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AuPS/ASB 2010 Adelaide Meeting

AuPS Invited Lecture
Calcium signalling, pacing and rhythmic cell activity in the lymphatic system - a physiologist's paradise
D.F. van Helden1P
Symposium: Mechanisms of multidrug resistance - the role of transporters in human disease PDF
Perspectives on multidrug resistance in membrane transporters
A.M. George2P
Molecular determinants of MRP1/ABCC1 expression and transport
S.P.C. Cole3P
Drug translocation by P-glycoprotein: how do topographical changes in transmembrane helices assist?
R. Callaghan, R.M. McMahon, E. Crowley, M. O'Mara & I.D. Kerr4P
The malaria parasite's chloroquine resistance transporter: a multidrug resistance carrier?
R.E. Martin, R.L. Summers, M. Nash, R.V. Marchetti, T.J. Dolstra & K. Kirk5P
Antimicrobial resistance in staphylococci: Molecular architecture of a multidrug binding site
M.H. Brown6P
Free communications: Energy metabolism in exercise PDF
Reduced mitochondrial biogenesis activation during exercise after short-term training
N.K. Stepto, G. Wadley, B. Benziane, A.V. Chibalin, B.J. Canny & G.K. McConell7P
30 days of normobaric hypoxia increases mitochondrial respiration
D.J. Bishop, A. Ferri, I. Rivolta, A. Panariti, A. Zaza & G. Miserocchi8P
3-day oral N-acetyl-cysteine supplementation alters metabolism but not performance of high intensity aerobic exercise in trained cyclists
A. Trewin, F. Billaut, A. Petersen, B.D. Perry, E. Goff, T. Atanasovska & N.K. Stepto9P
Actions of the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine on cell signaling response to exercise in human skeletal muscle
A.C. Petersen, M.J. McKenna, I. Medved, K.T. Murphy, M.J. Brown, P. Della Gatta & D. Cameron-Smith10P
Symposium: Physiology education PDF
Rigour or rigor mortis: a challenge for physiology
P. Poronnik11P
Using the Finapres to teach cardiovascular physiology to second year science students
Y.M. Hodgson & J. Choate12P
The KISS approach: How to develop an effective self directed e-learning application
R. Guy, H. Pisani, P. Rich, G. Mandarano, C. Leahy, T. Molyneux & R. Davidson13P
Lecture attendance, learning style and assessment outcome in physiology students
D.A. Saint, D.M. Horton & S.D. Wiederman14P
The Human Physiology Writing Centre: Task-based building of student capacity
S. Wiederman, J. Miller & C. Habel15P
Free communications: Systemic influences in skeletal muscle PDF
Effect of hypoxia on the dynamic response of leg blood flow during exercise
S. Green & J. Donnelly16P
Citrulline supplementation does not prevent atrophy during limb-casting in mice
R. Koopman, D. Ham, B.G. Gleeson & G.S. Lynch17P
Inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system enhances whole body and skeletal muscle function in healthy and tumour-bearing mice
K.T. Murphy, A. Chee, A.M. Allen & G.S. Lynch18P
Symposium: Skeletal muscle: the coupling of excitation to contraction PDF
Voltage-dependent and -independent Ca2+ entry into skeletal muscle during excitation-contraction coupling
B.S. Launikonis19P
Coupling and uncoupling of the DHPRs and Ca2+ release channels in skeletal muscle fibres
T.L. Dutka20P
One is enough: RyR1 allele-specific gene silencing in mouse models of central core disease (CCD) and malignant hyperthermia (MH)
R.T. Dirksen, R.E. Loy, J.D. Lueck & M. Mostajo-Radji21P
Free communications: Imaging and structural analysis of lipids and proteins PDF
Small molecule diffusion in inverse cubic phase lipid systems
S. Fraser, R. Mulder, J. Cosgriff, X. Mulet, F. Separovic & A. Polyzos22P
Detection of proteins in the pathological deposits in Pseudoexfoliation syndrome using Atomic Force Microscopy
