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Proceedings of the AuPS

Volume 32 Number 1 - June 2001

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APPS Invited Lecture

Central Mechanisms Underlying Short-Term and Long-Term Regulation of the Cardiovascular System
R.A.L. Dampney, M.J. Coleman, M.A.P. Fontes, Y. Hirooka, J. Horiuchi, J.W. Polson, P.D. Potts and T. Tagawa HTML PDF

APPS Plenary Lecture

Endothelium-dependent Hyperpolarizing Factor: is there a Novel Chemical Mediator?
Chris R. Triggle and Hong Ding HTML PDF


I. New Frontiers in Muscle Research

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'Current' Advances in Mechanically-Skinned Skeletal Muscle Fibres
Giuseppe S. Posterino HTML PDF

The power of single channel recording and analysis: its application to ryanodine receptors in lipid bilayers

Gene Transfer: Manipulating and Monitoring Function in Cells and Tissues
Rekha G. Panchal, David A. Williams, Peter D. Kitchener, Angela M. Reilly, Jameel Khan, David N. Bowser and Steven Petrou HTML PDF

Hybrid skeletal muscle fibres: a rare or common phenomenon?
Gabriela M.M. Stephenson HTML PDF

Does Ca2+ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum influence the heart rate?
Yue-Kun Ju & David G. Allen HTML PDF

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