghazali and N.A. Beard 47
T-tubules, sarcoplasmic reticulum and ryanodine receptors
I.D. Jayasinghe, D.J. Crossman, C. Soeller and M.B. Cannell 57

AuPS/ASCEPT/HBPRCA 2011 Perth Meeting Abstracts

Opening ceremony - AuPS Lecture - Professor Annamaria De Luca
Pre-clinical studies in rare diseases: the challenge to speed up pharmacotherapy in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
A. De Luca1P
Symposium: Regulation of intracellular calcium signalling in vascular tissue
Selective modulation of ion channel subunit expression to probe regional differences in vascular smooth muscle BKCa function
M.A. Hill, Y. Yang, Y. Sohma, Z. Nourian, M.J. Davis & A.P. Braun2P
Effects of advanced glycation end-products (AGE) on Ca2+ signalling in vascular endothelial cells and endothelium-dependent responses in rat arteries
T.V. Murphy, M.J. Rikard-Bell, A.J. Jenkins, M.A. Hill & N. Naser3P
The role of STIM1/Orai1 in mediating Ca2+ entry in vascular smooth muscle cell contractions
G.Y. Rychkov4P
How do flavonols cause relaxation of vascular smooth muscle?
O.L. Woodman & S.J. Potocnik5P
Tmem16a-generated Ca2+-activated Cl currents exhibit similar regulatory properties to those recorded in vascular myocytes
N. Leblanc, R.J. Ayon, M. Wiwchar, A.J. Davis & I.A. Grennwood6P
Signalling through endothelial connexin40 modulates the myogenic constriction of arteries and regulates blood pressure
D.J. Chaston, B.K. Baillie, K.I. Matthaei & C.E. Hill7P
Multiple spontaneously active Ca2+ waveforms in Nkx2.5-GFP cardiac lineage cells show selective modulation by If channel blockade, endothelin I and elevation of intracellular cAMP
J.M. Haynes, E.L. Lagerqvist, B.A. Finnin & C.W. Pouton8P
Symposium: Elucidating abnormalities in cardiac metabolism
Myocardial insulin resistance, metabolic stress and autophagy
L.M.D. Delbridge10P
Mitochondrial dysfunction in congenital heart disease
S. Pepe11P
Regulation of human mitochondrial gene expression
M.I.G. Lopez Sanchez, T.R. Mercer, S.M.K. Davies, A-M.J. Shearwood, K.K.A. Nygård, T.R. Richman, J.S. Mattick, O. Rackham & A. Filipovska12P
Venom of box jellyfish, C. fleckeri, causes vasoconstriction and induces an increase in cytoplasmic calcium in cardiomyocytes, the latter likely through poorly-selective cation channels
V. Suturin, J. Chaisskul, M. Tare, H.A. Coleman, W.C. Hodgson, N. Konstantakopoulos & H.C. Parkington13P
Cardiovascular and skeletal muscle responses in orchidectomized rats following short-term chronic formoterol administration
V. Zaitsev, J.E. Church, A.M. Allen, T. Naim, R. Koopman & G.S. Lynch14P
Perhexiline is concentrated in both human atria and ventricles: perioperative analysis
C.-R. Chong, J. Licari, N.E. Drury, M.P. Frenneaux, J.D. Horowitz, D. Pagano & B.C. Sallustio15P
Lunch/AuPS Posters
Protein thiol oxidation is a possible mediator of muscle fatigue
I.G.J. Lim, P.A. Fournier, A.J. Bakker & P.G. Arthur16P
The acute effects of curcumin exposure on skeletal muscle contractile function
M. Grzelak, G.J. Pinniger & A.J. Bakker17P
The contractile properties of slow and fast skeletal muscles from protease activated receptor-1 null mice
K. Sitparan, G.J. Pinniger, C.N. Pagel, E.J. Mackie & A.J. Bakker18P
Changes in oxidative stress decrease the rate of protein synthesis in cultured C2C12 myotubes
Y. Chang, T. Shavlakadze, M.D. Grounds & P.G. Arthur19P
Phosphorylation of small heat shock proteins in response to heat stress
N.T. Larkins, R.M. Murphy & G.D. Lamb20P
Muscle-specific HSP72 over-expression improves muscle structure and function in mdx dystrophic mice
S.M. Gehrig, C. van der Poel, D.C. Henstridge, T.A. Sayer, J.D. Schertzer, J.E. Church, S. Lamon, A.P. Russell, M.A. Febbraio & G.S. Lynch21P
A protocol for the routine generation of engineered muscle tissue from the C2C12 cell line
J.M. Peters, R. Musgrove, K. Hosie, N.G. Lawler, T.C. Dickson & L.M. Edwards22P
Unexpected redundancy between β-adrenoceptor subtypes in early muscle regeneration