R. Creasey, C. Gibson, S. Sharma, J.E. Craig, T. Becker, P. Hinterdorfer & N.H. Voelcker23P
Visualisation of bacterial hydrodynamics
J.L. Flewellen24P
Shedding light on liposomes: Using lipid-mimetic metal complexes for fluorescent labeling
A. Mechler, M. S. Huda, E. Doevan & C. Hogan25P
Shedding light on neurodegeneration: small angle X-ray scattering and misfolded proteins
C.C. Curtain26P
Symposium: Regulation of metabolic balance through co-ordination of central and peripheral signalling PDF
Integrating peripheral and central mechanisms that regulate growth hormone (GH) secretion during periods of altered food consumption
F.J. Steyn, J.W. Leong & C. Chen27P
Control of energy balance by nutrient sensing neurons
M.A. Cowley28P
Regulation of hypothalamic GHRH neuronal activity by ghrelin and obestatin
J. Epelbaum29P
Poster session PDF
Protein interactions
Electron microscopic study of the effect of p75NTR extracellular domain on the amyloid β protein assembly
J.J. Lu, M. Yang, Y. Lim, J.H. Zhong, Y.J. Wang & X.F. Zhou30P
Superoxide dismutase 2 in human brain: A marker for mitochondria and mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies
O. Barnes & J.H.T. Power31P
The relationship between fibrillin and Marfan’s syndrome
Y. Lu, R. Jeremy, M. Kekic & B.D. Hambly32P
Fetal physiology and pregnancy
Oxytocin depolarizes mitochondrial membrane in freshly isolated myometrial cells
F.S. Gravina, P. Jobling, R.B. de Oliveira, K.P. Kerr, H. Parkington & D.F. van Helden33P
Intrauterine growth restricted fetuses have increased blood flow to the adrenals and decreased blood flow to the heart but no difference in brain blood flow
R. Poudel, I.C. McMillen, S. Dunn & J.L. Morrison34P
Nervous system
Nedd4 and Nedd4-2 heterozygosity leads to opposing anxiety behaviour in mice
D. Bongiorno, N. Boase, S. Kumar & P. Poronnik35P
Parvalbumin-immunoreactive neurons in the rat ventral respiratory column receive close appositions from galanin-immunoreactive axons
K.L. Jung, D.R. McCrimmon, G.F. Alheid, G.M. Etelvino & I.J. Llewellyn-Smith36P
Mechanism underlying distension-evoked peristalsis in guinea-pig distal colon: is there a role for enterochromaffin (EC) cells?
N.J. Spencer, L. Robinson, S.J. Gregory, M. Kyloh, V. Zagorodnyuk, H. Peiris, S. Brookes & D.J. Keating37P
Identification of the pacemaker mechanism underlying migrating motor complexes in mouse small intestine
L. Beech, S. Gregory, M. Kyloh & N.J. Spencer38P
The affects of amyloid precursor protein (APP) trafficking, processing and interaction with p75 in the presence of amyloid-β
K. Smith, M. Yang & X. Zhou39P
Thiol-reactivity: A small molecule approach to identifying proteins involved in regulating the calcium sensing steps of native membrane fusion
K.L. Furber & J.R. Coorssen40P
Spinal projections of medium sized sensory neurons that express Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide but not Substance P in mice
G.R. Kestell, R.L. Anderson, J.N. Clarke, R.V. Haberberger & I.L. Gibbins41P
Metabolism and signalling
Activation of CB1 receptor inhibits fasting-induced increase in growth hormone (GH) secretion in mice
J.W. Leong, F.J. Steyn, L. Huang & C. Chen42P
Characterising the impact of lipid-rich diets on the endocrine profile of C57 mice during progressive weight gain resulting in the development of obesity
T. Xie, F.J. Steyn, J.W. Leong & C. Chen43P
Possible role of fatty acid GPCRs in endometrial cancer cell growth in vitro
K.W. Lee, F.J. Steyn & C. Chen44P
The effect of maternal separation stress and high fat diet on tyrosine hydroxylase regulation in the rat adrenal gland
L. Bobrovskaya, J. Maniam, L.K. Ong, P.R. Dunkley & M.J. Morris45P