J.E. Church, J. Trieu, A. Chee, P. Gregorevic & G.S. Lynch23P
Quantification of endogenous and maximal sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium content in human vastus lateralis muscle
C.R. Lamboley, R.M. Murphy, M.J. McKenna & G.D. Lamb24P
Intramuscular administration of formoterol attenuates loss of muscle mass and function after denervation of the rat masseter muscle
C. van der Poel, R.J. Mayne, C.H. Bailey, B. Léger, M.G. Woods & G.S. Lynch25P
The effects of the chemo-protective agent 3H-1,2-dithiole-thone (D3T) on dystrophic pathology in an animal model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
T. Kennedy, D. Horvath, B. Grills & C. van der Poel26P
Citrulline prevents fasting-induced muscle cell atrophy in vitro
R. Koopman, D. Ham, D.I. Stapleton & G.S. Lynch27P
Importance of functional and metabolic impairments in the characterization of the C-26 murine model of cancer cachexia
K.T. Murphy, A. Chee, J. Trieu & G.S. Lynch28P
Effects of carnosine on sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-handling and contractile properties in human vastus lateralis muscle fibres
T.L. Dutka, C.R. Lamboley, M.J. McKenna, R.M. Murphy & G.D. Lamb29P
Elevated intra-cardiac angiotensin II modulates myocardial autophagic signalling induced by insulin resistance
K.M. Mellor, R.H. Ritchie & L.M.D. Delbridge31P
Regulation of RyRs by intracellular Ca2+ and Mg2+ compared in sheep, rat and human heart
K. Walweel, J. Li, D.F. van Helden, M.S. Imtiaz, P. Molenaar & D.R. Laver32P
Studying the effects of hypoxia on mitochondrial metabolism in human heart using a genome-wide metabolic network model
L.M. Edwards & I. Thiele33P
The effects of intra-uterine growth restriction on metabolic organ growth, cardiomyocyte Ca2+-handling properties, and contractile function in juvenile rats
T.J. Harvey & G.S. Posterino34P
Acute Intralipid infusion may improve left ventricular function via increases in circulating ketones
N.G. Lawler, S. Nikolic, J. Horne, J. E. Sharman & L. M. Edwards35P
The L-type Ca2+ channel agonist BayK8644 selectively augments the α1A-adrenceptor-mediated component of nerve-evoked contraction in rat tail artery
H.S. Al Dera & J.A. Brock36P
Decreased passive compliance in the uterine arteries of late pregnant relaxin gene knockout mice is exacerbated by ageing
M. Richardson, J.H. Gooi, J. Girling, M.E. Wlodek, M. Tare & L.J. Parry37P
Lymphatic pump failure and valve dysfunction in response to modest gravitational loads: a contributing mechanism to peripheral lymphedema
J.P. Scallan, J.E. Moore, D.C. Zawieja, A.A. Gashev & M.J. Davis38P
Brain IL-6- and PG-dependent actions of IL-1β and lipopolysaccharide in avian fever
M. Marais, S.K. Maloney & D.A. Gray39P
Midgestation intrafetal cortisol infusion in sheep increases lung surfactant protein mRNA, but not to the same degree as the normal prepartum surge in cortisol
S. Orgeig, E.V. McGillick, I.C. McMillen & J.L. Morrison40P
Antecedent exercise attenuates the glycaemia-increasing effect of a 30-second sprint
T.D. Justice, G.L. Hammer, R.J. Davey, K.J. Guelfi, A.J. Retterath, E.M. Lim, E.A. Davis, T.W. Jones & P.A. Fournier41P
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) regulates Epithelial Na+ channels via ERK1/2
S.H. Song, I.H. Lee, A. Dinudom & D.I. Cook42P
Exploring cysteine transport by the human glutamate transporter, EAAT3
R. Bashour, R.J. Vandenberg & R.M. Ryan43P
A simple technique for monitoring changes in nasal resistance using acoustic input resistance
A.M. Cook & R.B. Patuzzi44P
Rotation of the eyes (not the head) potentiates the sound-evoked post-auricular muscle response
R.B. Patuzzi & A.M. Cook45P
A simple and reliable method for testing transgene zygosity using quantitative real-time PCR
S.K. Morton, B.K. Baillie, C.E. Hill & K.I. Matthaei46P
Symposium: The role of inflammation in the development of respiratory related disorders
Protease-activated receptors: mediating pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects within the airways?
P.J. Henry47P
Stimulated breathing movements in isolated bronchi: the impact on airway narrowing
P.K. McFawn, R.L. Jones, A. Cairncross, H.W. Mitchell, A.L. James & P.B. Noble48P
Alterations in lung structure can perpetuate inflammation leading to chronic respiratory disease
G.R. Zosky49P
Antenatal inflammation and postnatal respiratory disease
T.J.M. Moss50P
Impact of antenatal inflammation on diaphragm muscle function in the preterm lamb
G.J. Pinniger, T. Lavin, A.J. Bakker, C. Berry, T.J.M. Moss, P.B. Noble & J.J. Pillow51P
The effect of antenatal betamethasone exposure on diaphragm contractile function in young rat progeny
D.L. Demmer, G.J. Pinniger, J.J. Pillow & A.J. Bakker52P
Serum Amyloid A is a candidate mediator for altered macrophage polarisation in cigarette smoke-related disease
E.X. Lim, D.A. Anthony, H.J. Seow, G.P. Anderson & S. Bozinovski53P
Protective role of Nox1 oxidase against influenza A virus-induced lung inflammation
S. Selemidis, H.J. Seow, B.R.S. Broughton, S. Bozinovski, K.H. Krause, J. Stambas, A. Vinh, C.G. Sobey, G.R. Drummond & R. Vlahos54P
Symposium: Cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms
The structure and function of the human sinus node
V.V. Kalinin, E.Z. Labartcava, O.V. Sopov, A.V. Kalinin & I.R. Efimov55P
Simulation of TRIaD markers of arrhythmic risk in acquired long QT syndrome
A.P. Hill56P
SR calcium release channel mechanisms for cardiac arrhythmias and their drug-based therapy
D.R. Laver, C.H.T. Kong, M.S. Imtiaz & M.B. Cannell57P
Confocal tiling images of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in intact mouse sinoatrial node
Y.K. Ju, D.G. Allen & M.B. Cannell58P
Role of cardiac Na+ channel blockers in inhibiting the cardiac calcium release channel
D. Mehra, D.F. van Helden, H.S. Hwang, B. Knollmann & D.R. Laver59P
AuPS free communications: Nervous System
Isoflurane anaesthesia impacts on mouse hearing thresholds
J.M.E. Cederholm, K.E. Froud, A.C.Y. Wong, M. Ko & G.D. Housley60P
The role of type II spiral ganglion neurons in the regulation of hearing sensitivity via the medial olivocochlear efferent pathway
K.E. Froud, A.C.Y. Wong, J.M.E. Cederholm, M. Klugmann, S.F. Tadros, S. Sandow, J.P. Julien, A.F. Ryan & G.D. Housley61P
Assessing motor and gait phenotypes in Nedd4 and Nedd4-2-heterozygous mice
D. Bongiorno, N. Boase, S. Kumar & P. Poronnik62P
AuPS free communications: Skeletal Muscle