Fasting increases fat mobilisation and utilisation subsequent to high intensity intermittent exercise in healthy adults
M. Attardi, E. Rybalka, A. Hayes & C.G. Stathis46P
Caffeine ingestion and high intensity intermittent exercise increases post exercise fat mobilisation and glycogenolysis in healthy individuals
T. Gerber, E. Rybalka, A. Hayes & C. Stathis47P
N-acetylcysteine decreases insulin sensitivity after moderate intensity exercise
B.D. Perry, I. Levinger, M.J. Brown, M.J. McKenna & N.K. Stepto48P
Role of phosphorylation in the Ca2+ regulation of Ca2+ release channels in skeletal muscle
K. Walweel, D.F. van Helden & D.R. Laver49P
Ion channels as nanovalves for the controlled release of liposome-encapsulated particulates
M.J. Landsberg, A.F.W. Foo, A.R. Battle, B.J. Marsh, B. Hankamer & B. Martinac50P
The availability of Aquaporin 1 to function as a gated cation channel is regulated by tyrosine kinase signalling
E.M. Campbell & A.J. Yool51P
Conformational changes associated with desensitisation in the ligand binding domain of the glyicne receptor
Q. Wang, S.A. Pless & J.W. Lynch52P
Modelling the response of ion transporters to hyperosmotic shock in cells of salt-sensitive Chara australis and salt-tolerant Lamprothamnium succinctum
S. Al Khazaaly & M. Beilby53P
Ivermectin interacts with an intersubunit transmembrane domain of the glycine receptor
T. Lynagh, T.I. Webb & J.W. Lynch54P
How do mutations in the cytoplasmic PAS domain of hERG affect channel structure?
Y. Ke, M. Hunter, CA. Ng, D. Stock & JI. Vandenberg55P
Charged residues involved in GABAC receptor agonist selectivity
H-S. Tae & B.A. Cromer56P
Characterisation of ASCT-mediated transport at low pH
A.J. Scopelliti, R.M. Ryan & R.J. Vandenberg57P
Rapid down-regulation of the rat glutamine transporter SNAT3 by a caveolin-dependent trafficking mechanism in Xenopus laevis oocytes
S. Balkrishna, A. Bröer, A. Kingsland & S. Bröer58P
Characterization of tolaasin inhibitory factors for the suppression of brown blotch
S.W. Park, M.H. Kim & Y.K. Kim59P
Ophiobolin A is an inhibitor of STIM1/Orai1-mediated current
M-S. To, J. Castro, B.P. Hughes, G.J. Barritt & G.Y. Rychkov60P
Characterization of a novel hERG potassium channel isoform upregulated in schizophrenia patients
J. Heide, S.A. Mann & J.I. Vandenberg61P
Modeling of the open-channel structure of MscL using restrained simulations
E. Deplazes, M. Louhivuori, S.J. Marrink & B. Corry62P
The Tyr-315 to Cys polymorphism in the P2X4 receptor causes loss of function and is associated with increased pulse pressure in humans
L. Stokes, K. Scurrah, J. Ellis, B. Cromer, K. Skarratt, S. Harrap & J. Wiley63P
Brush-border peptidases alter the kinetic properties of neutral amino acid transporters B0AT1 and B0AT3
S. Fairweather, A. Bröer, T. Thavjogarajah & S. Bröer64P
Inhibitory activity of plant extracts on Plasmodium falciparum aquaporin
J. Pei & A.J. Yool65P
Characterization of microbial nitrate uptake for the treatment of agricultural wastewater
Y.B. Yoon & Y.K. Kim66P
Methodology strategies for the purification and biophysical characterization of bacterial ATP-binding cassette transporters
M.P. Ween, V.G. Lewis, J.C. Paton & C.A. McDevitt67P
Re-examining the role of the voltage sensor in hERG channel inactivation
S.C.E. Wong, M.D. Perry & J.I. Vandenberg68P
Facilitation of tolaasin-induced haemolysis by phospholipid composed of short length fatty acids
M.H. Kim & Y.K. Kim69P
Mapping the importance of 4 factors in creating monovalent ion selectivity in biological molecules
M. Thomas, D. Jayatilaka & B. Corry70P
GABAB receptor gene knockdown impairs inhibition of N-type calcium channels in rat sensory neurons by α-conotoxin Vc1.1
H. Cuny, T. Yasuda, A. de Faoite & D.J. Adams71P