The effect of non-severe dorsal burn injury on the contractile properties of fast-twitch hind limb skeletal muscle of the mouse
A.J. Bakker, T. O'Neill, G.J. Pinniger, S.M. Rea, F.M. Wood & M.W. Fear63P
The effect of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on contractile function and protein-thiol oxidation in skeletal muscles of mdx mice
E. Assan, J. Terril, P.G. Arthur, A.J. Bakker & G.J. Pinniger64P
The impact of high dose vitamin C supplementation on skeletal muscle of healthy humans
G.D. Wadley, S. Mason, P. Della Gatta, A. Yousif & R. Baptista65P
A novel scorpion toxin activates cardiac RyR2 calcium release channels at fM concentrations
A. Lam, E.M. Gallant, J.J. Smith, P.F. Alewood & A.F. Dulhunty66P
Spatio-temporal morphology of calcium sparks recorded on intact amphibian skeletal muscle fibres
P. Szentesi, J. Vincze, D. Bodnar, L. Szabo, B. Dienes, H. Cserne-Szappanos, M.F. Schneider & L. Csernoch67P
AuPS Invited Lecturer - Professor Mark Hargreaves
Exercise and skeletal muscle carbohydrate metabolism during exercise: from MilkyWay™ to MEF2
M. Hargreaves68P
Symposium: Structure-function studies of drug targets and drug metabolising enzymes
Location of an ivermectin binding site at the glycine receptor chloride channel
J.W. Lynch, T. Lynagh, C.L. Dixon, B.A. Cromer & T.I. Webb69P
Symposium: Challenges in pharmacology and physiology education
Challenges and opportunities in integrative physiology education
R.G. Evans & K.M. Denton70P
How should we teach cardiovascular physiology and what do we want students to learn?
Y.M. Hodgson, J. Choate, R.G. Evans & K.M. Denton71P
Challenges for teaching pharmacology in a regional university
F.D. Russell72P
Ensuring that Australian medical graduates can prescribe safely and effectively
S.N. Hilmer73P
Summative Assessments: when is enough too much?
D.A. Saint & A. Elliott74P
Embedding responsible conduct in learning and research into the pharmacology curriculum
L.B. Fernandes75P
Virtual laboratories as an extension of practical training in pharmacology
M.J. Cheesman, S. Chen, M.-L. Manchadi, T. Jacob, N. Chester, P. Tregloan, J. Zornig, A. Cody & P. Long76P
Symposium: Functional consequences of genetic muscle conditions
Sarcomeric proteins and disease
N.G. Laing77P
Sarcomere function in nemaline myopathy
C. Ottenheijm78P
A gene for speed: ACTN3, athletes, evolution and impact on human health
K.N. North79P
Phosphorylation of tropomyosin – response to sarcomeric stress?