Biological activity of α-conotoxins on N-type calcium channels in rat sensory neurons
B.P. Callaghan, A. De Faoite, N. Daly, D.J. Craik & D.J. Adams72P
Illuminating the mechanism of hERG channel activators using voltage clamp fluorometry
P.S.P. Tan, A.P. Hill & J.I. Vandenberg73P
A new simple method for the experimental measurement of liquid junction potentials
P.H. Barry, T.M. Lewis & A.J. Moorhouse74P
Identification of Nav1.8 channel domains responsible for µO-conotoxin MrVIB binding and channel biophysical properties
O. Knapp, T. Yasuda, N. Lawrence, R. J. Lewis & D.J. Adams75P
Lipid and lyso-lipid effects on the behavior of liposome co-reconstituted MscS and MscL
T. Nomura, A.R. Battle & B. Martinac76P
Binding of sea anemone toxin Shk to the potassium channel Kv1.3 from molecular dynamics simulations
M.H. Rashid & S. Kuyucak77P
Stabilisation of quasi stable states by flash turnover of photosystem II core complexes from higher plants. Back reaction kinetics
P.J. Smith, B. Bataituti, Lu. Jin, E. Krausz & R.J. Pace78P
Rapid characterization of bacterial motility using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
R. Nixon-Luke, G. Bryant & J.N. D Goder79P
Exercise physiology
Arterial potassium regulation during a 2000 metre rowing trial
T. Atanasovska, F. Billaut, A.C. Petersen, D. Rouffet, C. Steward, A. Trewin, B. Gatt, M. Altarawneh, I. Ng & M.J. McKenna80P
Interaction of muscle glycogen status and nutrient supplementation on skeletal muscle adaptation following resistance exercise
D.M. Camera, A. Garnham, J.A. Hawley & V.G. Coffey81P
The local dynamics of thermal sweat suppression following a systemic cholinergic blockade
C.A. Machado-Moreira, P.L. McLennan, S. Lillioja, W. van Dijk, J.N. Caldwell & N.A.S. Taylor82P
Do non-cholinergic efferent pathways have a functional relevance during the thermal and non-thermal stimulation of human eccrine sweat glands?
C.A. Machado-Moreira, P.L. McLennan, S. Lillioja, W. van Dijk, J.N. Caldwell & N.A.S. Taylor83P
Vesicular secretion
The role of F-actin in vesicular secretion
Y. Jang & P. Thorn84P
The role of dynamin in fusion pore closure and endocytosis in pancreatic acinar cells
A. Banerjee & P. Thorn85P
Multiple effects of anthracyclines on cardiac ryanodine receptors
A.D. Hanna, A.F. Dulhunty & N.A. Beard86P
Ryanodine receptor phosphorylation in human heart failure
N.A. Beard, M. Janczura, A.F. Dulhunty, P. Molenaar & D.R. Laver87P
Inhibition of cardiac Ca2+ release channels as therapy for arrhythmia
D. Mehra, D.F. van Helden, H.S. Hwang, B.C. Knollmann & D.R. Laver88P
How additive effects of small changes in repolarising currents can increase the risk for atrial fibrillation – a modelling study
S.A. Mann, J.I. Vandenberg & D. Fatkin89P
Biomolecular structure and dynamics
Measuring receptor motility and filopodia dynamics
K. Hendy, Y. DeGraaf, J. Clarke, W.G. Thomas & I.L. Gibbins90P
Pulmonary surfactant membranes of hibernating ground squirrels possess increased fluidity but are capable of maintaining an ordered membrane structure at low temperatures
S. Orgeig, L. Suri, L. McCaig, V. Picardi, R. Veldhuizen, J. Staples, F. Possmayer & J. Perez-Gil91P
Aggregation state of Aβ peptides in model membranes
M.A. Sani, J.D. Gehman & F. Separovic92P
Boltzmann statistics maximum entropy of solid-state NMR dipolar recoupling and magic angle spinning data
J.D. Gehman, M.-A. Sani & A.K. Mehta93P
Measuring the incorporation of fluorescently labelled lipid analogues into the membrane of giant unilamellar vesicles
I.L. Salvemini, J. Reid & P.D.J. Moens94P
Which residues are important within the N-terminal helix of hERG PAS domain to maintain a functional channel?