M. Kreissl, B. Ilkovski, K.N. North & N.F. Clarke80P
Effects of cholinesterase inhibitor therapy on the neuromuscular junction in a mouse model of anti-MuSK myasthenia gravis
M. Morsch, S.W. Reddel, N. Ghazanfari & W.D. Phillips81P
The efficacy of antisense oligomer mediated exon skipping is enhanced by concurrent administration of prednisolone in the mdx mouse
G.J. Pinniger, S. Fletcher, A.M. Adams, R.D. Johnsen, K. Greer, H.M. Moulton, T. Lavin, A.J. Bakker & S.D. Wilton82P
Symposium: Abnormalities in ion transport and signaling in muscle ageing and disease
Ion channels as biomarkers and therapeutic targets in dystrophic myopathies
A. De Luca83P
Early pathways to muscle damage in muscular dystrophy
D.G. Allen, N.P. Whitehead, E.W. Yeung & O.L. Gervasio84P
Exploring novel therapies for frailty and muscle disease
P. Gregorevic85P
Targeting sarcopenia: muscle innervation and exercise
T. Shavlakadze, J. Chai, S. Dunlop, H. Radley-Crabb, C. McMahon & M.D. Grounds86P
Different capacity for store-dependent Ca2+ influx and Ca2+ extrusion across the plasma membrane of wild-type and dystrophic mdx mouse muscle
T.R. Cully, J.N. Edwards, R.M. Murphy & B.S. Launikonis87P
The effect of Phospholipase A2 inhibition on contractile function in normal and dystrophic skeletal muscle
J. Lam, G.J. Pinniger & A.J. Bakker88P
Symposium: Epithelial transport - expanding the boundaries
Regulation of serum uric acid levels by epithelial transporters
N. Anzai & P. Jutabha89P
Vesicle-associated membrane protein 8 (VAMP 8) is a SNARE selectively required for sequential granule-to-granule fusion
N. Behrendorff, S. Dolai, W. Hong, H. Gaisano & P. Thorn90P
Protein complexes - organising transport and function in space and time
P. Poronnik, K.A. Jenkin, A.C. Simcocks, A.J. McAinch & D.H. Hryciw91P
Regulation of the epithelial Na+ channel (ENaC) by G protein-coupled receptor kinase (GRK2)
A. Dinudom, I.H. Lee, S.H. Song, C.R. Campbell, S. Kumar & D.I. Cook92P
Membrane complexes involved in protein digestion and nutrient signaling
S. Bröer, S. Fairweather, E. Tumer, T. Juelich & A. Bröer93P
The activity of epithelial sodium channel is negatively regulated by H-Ras via an ERK1/2 dependent pathway
I.H. Lee, S.H. Song, D.I. Cook & A. Dinudom94P
Structural basis for the functional differences between ASCT1 and EAATs
A.J. Scopelliti, R.M. Ryan & R.J. Vandenberg95P
Effect of human amnion epithelial cells on stroke outcome in mice
K.W.E. Taylor, V.H. Brait, R. Lim, E. Wallace, C.G. Sobey & B.R.S. Broughton96P
Symposium: Novel drug targets for urogenital disorders associated with aging
Role of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide gated cation channels in pyeloureteric peristalsis
M. Nguyen, H. Hashitani & R.J. Lang97P
Symposium: Fundamental mechanisms of function of the normal and diseased heart
Nanoscale SICM/FRET insights into β-adrenergic receptor distribution and cAMP compartmentation in cardiac myocytes
J. Gorelik98P
Evidence for altered communication between the L-type Ca2+ channel and mitochondria in a model of cardiomyopathy
H.M. Viola, S.M.K. Davies, A. Filipovska & L.C. Hool99P
Mechanically induced arrhythmias in hypertrophic heart
D.A. Saint & D.Y. Kim100P
Molecular determinants and functional consequences of the β1L-adrenoceptor in the heart
P. Molenaar, P. Klenowski, A.B. Semmler, K. Chee, A.J. Kaumann, H. Kiriazis & X.-J. Du101P
Acute chemotherapeutic treatment causes hyperphosphorylation of cardiac ryanodine receptors
M. Janczura, A.C. Blackburn, A.F. Dulhunty & N.A. Beard102P
Insulin regulated aminopeptidase / AT4 receptor deficiency is both cardio- and vaso-protective in angiotensin II-infused mice
T.A. Gaspari, W.Y. Pong, I. Welungoda, S.Y. Chai & R.E. Widdop103P
The cardiac actions of the nitroxyl (HNO) donor Angeli's salt are thiol-sensitive and cGMP-dependent: impact of diabetes
R.H. Ritchie, K.Y. Chin, C. Qin, N. Cao, B.K. Kemp-Harper & O.L. Woodman104P
Symposium: Exercise and cardiovascular function in health and disease
Skeletal muscle hyperemia during exercise: do we have all the answers now?
M.J. Joyner105P
Exercise and cardiac adaptations
L.H. Naylor106P
Exercise and vascular adaptation
D.J. Green107P
Interaction of muscle glycogen availability and nutrition on cell signalling and myofibrillar protein synthesis following resistance exercise
D.M. Camera, D.W.D. West, N.A. Burd, S.M. Phillips, J.A. Hawley & V.G. Coffey108P
Effect of age on the dynamic response of muscle hyperaemia during exercise
E.J. Reeder & S. Green109P
Exercise hypertension is related to aortic reservoir function: a first in-human exercise central haemodynamic study
M.G. Schultz, J.E. Davies, A. Black, P. Roberts-Thomson & J.E. Sharman110P
Free communications: Joint cardiovascular session
Postural influences on the mechanical and neural components of the cardiac baroreflex
C.E. Taylor, G. Atkinson, C.K. Willie, H. Jones, P.N. Ainslie & Y.C. Tzeng111P
Exposure to alcohol during fetal life causes persistent changes in vascular function and passive mechanical arterial wall properties in the offspring
M. Tare, K.R. Kenna, R. De Matteo, H.A. Coleman, D.W. Walker, A. Bocking, J. Brien, R. Morley, R. Harding & H.C. Parkington112P
Chemokine receptors as novel pharmacological targets to reduce blood pressure during experimental hypertension in mice
C.T. Chan, J.P. Moore, K. Budzyn, A. Vinh, T.M. De Silva, E.S. Jones, C.G. Sobey & G.R. Drummond113P
The valsartan intensified primary care reduction of blood pressure (VIPER-BP) study: a multicentre, randomized trial
S. Stewart, M.C. Carrington, C.H. Swemmer, N.P. Kurstjens & G.J. Jennings114P
AuPS free communications: Respiration and smooth muscle
Perivascular sympathetic neuropathy in the streptozotocin type I diabetic rat model
N.J. Johansen, R. Abela & J.A. Brock116P
The effects of temperature on the biophysical properties of warm- and cold-adapted pulmonary surfactant
L.N.M. Suri, E. Lopez-Rodriguez, O.L. Ospina, M.V. Picardi, A. Cruz, L. McCaig, R. Veldhuizen, J. Staples, F. Possmayer, L-J. Yao, J. Perez-Gil & S. Orgeig117P
Airway narrowing, smooth muscle force and wall compliance at low and high mechanical strains
T.K. Ansell, P.K. McFawn, H.W. Mitchell & P.B. Noble118P
Symposium: Being a small baby or being born preterm: Which is worse is for your health?
Predicting pregnancy outcomes: small or early?
C. Roberts119P
Do corticosteroids have different effects in preterm or small babies?
K.M. Moritz120P
Pathways from being small or preterm to a vulnerable heart
K.C.W. Wang, K.J. Botting, I.C. McMillen, K.L. Thornburg, D.A. Brooks & J.L. Morrison121P
Preterm neonatal cardiovascular instability: understanding the fetus when evaluating the newborn
L. Bennet122P
Cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes of offspring born small or early : the Raine study
R.-C. Huang123P
The role of lifestyle factors vs early origins of cardiovascular disease
B.A. Kingwell124P
Symposium: Mechanisms underlying vascular dysfunction in disease and Injury
Novel nitric oxide mimetics in the treatment of vascular dysfunction
B.K. Kemp-Harper125P
Studies into the molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress-induced endothelial dysfunction and its prevention
S.R. Thomas126P
Diet-induced obesity alters sensory nerve activity in rat small mesenteric artery
R.E. Haddock & C.E. Hill127P
Effects of spinal cord injury on neurovascular function
J.A. Brock128P
Hydrogen peroxide increases responses to nerve, phenylephrine and potassium stimulation in mouse tail artery by multiple mechanisms
T.F. Reardon & J.A. Brock129P
Cellular localisation of relaxin receptors in arteries and veins and region-dependent responses to in vivo relaxin administration in male rats
M. Jelinic, J.H. Gooi, M.E. Wlodek, H.C. Parkington, M. Tare & L.J. Parry130P
Inhaled and intravenous methacholine evoke differential effects on bronchial blood flow and 3rd generation airway dimensions in awake sheep
S.W. White, D.D. McLeod, G.H. Parsons, R.A. Gunther, D.B. Cottee & A.W. Quail131P

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