C.A. Ng, M. Hunter, M.D. Perry, M. Mobli, Y. Ke, D. Stock, P.W. Kuchel, G.F. King & J.I. Vandenberg95P
Kinetics of glucose transport across the surface membranes of single fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibres of the rat
H.A. Rudayni, G. S. Posterino & D.G. Stephenson96P
Myotoxin induced regeneration of fast-twitch EDL skeletal muscles from aged mice results in fibre branching and increased susceptibility to dystrophic type eccentric damage
S.I. Head, A.S.J. Lee, A.J. Kee, P.W. Gunning & E.C. Hardeman97P
Identifying the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor activation domain of triadin
E. Wium, A.F. Dulhunty & N.A. Beard98P
Possible contribution of SPRY2 and ASI regions of RyR1 to interdomain interaction
H. Willemse, S. Mirza, E.M. Gallant, H.S. Tae, L. Wei, M.G. Casarotto, R.T. Dirksen & A.F. Dulhunty99P
In vitro interactions between C-terminal residues of the β1a subunit of DHPR and RyR1 from skeletal muscle
R.T. Rebbeck, Y. Karunasekara, E. M Gallant, N.A. Beard, M.G. Casarotto & A.F. Dulhunty100P
GSTM2-2 C terminus modulates the contractility of cultured rat ventricular cardiomyocytes
R.P . Hewawasam, M.G. Casarotto, P.G. Board & A.F. Dulhunty101P
Effects of membrane cholesterol depletion on excitation-contraction coupling in mammalian skeletal muscle
A.J.H. Hewson & B.S. Launikonis102P
The response of healthy and dystrophic mdx mouse muscle to prolonged elevations of cytoplasmic Ca2+
K.A. Burlinson & B.S. Launikonis103P
Muscle membrane permeability, damage and atrophy in Zucker obese rats
N. Capitanio, E. Rybalka, R. Murphy, H. Latchman, K. Croft & A. Hayes104P
Stimulating the Notch signalling pathway does not improve muscle regeneration after myotoxic injury in dystrophic mice
J.E. Church, J. Trieu, A.P. Russell & G.S. Lynch105P
Influence of myo-inositol on protein turnover in C2C12 myotubes
E. Zacharewicz & A.P. Russell106P
Does folic acid supplementation during pregnancy reduce skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis and insulin signalling in adult offspring?
D.S. Hiam, G.D. Wadley & J.A. Owens107P
The effect of taurine and β-alanine supplementation on taurine content and contractile properties of skeletal muscle in the mdx mouse
D.M. Horvath, A. Hayes & C.A. Goodman108P
Symposium: New insights into the molecular architecture of the heart and their implications for heart disease PDF
The molecular architecture of the heart's conduction system in health and disease
M.R. Boyett & H. Dobrzynski109P
Distribution and functional role of IP3R receptors in mouse sino-atrial node
Y.K. Ju110P
Proteins in the lumen of the sarcoplasmic reticulum determine cardiac RyR channel activity, cardiac function and the structure of Ca2+ release units
A.F. Dulhunty & N.A. Beard111P
A new twist in cardiac muscle: dislocated and helicoid arrangements of myofibrillar z-disks in mammalian ventricular myocytes
M.B. Cannell, I.D. Jayasinghe, D.J. Crossman, D. Baddeley & C. Soeller112P
Mechanisms of contractile dysfunction in lamin A/C-deficient hearts
D. Fatkin113P
Free communications: Membrane transport PDF
Hot and cold running ion pumps
S.L. Myers, F. Cornelius, H.-J. Apell & R.J. Clarke114P
Mapping the ion translocation pathway in the glutamine transporter SNAT3
S. Bröer, S. Balkrishna, H.-P. Schneider & J.W. Deitmer115P
Glutamate transporter loss-of-function mutations cause human dicarboxylic aminoaciduria
R.M. Ryan, C.G. Bailey, A.D. Thoeng, C. Ng, K. King, J.M. Vanslambrouck, C. Auray-Blias, R.J. Vandenberg, S. Bröer & J.E.J. Rasko116P
Determining the physiological state of a membrane protein: investigating the P-gycoprotein crystal structure
M.L. O'Mara & A.E. Mark117P
Acquisition and dissemination of multidrug resistance in cancer via microparticles
R. Jaiswal, S. Sambasivam, J. Gong, J.M. Mathys, V. Combes, G.E. Grau & M. Bebawy118P
Microparticles confer multidrug resistance in breast cancer
J. Gong, R. Jaiswal, S. Sambasivam, J-M. Mathys, V. Combes, G.E. Grau & M. Bebawy119P
Symposium: Imaging and dynamic microscopy (imaging of biological and biophysical processes) PDF
Cadherin dynamics and the cytoskeleton
M. Smutny, S. Mangold, S. Wu, G. Gomez, E. Kovacs, N.A. Hamilton & A.S. Yap120P
Detecting stem cell differentiation using fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM) by the phasor approach
E. Gratton121P
Light, x-rays or electrons for imaging malaria parasites?
L. Tilley, E. Hanssen, N. Klonis, M. Dixon, P. McMillan, N. Abu-Bakar & C. Whitchurch122P
Molecular transport in cells by the pair correlation fluctuation method
M.A. Digman123P
In vivo pair correlation analysis of enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) intra nuclear diffusion
E. Hinde, F. Cardarelli, M.A. Digman & E. Gratton124P
Free communications: Calcium signalling in muscle PDF
SPontaneous Oscillatory Contraction (SPOC): Quantifying contractile performance in isolated human cardiomyocytes under partial activation
J.E. Robinson, R. Whan, F. Braet, Y. Su, S. Ishiwata, M. Yamane, T. Kagemoto, N. Fukuda, J. Hughes, T. Kraft, J. van der Velden, S.B. Marston, M. Steenman, P.S. Macdonald & C.G. dos Remedios125P
The effects of membrane potential and cytoplasmic calcium concentration on calcium extrusion across the tubular system in mammalian skeletal muscle
J.N. Edwards & B.S. Launikonis126P
The effect of suramin (a calmodulin antagonist) on caffeine-induced Ca2+-release in mechanically skinned fast-twitch skeletal muscle fibres of the rat
D.W. Williams, G.S. Posterino & D.G. Stephenson127P
Symposium: Calcium signalling PDF
Calcium regulation of apoptosis in pancreatic acinar cells
J.V. Gerasimenko, P. Ferdek, A.V. Tepikin, O.H. Petersen & O.V. Gerasimenko128P
The application of complementary luminescent and fluorescent imaging techniques to visualize nuclear and cytoplasmic Ca2+ signaling during in vivo differentiation of slow muscle cells in zebrafish embryos
C.Y. Cheung, S.E. Webb, D.R. Love & A.L. Miller129P
STIM:Orai stoichiometry and the trapping and activation of store-operated calcium channels
P.J. Hoover & R.S. Lewis130P
Free communications: Neuronal development and pathology PDF
Peroxiredoxin 4 is confined to the endoplasmic reticulum in human brain and associated with Lewy body formation in Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies
L.J. Turnbull & J.H.T. Power131P
ProBDNF inhibits neurites outgrowth in neurons of mice by activating RhoA
Y. Sun, Y. Lim, J.H. Zhong, M. Yang & X.F. Zhou132P
Postsynaptic GABAA receptor number and enhanced gaboxadol induced change in holding currents in Purkinje cells of the dystrophin-deficient mdx mouse
S.I. Head, S.L. Kueh, J. Dempster & J.W. Morley133P
Huntingtin associated protein 1 associates with amyloid precursor protein and regulates its trafficking and Aβ levels
X.F. Zhou, G.Z. Yang, J.J. Lu, Y. Lim, J.H. Zhong & M. Yang134P
Huntingtin-associated protein 1 (HAP1) regulates exocytosis via multiple mechanisms
K. Mackenzie, X.F. Zhou & D.J. Keating135P
Symposium: Lipid Metabolism and disease: new insights from the lab to the clinic PDF
Circulating ceramide, inflammation and insulin resistance
M.J. Watt, J. Boon, D.C. Henstridge, J.S. Oakhill, B.A. Kingwell & A.J. Hoy136P
Dual, but opposing, roles for the double stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase in metabolic homeostasis
G.I. Lancaster137P
The emerging role of HDL in glucose metabolism
B.A. Kingwell, A.K. Natoli, M. Reddy-Luthmoodoo, A.L. Carey, A.L. Siebel, D. Sviridov & B.G. Drew138P
Calorie restriction versus exercise: which produces the best health outcomes?
L.K. Heilbronn, D. Samocha-Bonet, E. Larsen-Meyer, L. Redman, A. Civitarese, S. Smith & E. Ravussin139P
Symposium: Ion channel modulation by peptide toxins PDF
Probing the interaction between psalmotoxin 1 and acid sensing ion channel 1a, an analgesic drug target
N.J. Saez, M. Mobli, M. Bieri, A.K. Malde, A.E. Mark, P.R. Gooley, L.D. Rash & G.F. King140P
Conotoxins targeting voltage-gated sodium channels: Designing new analgesics
R.S. Norton, K.K. Khoo, Z. Kuang, B.J. Smith, M.J. Wilson, M-M. Zhang, J.E.F. Rivier, D. Yoshikami, B.M. Olivera & G. Bulaj141P
Subverting the biological actions of Conus peptides to modulate physiological responses
R.J. French142P
Calcium, Vc1.1 and α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
M. Chebib, N. Absalom, G. Liang, E. Pera, C. Chu & H-L. Kim143P
Analgesic conotoxins: modulation of voltage-gated calcium channels in pain pathways
D.J. Adams144P
Free comunications: Smooth muscle PDF
Temporal relationships between intraluminal manometry and actual gut movement in the isolated rabbit small intestine
P.G. Dinning, M. Costa, J.W. Arkwtight, S.J. Brookes & N.J. Spencer145P
Gap junction coupling between smooth muscle cells modulates responses to inhibitory motorneurons and exogenous ATP
S.E. Carbone, D.A. Wattchow, N.J. Spencer & S.J.H. Brookes146P
KV4 and ANO1 / TMEN16A chloride channel expression profiles distinguish between atypical and typical smooth muscle cells in the mouse renal pelvis
R.J. Lang, J. Iqbal, M.A. Tonta, H.C. Parkington & H. Hashitani147P
Controlling uterine contractions: the role of interstitial cells
H.C. Parkington, Q. Li, M.A. Tonta, J. Iqbal, M.M. Davies, K.W. Taylor, S.P. Brennecke, H.A. Coleman, R.J. Lang & P.J. Sheehan148P
Symposium: Emerging leaders in developmental physiology PDF
Developmental programming following prenatal alcohol exposure: models and mechanisms of disease
K.M. Moritz149P
Intrauterine inflammation: effects on fetal lung development
T.J.M. Moss150P
Early origins of cardiovascular disease: The heart of the matter
K. Wang, K.J. Botting, D. A. Brooks, L. Zhang, L. Rattanatray, S. Zhang, J. Duffield, C. Suter, I.C. McMillen & J.L. Morrison151P
Maternal diets rich in fat programme obesity, hypertension and altered sympathetic nervous system activity in adult offspring
J.A. Armitage, L.J. Prior, S.L. Burke & G.A. Head152P
Early life environments and programming of the vascular phenotype
M. Tare153P
Free communications: Sensory PDF
Selective loss of visceral pain in the aganglionic rectum of lethal spotted mutant mice
V.P. Zagorodnyuk, M. Kyloh, S. Nicholas, S.J.H. Brookes & N.J. Spencer154P
Purinergic signalling via ATP-gated ion channels mitigates noise-induced hearing loss
G.D. Housley, Y. Sivakumaran, T.L. Loh, S.F. Tadros, A.C.Y. Wong, P.R. Thorne, S.M. Vlajkovic & A.F. Ryan155P
Extracellular recording of viscerofugal neurons in guinea-pig colon
T.J. Hibberd, N.J. Spencer & S.J.H. Brookes156P
Symposium: Stress, disease and Ca2+ management: the cardiovascular challenge. PDF
Cardiac SR Ca2+ release channels and adrenergic stimulation
D.R. Laver, J. Li, N.A. Beard, A.F. Dulhunty & D.F. van Helden157P
Cardiac ischemic stress: Ca2+ and sex scenarios
J.R. Bell & L.M.D. Delbridge158P
Cardiomyopathies: When is Ca2+ the culprit?
M. Ward159P
Defining the roles of Ca2+ entry in endothelin-1 and thromboxane A2 receptor mediated vascular contractile responses
Y.Y. Chan, N. Scrimgeour, G.Y. Rychkov & D.P. Wilson160P
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